Sunday, 30 June 2013

Miss World Spain 2013

Elena Ibarbia (18) was crowned as the first Miss World Spain pageant titleholder representing Pais Vasco at Lago Martiánez Complex in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. She will represent Spain at Miss World 2013 pageant which will be held in Indonesia this September.

1st Runner Up is Inés Baquera and the 2nd Runner Up is Cristina Mesa Postigo. Guillermo Escobar took over the Miss Universe and Miss World franchises of Spain after the bankruptcy faced by the Miss España Organization, the oldest beauty pageant in Spain and one of the oldest in the world, last year.

Miss US International 2013


Andrea Neu (24) from Colorado was crowned as Miss US International 2013 at Osceola High School Theater. She will represent the USA at Miss International 2013 which will be held later this year. 

On the other hand, her predecessor, Amanda Delgado, expressed her desire to join Miss California USA 2014 and if she wins, she'll be eventually representing California at Miss USA 2014 which will be held in Miami, Florida.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Viivi Suominen

First of all, we are very sorry for the big delays of our "Pageant Vixen Talks." But here we are again giving you another beauty to remember! She competed in Miss International 2012 and represented Finland! This woman placed as 1st Runner-Up! Very close to the crown! We present to you, Viivi Suominen, Miss International Finland 2012!

UBC: Who is Viivi on a normal day? 
Viivi: On a normal day Viivi works as a sales person in beauty care industry in Helsinki, has fun with her friends and lives with her boyfriend in the centrum of the city. 
UBC: What was your life before being a beauty queen? 
Viivi: I took part in my first pageant when I was 19, so before that I had just graduated from high school and moved to a bigger city to study beauty care.   
UBC: What made you to join Miss Finland - International?
Viivi: In Finland all the delegates for the major beauty pageants are chosen through the Miss Finland pageant. The winner goes to Miss Universe, 1st. runner up to Miss World and 2nd runner up to Miss International. So when I took part in Miss Finland I didn't know will I get to go to any of those bigger pageants, but I really wanted to have a chance to represent my country. When I won the title of Miss Finland's 2nd runner up and I found out I was the delegate of Miss International Finland 2012 I was really excited!! My dream came true.

UBC: How did winning the title changed your life?  
Viivi: After the pageant I was a public figure, so I had to start to think of my image and my behavior a lot more. But also the same publicity brought me a lot more wonderful work opportunities so I have to be grateful!  
UBC: As a beauty queen, what are the TOP 3 things that you cannot forget to put in your bag?  
My phone, Roude D'Armani lipstick and a mirror.

UBC: How did you preparing for Miss International? 
Viivi: I started to eat my healthier and exercise more. I also practiced my English cos I knew I had to speak with this language the whole trip.  
UBC: How did you balance time for family and time for pageantry?  
Viivi: For me balancing was very easy, because I'm very used to the busy lifestyle. First it's work and then fun!

UBC: How did the activities in Japan created friendship among you and the girls?
Viivi: We were divided in to different groups by the language we speak, so most closest I got to the whole A-team (Australia, Belize, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Taiwan) which was my group. They are all so wonderful and I miss them already!! My roommate was also Miss Germany and we became very good friends and we will definitely see each other again! And off course after the finals we got really close with the top 5 cos we got to spend another two weeks together.

UBC: How was Japan as it was the venue for your finals? 
Viivi: I had never been in Japan before so I was really excited to meet a whole new culture and a world! The time we spend there was really wonderful and I will always remember that experience.  
UBC: When you won 1st-Runner Up, did you ever expected that?  
Viivi: Definitely not! The top 15 was filled with beautiful girls, so didn't expect it at all! But afterwards I'm very grateful and happy for me and for my country!!
UBC: What was the first thing you did after winning "Miss International 2012 1st Runner-Up"?  
Viivi: I called home to Finland. They we are all SO EXCITED!! 

UBC: What advice can you give to those girls who loves pageants?
Viivi: I would say that think twice. Think hard that are you able to handle all the things that include in this business. Things like busy lifestyle, media, critique, publicity. And then think about your skills. Can you handle of being a model, an actress and a PR-person at the same time and do a lot of independent work with yourself. Although the smile from our faces never fades away, being a beauty queen is a lot more than that, it’s a hard work to! And if after reading this your still saying yes, go for it with 100%!!.  
UBC: Beauty Tip To All 
Viivi: Best way to feeling beautiful is good food, exercise, enough sleep and water!

