Saturday, 23 November 2013

Miss Earth 2013 Hotpicks Week 1

Miss Earth 2013 officially kicks off at Manila this week! The girls battled in front of the media during the Press Presentation. With their first-week performance in Manila plus their performance at the Press Presentation, here are our Top 16: 

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina - Vera Krneta
2. Serbia - Andjelka Tomasevic
3. Thailand - Punika Kunsuntornrat
4. India - Sobhita Dhulipala
5. Philippines - Angelee delos Reyes
6. Venezuela - Alyz Henrich
7. Austria - Katia Wagner
8. Bolivia - Maria Renee Carmona
9. Mexico - Kristal Silva
10. Brazil - Priscilla Martinas
11. South Africa - Ashanti Mbanga
12. Chile - Natalia Lermanda
13. Poland - Aleksandra Szczęsna
14. Czech Republic - Monika Leová
15. Kosovo - Donika Emini
16. Korea - Catharina Choi

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Venezuela takes the Universe!

25-year old Maria Gabriela Isler covets Venezuela's 7th Miss Universe crown at Crocus City Hall in Moscow Oblast, Russia on November 9th that was witnessed by 100+ countries in the world. Gabriela Isler was one of the early favorites since the competition didn't kick off in Russia and was hosted by NBC anchor Thomas Roberts and Spice Girls member Mel B.

1st Runner Up is Spain's Patricia Rodriguez, Constanza Baez brought Ecuador's first top 5 placement and finished 2nd Runner Up, 3rd Runner Up is Philippines' Ariella Arida and the 4th Runner Up is Brazil's Jakelyne Oliveira. Brazil and Philippines made Top 5 last year and in 2011.

Completing the Top 10: Yaritza Reyes (Dominican Republic), Amy Willerton (Great Britain), who brought Great Britain's first placement since England, Scotland and Wales competed as one in 1990, Manasi Moghe (India), Olga Storozhenko (Ukraine), and Erin Brady (USA). Completing the Top 16: Jin Ye (China), Fabiana Granados (Costa Rica), Whulandary Herman (Indonesia), Nastassja Bolívar (Nicaragua), Monic Pérez (Puerto Rico) and Dominique Rinderknecht (Switzerland). 

The top 16 competed in Swimsuit on the music of Panic! At the Disco's Miss Jackson and I Write Sins Not Tragedies. The top 10 competed in Evening gowns on the music of Emin's Amor and In Another Life. The Top 5 were then announced and competed on the Final question.

Paulina Krupinska (Poland) was Miss Photogenic and Ye Jin (China) was Miss Congeniality. The awards weren't presented at the show to give the airtime to Steven Tyler's special performance and who also seated as one of the judges. Ariella Arida (Philippines) was the fan vote winner. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Miss Universe 2013 Awards

Before anything else, let's take a throwback at leas year's winner

Miss Photogenic: Korea - Yumi Kim
*the award is for the candidate who stayed consistent with how look in photographs
As the competition when through, not a even single photo she looked displeasing and disappointing. She always look very pretty, poised and blooming. 

Face of the Universe: Poland - Paulina Krupinska
*the award associates with the make-up application, hair styling, and how she conveys her emotion
Poland 2013
Krupinska during the Tony Ward fashion show.
She was chosen to open the show and walked
four times in the runway.
One of the front runners for the crown, Paulina has the support of the people since the competition kicked off. She's very beautiful, very poised and very queenly. She knows very well her style.

Best in Glam Shot: USA - Erin Brady
*most high-fashion shot, top magazine cover-worthy
USA 2013
This photo is just full of intensity. The power comes from her eyes which was perfectly accentuated by the lips.
Best in Swimsuit: Brazil - Jakelyne Oliveira
*based on the fitness of the body, tone, and catwalk
Brazil 2013
Since she was crowned Miss Brazil 2013, everybody is expecting her to perform well because of her one-of-a-kind catwalk. The swimsuit performance of hers just wowed everyone and completely exceptional. On the other hand, she needs to slow it down a little bit.

Best in Evening Gown: Paraguay - Guadalupe Gonzalez
*carried the gown with elegance
Paraguay 2013
Applause for this girl for making the most of her gown. A great choice because the color is absolutely pleasing to the eye and she used the train very well.

Best Designed Evening Gown: Curacao - Eline de Pool
*cut of the gown, detailing and hauteness 
Curacao 2013
An example of sweet yet sexy. The sweet part id the color and the sexy part is the neckline. The bun perfectly compliments the cut of the gown. The bead-work is commendable and very great to look at. Not too pageant patty yet not too couture.