Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Miss Korea 2012

Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth
Korea 2012

Yu Mi Kim (22, 1.76 m) wins Miss Korea 2012 title and crown representing Seoul at an event held at Peace Hall, Seoul. She will represent Korea at Miss Universe 2013.

Jung Bin Lee will represent her country at Miss International 2012 at Okinawa, Japan this October. Sarah Kim will represent her country at Miss Earth 2012 which may be held at Bali, Indonesia/Qatar this October as well.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Pageant Vixen Talk # 30: Nathaly Farraj

Pageant Vixen Talks # 30: Nathaly Farraj
by Jay`Em

"the Lebanese doll"

1. Who is Nathaly that most people don't know?
Nathaly is a sensitive responsible person, who would like to act so hard to let all people around feel happy & safe. Thinking about a better life, better society & better future for humanity, is her main concern.

2. How do Nathaly see herself after 10 years?
After 10 years, Nathaly will be hopefully a well known TV Presenter trying to make positive changes in many social & environmental issues.

Nathaly with Miss Earth Slovakia 2011

3. Winning Miss Earth Lebanon, how did it changed your life?
Well to be Miss Earth in my country was a challenge for me to let all people know that Beauty is not the only Quality that a Beauty Queen should have, but it's a newsworthy mission that she should work for. Most of people here in Lebanon don't know about Miss Earth title & what this pageant was made for. Therefore spreading environmental ethics is my new concern now as Miss Earth Lebanon.

4. Was there any Lebanese beauty queen who inspired you?
Georgina Rizk, Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe. She was the first woman from the Middle East to win the title. I heard many times from people in Philippines Good Luck You are so Great & hope you'll be like Georgina Rizk the First Miss Earth from Lebanon! That was for me the Greatest Compliment & Encouragement during the Pageant.

5. What is your environmental advocacy?
Sustaining the Earth for Future Generations. Working for a healthier environment and spreading environmental ethics across the globe must be the mission of all people around the world!

6. Representing Lebanon how does it feel? Was it a pressure for you?
Representing my lovely Country Lebanon in Miss Earth among 84 nations was for me a great pleasure! It's really a unique experience to meet all these Gorgeous Girls from all over the world & share with them Stories about Lebanon & inviting them to visit & discover its Beauty... I really can't express my joy towards these moments... I think I'm so lucky for that. 

7. What event/s that were memorable to you?
Planting Trees holding the Name of my country Lebanon in the land of Philippines was the most exciting event we did & visiting Tarlac Church where a piece of the cross is inside, that was the most memorable day during the pageant...

8. Did you expect to be in the top 16?
To be in top 16 was the dream of every Miss competing in the pageant & simply I'm one of them, but at the same time I know that sometimes some deserving girls don't reach that stage because of some reasons related to the policy of the pageant organizers. I believve that I did my best to represent my country in a great way despite the results at the end, I'm a winner to be part of Miss Earth Pageant.

9. How hard was pre-judging?
As we knew that before during the past years the prejudging was much more difficult & stressful but 2011 prejudging was very cool, the judges were very friendly with all the candidates, & everyone was happy for that.

10. What type of Lebanese girl of whom do you want to pass your crown as Miss Earth Lebanon?
The new Miss Earth Lebanon should adore the nature & should be involved with environmental issues... and of course being gorgeous, friendly, sociable, elegant, & natural is what a Beauty Queen is all about!

11. How will you share this experience to your future kids?
I'll let the photos help me to share these unique moments with my future kids & they can see in my smile how glad I was to live such an amazing experience. The 3 weeks I spent in Miss Earth Pageant in Philippines will remain the most stunning memories in my whole life.

12. Beauty Tips to All.
Beauty Tips: Love yourself, be confident & sociable.Don't forget to draw a smile on your face everytime you meet people. Remove the word Stress from your life try to enjoy every moment. Do Positive things towards your entourage. By Being Beautiful inside You'll be definetly Gorgeous from Outside

13. Message to your fans.
Message to my fans:Actually I'll work & try to keep you always by my side. I hope that the upcoming days will let me express how much I love You & how much I care about gaining your satisfaction. You can always talk to me & send me your comments & suggestions by facebook or twitter messages. Keep Smiling & Enjoy Life...Kisses from Nathaly Farraj.