UBC: Message to all.
Viivi: Thank you foe everyone who have been supporting me during this pageant!! I wish you all the best!! xxo Viivi

Good luck Viivi on your career! UBC will definitely support you! Continue to be an inspiration to all! Stay beautiful and hope we will see you doing charity works!

Nuestra Belleza Paraguay 2013


Guadalupe Gonzalez (21), was crowned Miss Universe Paraguay 2013 at the conclusion of Nuestra Belleza Paraguay 2013 at Galas Hall of the Yacht and Golf Club Paraguayo Resort in Asuncion. She will represent Paraguay at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia this November. Coral Ruiz (22) received the Miss World Paraguay 2013 crown and will represent her country in Indonesia this September for Miss World 2013.

Marta Raviolo (22) received the Miss International Paraguay 2013 title and Karen Duarte (22) was crowned Miss Earth Paraguay 2013. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Miss World Guam 2013

17-year old Camarin Mendiola was crowned Miss World Guam 2013 at Leopalace Resort in Yona. She will represent Guam at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia this September. 1st Runner Up is Lisa Pachkoski and Chelsea Robato was declared 2nd Runner Up.

Miss Earth New Zealand 2013

Nicole Fairbrother, 18, was crowned Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 at an event held in Wellington. She will  represent New Zealand at Miss Earth 2013. She previously competed at Miss World New Zealand 2013. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Miss Bermuda 2013

Katherine Arnfield, 17, was crowned Miss Bermuda 2013 at Fairmont Southampton. This young model will represent Bermuda at Miss World 2013 this September in Indonesia. 1st Runner Up was Echaunti Swan and the second runner-up was Chelzea Somner.

Miss Österreich Wahl 2013

23-year old Ena Kadic was crowned Miss Österreich Wahl 2013 at the Grand Casino Baden. She will represent Austria at Miss World 2013 this September at Indonesia. Doris Hofmann and Jacqueline Sappert were the runners up. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mister International Philippines 2013 is GIL WAGAS, JR!

A winner has been chosen after a few weeks of serious competition! Gil Wagas, Jr. who represented Lapu-Lapu City won the title as Mister International Philippines 2013 last June 21, 2013 at FilOil - Flying V Arena at San Juan City! 

Gil didn't only won the title but he also won several awards which were the BEST IN REGIONAL COSTUME, MISTER INFORMATICS and MISTER PSALMSTRE! Gil will represent Philippines in the upcoming Mister International which will be in INDONESIA on November!

Reigning Mister International, Ali Hammoud and his fellow contestant in Mister International Ron Teh with Alan Sim were also present in the pageant night!

Here are the official results:

Final results Contestant
Mister International 2013
  • Lapu-Lapu City - Gil Wagas Jr.
1st runner-up
  • Dumaguete City - Wilfred Placencia
2nd runner-up
  • Bacolod City - Jeffrey Sanchez
Top 6
  • Cainta, Rizal - Troy Cuizon
  • Cebu City - John Paul Preston
  • Bukidnon - William Goniabo
Top 12
  • Cavite City - Bon Edouward Quinto
  • Surigao - Frenche Bonn Petallo
  • Pila, Laguna - Ronald Kim Legaspi
  • Quezon City - John Edward Custodio 
  • Fil. Community of Japan - Jeffrey Yamanouchi
  • Negros - Billy Villeta


MISTER FRIENDSHIP - Fil. Community of Japan
MISTER PHOTOGENIC - Negros & Cainta, Rizal
BEST IN SWIMWEAR - Fil. Community of Japan
MISTER ENVY ME - Cainta, Rizal


Congratulations to the Mister International Philippines committee for giving us a wonderful production! Good luck to Gil!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Szépségkirálynő 2013 (Miss Hungary)


Hungary crowns their new queens at TV2 Studio in Budapest. 21-year old Annamária Rákosi was crowned Miss World Hungary 2013 and will represent Hungary at Miss World 2013 which will be held in Indonesia this September. Rebeka Kárpáti was crowned Miss Universe Hungary 2013 and will represent Hungary at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia this November. 

Miss World Guyana 2013


After being most-talked on her fall during the Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition, 23-year old Ruqqayah Boyer will make a comeback in the pageant scene at Indonesia this September for Miss World 2013. 

