Friday, 30 March 2012

Miss Austria 2012

16-year old and student Amina Dagi from Vorarlbeg won Miss Austria 2012 title and supposedly will represent Austria at Miss World 2012 in Ordos, but she's still underage. We are still waiting for the official decision of the organization. 1st Runner Up is Stefanie Steinmayr and 2nd Runner Up is Marisa Gertharder.

Miss Austria 2012

Some photos of her:
Amina Dagi


Panama's New 4 Queens (Miss Panama 2012)


Miss Panama 2012 has finally concluded in an event held at Riu Plaza Hotel, Panama City on March 30, 2012! 12 Panamanian hopefuls vied for the 4 crowns but only 4 of them are crowned! The event was also attended by Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete who also served as a guest judge.

Here are the winners: Stephanie Vander Werf  of Panama Centro won Miss Panama 2012 title and crown and will represent Panama at Miss Universe 2012 this December, she was crowned by Sheldry Saez. Maricely Gonzalez of  Bocas del Toro won Miss Panama World 2012 title and crown and will represent Panama at Miss World 2012 this August at Ordos, she was crowned by Irene Saez. Ana Lorena Ibanez of Cocle won the Miss Panama Earth 2012 title and crown and will represent Panama at Miss Earth 2012, she was crowned by Marelissa Him. Karen Jordan of Chirqui won the Miss Panama International title and crown and will represent Panama at Miss International 2012, she was crowned by Keity Mendieta.

Femina Miss India 2012 Winners

Prachi (Earth), Vanya (World) and Rochelle (International)

MARCH 30- Femina Miss India 2012 season has concluded. Kanishta Dhankar, Hasleen Kaur and Ankita Shorey relqnuished their crown by crowning Vanya Mishra, 19 year old from Chandigarh. she will represent India at Miss World 2012. Prachi Mishra, 24 year old, from Pune will represent India at Miss Earth 2012 and Rochelle Rao, stand 5'7, from Chennai will represent India at Miss International 2012.

Completing the Top 5 are Sana Khan and Ipsita Pati.

Miss World Chile 2012: Meet the Delegates

Finals will be on June 8, 2012. Here are the partial contestants:

Camila González (1), Lisset Coronado (2), Jill Bergenfreid (3), Camila Recabarren (4), Camila Stuardo(5), Constanza Leiton (6), Catalina Zoccola (7), Sofía Apablaza (8)

Camila Stuardo (5) competed at Miss Earth 2011 in Manila


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Femina Miss India 2012: Miss Vivacious award


Femina Miss India awards the Miss Vivacious award to hot favorite Ispita Patti at Lavasa. Finals will be on March 29, 2012. Kanishta Dhankar (World), Hasleen Kaur (Earth) and Ankita Shorey (International) will crown their successors at the end of the event.

Monday, 26 March 2012

In the Universal Eyes: Ceska Miss 2012


logo česká miss 

This year's batch of Ceska Miss 2012 is gifted with many stunners and so pretty faces. But sadly these beautiful women will be shortlisted today and will pave way to the best! Finals will be on March 31. We will try to provide you an online live streaming of the final night. Ceska Miss editions are one of high-class produced national pageants all over the world. 3 winners will be chosen: Ceska Miss Universe, Ceska Miss World and Ceska Miss Earth. 1st Runner up will go to Miss Supranational.

Linda Bartosova
Dubbed as Czech's Holly Carpenter, Linda Bartosova is the most favored contestant to win this year. Linda is the most prepared candidate this year and is a stand out. We believe she's trainable. If ever she'll win, she could give Czech Republic a comeback placement at Miss Universe 2012.

Marie Bartikova
This girl is gifted with such amazing facial structure. Marie could also be modelesque which is an advantage in the Top Model fast track of Miss World. This girl exudes the "silent killer" vibe. And her eyes is undeniably stunning and attractive. Her hair color is also one of her assets.

Teresa Fajksova
This girl is a blonde bombshell and could also represent her country at Miss Universe. This girl has also wide fan-base. As far as we're concern, the criteria of Miss Earth is just like the combination of Miss Universe and Miss World, meaning, this girl could do well in both pageants. Aside from that, this blonde bombshell, is also one of the frontrunners competition. 

Nikola Petruzelova
We classify Nikola as an alternate. She can also snatch one of the titles. Actually this girl has already everything but the our concern is, she's quite to fragile. On the other hand, she could do well at Miss Supranational.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Miss World Thailand 2012


Candidate # 14 Vanessa Muangkod wins the Miss World Thailand 2012 title and crown. She will represent Thailand at Miss World 2012 on August 28 which will take place at Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Vanessa won 2 fast track events of the pageant.

1st Runner Up is Candidate # 15: Boonyisa Chantrarachai and 2nd Runner Up is Chawanluck Unger Moksiri. 

Miss España possibly closes due to bankruptcy


Miss España has been into the spotlight for sending successful contestants to Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and also in Miss Europe throughout numerous decades. Miss Espana produced 1 Miss Universe, 3 Miss International, Runner up at Miss World and 2 runners up at Miss Earth. The organization also produced 7 Miss Europe winners.


This 2012, the organization has been lately facing financial crisis and is subjected for possible closing. This news has shaken the whole pageantry. If the financial crisis will still continue, possibly, Andrea Huisgen, the reigning Miss Espana, might be the last Miss Espana in history that will compete at Miss Universe and the organization might lose it's franchise with the other international pageants.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Official Portraits of Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2012



Miss World Costa Rica 2012 Winners


Silvana Sanchez Martinez, 22 years old, will represent Costa Rica at Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China on August 18. She was crowned in Heredia City.

Natasha Sibaja, will represent her country at Miss International 2012. She represented her country at Miss Tourism International 2011 where she placed 2nd RU.

Fabiana Granados, will represent her country at Miss Earth 2012.

Miss Universe and Miss World Albania merges this 2012

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A major change will happen in the Albanian pageantry this year:

Dear friends, for a few days we will havef live auditions to begin the National Beauty Contest Forum "Miss & Mister Albania 2012"this year will be that the winners will represent Albania in the "Miss World" and "Miss Universe" contest. The show will bear the signature of Regjisores Vera Grabocka in collaboration with photographer Fadil Berisha.All those who are interested, or have known someone (girl or boy) who is willing to be part of this competition to contact us inbox. Or email: miss.mister_albania @ sms: 0696603111 ... flm and successes. Taken from official facebook fanpage.

Xhesika Berberi, Miss Universe Albania 2012

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Road to Miss Universe Croatia 2012


DATE: March 1, 2012

Natalija Prica, Miss Universe Croatia 2011


Martina Pavlic

Elizabeta Burg

Nikolina Blazic


Petra Tivanovac


Magdalena Dubravac

Ana Tusetic

Kristina Vidakovic


Valentina Belancic

Dorotea Zoric


to be continued