Monday, 31 December 2012

Goddess Of The Universe 2012 winners

            After days of tabulating and choosing who will be in and who will be out, we have now revealed our Goddess Of The Universe 2012 Winners.

Goddess Of The Universe 2012: 
Tereza Fajksova - Miss Czech Republic Earth 2012

Melinda Bam - Miss Universe South Africa 2012

Jade Kelsall - Miss Nevada USA 2012

Irene Esser Miss - Universe Venezuela 2012

Mariana Berumen - Miss Mexico World 2012

           The Universal Beauty Council would like to thank the judges who did very well in choosing the winners, the fans for their undying support for their UBC Goddess Of The Universe bet and for the contestants for supporting our online pageant. If it wasn't for all of the people who were with us in this small event of ours this would not be a successful event of our small group. Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

The Universal Beauty Council family xx

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Pageant Vixen Talks: Natalie Glebova

It has been a long time since we had our last "Pageant Vixen Talks." Last time, we had Miss Universe Great Britain, Holly Hale who competed in Las Vegas in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. This week, we will have a very special feature, she is a beauty queen who won Miss Universe in the year 2005. Now, she is a successful woman. Get to know Natalie Glebova on this year-ender "Pageant Vixen Talks."


UBC: Who is Natalie Glebova before being a BEAUTY QUEEN?
Natalie: Before becoming a beauty queen, I was a regular student at University in my hometown in Toronto, Canada. I studied Information Technology Management and graduated right before winning the title of Miss Universe Canada 2005.

UBC: Why did you joined Miss Universe?
Natalie: I decided to join Miss Universe Canada competition because I loved the feeling of performing on stage, and getting that rush of excitement from competition. I also really wanted to represent Canada on the world stage. For me, Miss Universe contest is so glamorous and prestigious, so I wanted to be part of it.

UBC: How did you handled the pressure in the pageant last 2005?
Natalie: I must say there were moments that the pressure did get to me during the competition in 2005, but I kept reminding myself why I was doing it, and kept my focus on doing the best I can. It also helped to have wonderful friends in the pageant: Misses Israel, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. We were very close and supported each other throughout the 3 weeks of the competition.

UBC: How did you prepared for the pageants?
Natalie: I kept a very detailed 'to-do' list while preparing for the pageant. I wrote out exactly what I needed to improve or do in order to be my best. I addressed all areas of the competition, from physical fitness, to answering questions, to wardrobe, makeup, hair, and stage presence.

UBC: After winning the crown, how did it changed your life?
Natalie: My life changed completely after winning the crown. Going from living a pretty regular life, to whirl-wind traveling and living in NYC for the year was a huge change. It was the most interesting year of my life but also one of the hardest.

UBC: In your reign, how did you balance time for family and being a titleholder?
Natalie: It was hard to balance family/friends with my crazy-paced life. I mostly focused on what I had to do at that moment, and always tried to keep in touch with everyone who is important to me.

UBC: What is your advocacy in this time?
Natalie: I'm a big advocate for healthy lifestyle, fitness and proper nutrition for all ages. I write articles and answer fan's questions related to wellness and beauty and I feel very passionate about helping people improve their quality of life with healthier lifestyle habits.

UBC: What advice can you give to those women who wants to be like you?
Natalie: My advice to those who want to follow in my footsteps, is to know exactly what you want, write it down (being as specific as possible), and follow through with a detailed action plan. Visualize what you want to happen daily, and keep striving for your dreams until they become reality.

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Natalie: Visit my website and sign up to my HHB Life 7-day challenge. there are beauty tips for every day, such as getting enough sleep, drinking more water, stretching and meditating in the morning, eating 4-5 small meals a day, and doing something active for 30 minutes a day!

UBC: Message to all your fans
Natalie: To all my fans I'd like to say a big Thank You for supporting me and believing in me, and I want to wish you all to be healthy, happy and beautiful!

She really is an inspiring person. Natalie, "Universal Beauty Council" we wish you all the best! Have a happy and a blissful new year. May your year 2013 be filled with a lots of possibilities! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to interview you. Thank you so much Natalie!

Friday, 28 December 2012

The 2012 Goddess of the Universe Top 5!

From 60, down to 31 and then to 15 recently to 10, it's been a big hard work for the judges to choose! And now they are 5! Congratulations ladies!