Boyer during Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries
New Franchise holder for Miss Guyana World, Natasha Martindale made the decision to go with Boyer because she is already a reigning queen and was a finalist in the last Miss Guyana World Pageant. It was after that pageant that Boyer captured the Miss Guyana Universe crown and represented Guyana at the Miss Universe pageant in the United States. The Miss Guyana Universe Pageant committee is supportive of the selection.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013


Sanda Gutic was crowned Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013 at Children's Theatre of Republika Srpska in Banja Luka. The 19-year old will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia this Septemner. 1st Runner Up is Tuzlanka Husneta Tupković and the 2nd Runner Up is Jelena Stevanović.

Kosovo withdraws at Miss Universe

According to Agron Selimi, one of the organizers of Miss Universe Kosovo, told RTV 21 on an interview that they are going to withdraw at Miss Universe this year. She didn't point out the exact reason but initial reports say it's maybe because of political reasons because Russia doesn't recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Miss Universe 2013 will be held in Moscow, Russia this 9th of November.

Kosovo debuted at 2008, the year when they declared their independence, in Vietnam. Vietnam didn't recognize Kosovo as a independent state as well but a special reconsideration was granted. They competed in Brazil last 2011 although Brazil doesn't recognize them as a state.

Kosovo has been placing since 2008 (except in 2010). The highest placement to date is 2nd Runner Up in 2009 with Marigona Dragusha.

Kosovo, rather, is eyeing for their debut at Miss World this year in Indonesia. While one of the runners up will compete in Miss Earth 2013 which may either be held in Singapore or Macau.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Miss England 2013


Kirsty Heslewood was crowned Miss England 2013 at Riviera International Centre in Torquay. She will represent England at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia this September. Nene France and Mary Kate McKay were the runners up. 

Indonesian government supports Miss World 2013


There will be nothing different about this year's Miss World except that the oldest beauty event will not feature a bikini session but replace it with Balinese sarong. Obviously because it is being held in Indonesia, it must be loaded with the oriental culture.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Marie Elka Pangestu also welcomed Miss World 2013 to be held in Indonesia . Surely this will also contribute to promote Indonesian tourism.
"Obviously we hope is able to lift Indonesia as a country, tourist attractions, cultural and creative industries are also wealth. Event we expect this to be the best for it," he said in the Diary impressions Miss World 2013 in the Seputar Indonesia, RCTI.

Not only in terms of clothing, the finalists of Miss World 2013 will be getting debriefing about Indonesian culture. Visiting various places and get to know local culture , will also be on the agenda quarantine Miss World 2013.

As host, Vania Larissa is also increasingly preoccupied with activities towards Miss World 2013. The support from the community is necessary for success in the event.


2013 Miss Universe pageant will be in Moscow, Russia

Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, accompanied with Donald Trump, co-owner of Miss Universe Organization, announced that Russia will be the 62nd host of the Miss Universe pageant which is going to take place at Crocus City Hall on November 9, 2013 during the conclusion of the Miss USA 2013 pageant. 

Connecticut wins its first Miss USA crown!

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas is the most star-studied place in the USA for 51 women compete for the most-coveted title and crown of Miss USA. Erin Brady from East Hampton was crowned Miss USA 2013. This 25-year old beauty will represent the USA at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia this November 9.

1st Runner Up is Alabama's Mary Margaret McCord, 2nd Runner Up is Illinois' Stacie Juris, 3rd Runner Up is Marissa Powell from Utah, 4th Runner Up is Texas' Ali Nugent who happened to enter the final cut because she had the greatest number of tweets and the 5th Runner Up is South Carolina's bet Megan Pinckney.

Completing the Top 10: Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Nevada. Completing the Top 15: California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Miss Photogenic is Utah's Marissa Powell who will receive $1000 and will have a one-night stay at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. Miss Congeniality goes to Oregon's Gabrielle Neilan.

The event is hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Nick Jonas. The Jonas Brothers and DJ Pauly D became the eye candies of the show.

Just like Rhode Island last year, it's Connecticut's first time to win the Miss USA crown and title. Erin was crowned Miss Connecticut USA right after the saddening shooting at a school in Connecticut.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Miss Earth Japan 2013


24-year old Yu Horikawa is was crowned Miss Earth Japan 2013 at Iino Hall in Tokyo. She will represent Japan at Miss Earth 2013. Honami Kuroda, Mai Yamada and Akuri Besyo were the runners up, respectively. 

Japan placed at the semifinals of Miss Earth 3 years in a row already. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Miss Monde Guadeloupe 2013


Sheryna van der Koelen was crowned Miss World Guadeloupe 2013 at La Créole Beach Hotel and Spa in Le Gosier. She will represent the French overseas territory at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia this September. This 21-year old traveled to Manila last year to compete Miss Earth 2012. 

Miss Mondo Italia 2013


22-year Sarah Baderna was crowned Miss World Italy 2013 at an event held in Piazza Aldo Moro in Gallipoli. She will represent Italy at Miss World 2013 this September at Indonesia. 

Baderna works as a fashion model in Italy 

The 22-year old 2nd Runner Up in Miss Italia pageant in 2011 says "I'm lucky. Is great achieve what I dreamed up when I was a child. My inspiration comes from all those strong women, who have a purpose in life and do everything to achieve it."



Miss USA 2013 will be held this Sunday at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Las Vegas and will be broadcasted live on NBC 9 PM ET. 51 stunning delegates all over USA arrived on the "Sin City" to compete for the most coveted title all over America. Let's take a look on UBC's Final Hotpicks, created by the Assistant Editor-in-Chief. 



16. Arkansas - Hannah Billingsley

She places at the 16th spot because I think that she will be the FAN VOTE winner. Why? Her fans are really hyping for her! I think that with that observation probably she'll get it. Also, you cannot deny that Hannah is so cute and beautiful! During the evening gown preliminary competition, I was wowed by the way how she carried her gown. The gown itself had a unique design too! Overall, I think with or without the fan vote, Hannah can make it to the top 16!

15. Virginia - Shannon McAnally

Shannon! Whenever I see her, I am tantalized by her stunning eyes with the right styling! When I saw her on the preliminary competition, she had an amazing performance, it was energetic! But... she is short! But I think she can be the "OLIVIA CULPO" of this year. Overall, she has the package! Now, I am placing her on the 15th spot.

14. South Dakota - Jessica Albers

When I first saw her facebook account, (lol) I said to myself: "Geez! Alyssa Campanella hair!" When I saw her pictures during the competition, I disappointed though because she wasn't that much pretty. And when I saw her OFFICIAL PHOTOS in Miss USA, I asked to myself: "Will she place or not?" So the last decision was during the preliminary competition and her performance made me say "YES!" She regained herself during that night! She was stunning at that night! But her age is my problem though because she's 27 but she shows that "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE A BEAUTY QUEEN!"

13. Florida - Michelle Aguirre

The predictions of some people about her at first is that she will "CLAP." I think she's not because actually she's has a great performance. When I saw some "vine" videos she was everywhere! LOL! Miss Congeniality maybe? Her styling is great! Body is great! MUCH MORE THE FACE! Again, what I can first notice about her is her eyes! She give me a look that says "I'm gonna be the next Miss USA!" But I can sense something that she'll not go far because I think she'll be one of those "MOST BEAUTIFUL" who will not place high.

12. Maryland - Kasey Staniszewski

Kasey! Poor this girl, she doesn't have a good styling/wardrobe. When I see her styles, I kinda remember the 1970's or 1980's hairstyle. But at the very beginning I see her placing! She has a great body! But I think she cannot reach the placement that Nana has been last year. She carries the biggest pressure maybe in this pageant. Overall, Kasey's best asset is her curvacious body!

11. Nevada - Chelsea Caswell

One thing that you can always remember about Chelsea is her EYES! With her eyes, she "SMIZE!" From Jade Kelsall to Chelsea Caswell, I think that still Nevada sent a great contestant! Chelsea is one of the best blondes of this year. For me, I can really see her a standout. Chelsea might place higher but as far as I can evaluate her, semi-finalist. Overall, SMIZE = WORKING FOR ME.




10. Michigan - Jaclyn Schultz

If height will be the basis of the pageant, Jaclyn will definitely stood out since she's 6 ft. tall! However, I still don't really find Jaclyn a tough contender. She may have done well in the preliminary competition, but she is "up and down." Jaclyn face is stunning! Body is also sexy! I think Jaclyn should give a little more push on Sunday so that she will win the crown. Overall, Jaclyn is still one of the greatest contestant this year who has a lot to offer!