Melinda Bam, Mariana Berumen, Tereza Fajksova, Irene Esser, Jade Kelsall

For one day, the candidates will be deliberated by the judges and fan votes from everyone on Facebook. Good Luck ladies and we'll see who will be victorious on December 31, 2012!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A separate panel of judges viewed the 60 contestants in the Preliminary competition, their votes now determine who will now make it to the 15 from the 31.

First stop we have: SOUTH AFRICA UNIVERSE
14 spaces left and one of them goes to: MEXICO WORLD
The 3rd circle is for the hotness that is: ISRAEL WORLD
Let's hear some noise for: USA EARTH
5 down, 10 to go continuing with: PHILIPPINES UNIVERSE
I believe she deserves her spot: CZECH REPUBLIC SUPRANATIONAL
Still in the competition: USA UNIVERSE
4 circles unoccupied let's have: NEVADA USA
Lucky 13 is: WALES WORLD
2 spaces to go and this one belongs to: CHINA PR WORLD
And rounding off the Top 15 is: VENEZUELA UNIVERSE

Congratulations! These 15 stunning ladies will compete in swimsuits and will be judged by our official judges! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The 2012 Goddess of the Universe Top 31!

Out of the 60 girls who qualified for the first round, the UBC team deliberated on the 30 girls who will make it to next round. Unfortunately, the judges had really a hard time choosing the Top 30 most especially when there are 2 girls who tied for the last spot. Congratulations to the 31 girls who made it!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Indonesia targeted to host Miss Universe 2013


This information is conveyed Mega Angkasa, Head of Communication Puteri Indonesia Foundation (YPI) at a meeting with the organizers of Miss Universe, after the final night in Nevada, USA, 19 December.

"They are very enthusiastic to Indonesia to host," said Mega to Okezone when contacted by telephone connections, Sunday, December 23, 2012.

Mega newly arrived in the country after witnessing the final of Miss Universe 2012 with Head of YPI Wardiman Djojonegoro said demand MUO very well received.

"In 2010, they actually had us exploring. However, next year there's no time to talking about Indonesia became the host of Miss Universe. In this year, they try again to ask about it," explained the man was friendly.

As for the final decision, said Mega discussed as the new Miss Universe comes in Indonesia, January 31, 2013. They will attend the final night of Miss Universe Indonesia 2013 as well as discuss the possibility of Indonesia to host Miss Universe.

"It will be represented by Talent Director Miss Universe Organization Esther Shwan, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, and photographer Miss Universe," he concluded.


Saturday, 22 December 2012

The 2012 Goddess of the Universe Top 60!

The 2012 Goddess of the Universe™ officially kicks off now! After the screening with hundreds of this year's contestants from the 2012 Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss USA, Miss Supranational and Miss Intercontinental, we finally come up with the strongest 60! And here they are!

The 2012 Big 4 Queens

Wen Xia Yu

Olivia Culpo

Tereza Fajksova

Ikumi Yoshimatsu

THE 2012 M3 Queens
(no Miss Tourism Queen International pageant this year)

Daniela Chalbaud
Ekaterina Buraya
Elizabeta Burg
Tamar Shedania

Bodine Koehler
Irene Esser

Marie Payet
Janine Tugonon

Renae Ayris

Melinda Bam

Diana Avdiu 
Carolina Aguirre

Egni Eckert 
Elizaveta Golovanova

Sara Chafak
Ana Luisa Konig

Tereza Chlebovska
Gabriela Markus

Karina Gonzalez
Barbara Turbay
Shristi Shrestha
Evgeniya Klishina

Shani Hazan

Mariana Berumen

Atong de Mach
Nathalie den Dekker

Jessica Kahawaty
Sophie Moulds

Queenierich Rehman
Osmariel Villalobos

Camila Brant 
Natalia Pereverzeva

Tamerin Jardine 
Siria Bojorquez

Ilknur Durasi 
Waratthaya Wongchayaporn

Nina Fjalestad
Jenna Seymour

Nicole Huber 
Alize Lily Mounter

Amanda Renee Delgado 
Melody Mir

Michaela Dihlova
Ema Golijanin

Astrid Caballero
Genesis Davila
Nana Meriwether 
Audrey Bolte

Jade Kelsall 
Jazz Wilkins

Michelle Leonardo 
Brittany Booker

Rani Williamson 
Erin Edmiston

Natalie Pack 
Catherine Muldoon