9. Kentucky - Allie Leggett

Any "THE VAMPIRE DIARIES" fan over here? Allie has a resemblance of Claire Holt who plays REBEKAH in TVD! At first, Allie was over the place! She caught almost everybody's eye. Later, she fall off the spotlight. I think that Allie has a gorgeous body but lacks more of the face. Allie is cute and charming. Basing on the preliminary competition, Allie did also an amazing job but I think it lack energy. She's young, I wanted to see a more carefree Allie! If she goes on to the top 16, she better give me that "carefree!" Overall, Allie is a good & young competition.

8. Louisiana - Kristen Girault

At first, I didn't liked Kristen. I think she was plain at first. When those official photos appeared, I was wowed by how she projected on the pictures! Her being "morena" skinned sets her different. During the preliminary competition, she didn't gave me "PLAIN" instead she gave me an energetic vibe on her and also she gave me "Jade Kelsall" vibe. Why? When I saw her evening gown, I really told myself: "A resemblance of Jade Kelsall's gown!" I think she'll follow the footsteps of Jade Kelsall. Overall, Kristen is special to me and she can surprise everybody!

7. Massachusetts - Sarah Kidd

One word to describe Sarah, "HARDWORKING!" She is very consistent from the first day up until now! She never fails me! Among the girls, I think she is one of those who are prepared and styled well. Sarah's performance in the preliminary competition was amazing! I still cannot forget how she rocked that stage with a ponytail which made her look fantastic! Overall, Sarah may dismay the front runners and might snatch the crown!

6. Oklahoma - Makenzie Muse

If there was a girl whom I am most nervous for, it would definitely be Makenzie! She's giving me the "Natalie Pack" fate which I don't want to happen. Makenzie is one of the best blondes of this year! Makenzie smashed her competitors one-by-one! When I saw her during the preliminary competition, I said to myself: "Makenzie definitely blown me away! Makenzie gives me a positive vibe whenever I see her. Overall, Makenzie is the girl who is confident and gorgeous!




4th Runner Up: Minnesota - Danielle Hooper

Danielle was the girl that I felt who would easily catch the attention of the people. Danielle was consistent from the first day up until now. Her being youthful gives me a positive vibe of her. I placed her as my 4th Runner-Up because she did well during the preliminary competition but it wasn't enough for her to place higher than this. I know that Danielle will still surprise everybody. Overall, Danielle is young and still be watch out for.

3rd Runner Up: West Virginia - Chelsea Welch

First few days, I went straight to Chelsea. I saw something in her that can be a top 5 material. Her smile maybe needs control but there's a spark that makes me wanna say that Chelsea could be the Miss USA! Her performance during the preliminary competition was smooth and stellar! She gave me a "WOW" impact especially on her evening gown, that was the time that I said to myself: "Top 5!" Overall, Chelsea is the tall girl who is a Miss USA material. She needs a little more push then she can be Miss USA.

2nd Runner Up: Alabama - Mary Margaret McCord

Katherine Webb to Mary-Margaret McCord, I should say Alabama also sent a good contestant this year! Being "FIRST" of everything, she really needs to set the bars way high and she did! Mary-Margaret is so consistent of her performance! She went to the competition well prepared! Great styling and she packed great dresses too! During the preliminary competition, she gave an outstanding job as being the person who would set the bars high! Mary-Margaret was elegant on her gown. Definitely one of the bets for the crown. Overall, more energy and she'll be Miss USA.

1st Runner Up: North Carolina - Ashley Love Mills

I know everyone went wild when she said in her "Road to the Crown" video that she has Filipino roots. After that, I went on to my feelings that Ashley will give something that the Filipinos and everybody wants! During the preliminary competition, she was the girl who I was excited for and she had gone way beyond my expectations. Why? When I saw her in that evening gown, she looked elegant and her performance was smooth! The ways she carried her gown, it didn't gave me boring she gave me Miss USA 2013 vibe. Much more on the swimsuit round, she had a HIGH energy! Overall, HIGH ENERGY and ELEGANCE she would be Miss USA.


Marissa was the MISS USA material that I felt I was looking for. She never failed to amaze me. Although some people say that she's scary but hey! it's beauty! Marissa proved to me during the preliminary competition that she was in it to win it! With that simple white gown, she carried it with confidence and elegance. She was styled great during that evening! Marissa is my Miss USA because of her simplicity which gives a big appeal. Overall, with simplicity and her smile, MISS USA!