Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hunk Talks: Marko Sobot

This week we are going to know a hunk! He represented Slovenia in the Mister International pageant last November which was held in Thailand wherein he won as the 2nd Runner-Up. Let's get to know him and as he shares his experience may we learn something from it. This week's "Hunk Talks" let's meet, Marko Sobot.

UBC: Who is Marko that most people don't really know? 
Marko: I'm a nice guy by choice and a bad boy by nature :D

UBC: Favorite activity that you like to do on a normal day. Why?
Marko: After training, I like to just hang out with my friends and we always find stuff we can do and I also love to take my dog Chica out for a walk, because I enjoy good company and I love my dog :D 

UBC: Representing Slovenia in Mister International how was it? 
Marko: It was a really good experience, I felt the support of my friends and family and that was really helpfull in the contest.
UBC: How the pageant itself did changed you as a person? 
Marko: It didn't change me at all, I'm down to earth guy who likes fun and knows when to be mature and professional.
UBC: How was the experience as a contestant in Mister International? 
Marko: I really enjoyed it, I made new friends from all over the world and it was my first time in thailand and it was great to get to know whole new culture.

UBC: When you were part of the Top 16, what was running into your mind? 
Marko: I was excited to get the first step out of the way and was thinking about top 10. When I was in top 10, I was thinking about top 5... and when I was top 5, I wanted to win. I'm a competitive person. UBC: Winning 2nd Runner - Up, what was the first thing that you do? 
Marko: First we took a lot of pictures after the show, then we went out in the club and party... we deserved it, because we worked hard these past few months.
UBC: Let's go to the personal side of you, what do you think is the most attractive part of your body?
Marko: I don't really know, the whole package haha... My previous girlfriends always liked my lips. ;)) 

UBC: How does a man carry himself? 
Marko: With confidence, respect, and a positive attitude..
UBC: How do you keep a fit body at the same time healthy? 
Marko: Workout and stay away from junk food as much as possible... so eat right and workout. 

UBC: What do you do to make a woman fall in love with you? 
Marko: Just being myself... you really can't plan for love, when it happens you just hope the feeling is mutual.
UBC: Message to all your fans.
Marko: Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken, enjoy your everyday and cherish your beloved ones (family and friends)

Good luck Marko in all the things that you will do in your career! Good luck to you and to your new Mister International Slovenia. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Miss Equatorial Guinea 2013

Another African beauty has been crowned! Restituta Mfumu was crowned as the new Miss Equatorial Guinea. Mfumu last April 27 at Sipopo Conference Center in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Mfumu will represent Equatorial Guinea in the upcoming Miss World pageant at Indonesia in September.

Will this 19 year-old win the FIRST Miss World crown for her country?

Miss Turks and Caicos Universe 2013

26-year old Snwazna Adams was crowned Miss Turks and Caicos Universe 2013 at Williams Auditorium, Providencia. She will represent Turks and Caicos at Miss Universe 2013 later this year. Turks and Caicos competed last 2011.

Miss Panamá 2013

The titleholders of Miss Panama 2013
22-year old Carolina Brid, representing Verguas, was crowned Miss Panama 2013 at Anayansi Theater in Panama City by Stephanie Vander Werf, Miss Panama 2012. This 6-foot lady will represent Panama at Miss Universe 2013 this year. Brid was 1st Runner Up at Miss Tourism International 2011 in Malaysia.

Miss Los Santos, Sara Bello was crowned Miss Intercontinental Panama 2013 and Panama Centro's Maria Gabrielle Sealy was crowned Miss Continente Americano Panama 2013.

The new Miss Universe Panama
Photo: Dario Moreno

The event was aired live on Telemetro. Miss Universe 2012 2nd Runner Up from Venezuela, Irene Esser, served as one of the judges. Panama had only one Miss Universe crown and that was on 2002 when Justine Pasek took over the crown and title from the dethroned Oxana Fedorova of Russia.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Miss Honduras 2013

The 19-year old from Oak Ridge, Mónica Elwin Gough was crowned as the new Miss Honduras. She was crowned at Expocentro in San Pedro Sula. She will represent Honduras at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this year. She will be competing with 100+ international beauties. Andrea López p and Nelly Reyes were the runners up.

Miss World Malta 2013


21-year old Donna Borg Leyland was crowned Miss World Malta 2013 at the Grand Master's Suite of the Hilton Malta. She will represent Malta at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this September. 1st Runner Up is Maria Galea and the 2nd Runner Up is Christine Misfud. Interestingly, the runners up were both Malta's delegates to Miss Earth.

Miss World Botswana 2013

Botswana has chosen their representative to the Miss World pageant which will be held later of September in Jakarta, Indonesia. Rosemary Keofitlhetse was crowned last April 27, 2013 at Gaborone International Convention Centre. First Princess was Betty Seatlholo and the Second Princess was Khomo Leburu. Sharon Senu and Tseo Seitiso complete the top 5 this year. 

Will Keofitlhetse follow the footsteps of Emma Wareus or will she surpass the achievement that Wareus has set last 2010? Congratulations to the winners and good luck Rosemary!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Miss World New Zealand 2013


Ella Langsford is set to represent New Zealand at Miss World 2013 at Jakarta, Indonesia on September this year. This 20-year old was crowned at Te Pai Centre of the Netball Waitakere in Auckland. Casey Radley was awarded the Miss International New Zealand 2013 title on the same night.

Nuestra Belleza El Salvador 2013


Alba Delgado, 22 year-old was crowned Nuestra Belleza El Salvador Universe 2013 and will represent El Salvador at Miss Universe 2013 later this year. Paola Ayala was crowned Nuestra Belleza El Salvador World 2013 and will represent El Salvador at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this September.

Miss World Argentina 2013

Photo: Nico Dominguez

25-year old Teresa Kuster was crowned Miss World Argentina 2013 at City Center Rosario. She will travel to Jakarta, Indonesia this September for Miss World 2013. 2nd Place of the competition went to Zaida Schoop who will represent Argentina to Miss International 2013. Luciana Robles, María Alicia Feregotto and Dagny Cameron competed the Top five.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2013

Photo: Reinas Universal

24-year old Nadyalee Torres was crowned Miss World Puerto Rico 2013 at an event held in Luis A. Ferré School of Performing Arts' Theater in Guaynabo. She will represent Puerto Rico at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this September. She represented Caguas. Franceska Toro (Toa Baja) and Carole Rigual (Bayamón) were the runners up.

Nadyalee competed at Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2012 where she was among the winners. She represented Puerto Rico at Top Model of the World and was among the Top 15 semifinalists and was Miss Photogenic. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Miss World South Sudan 2013


Bringing honor to South Sudan as she placed as one of the Top 7 in Miss World 2012 and being awarded the Continental Queen for Africa, Atong de Mach crowns her successor. 

21-year old Manuela Mogga Matong was crowned as Miss World South Sudan 2013 at Freedom Hall in Juba on 13th of April. She will represent South Sudan at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Runners up are Gigita Grace and Ajak Abie.

South Sudan debuted at Miss World last year, they also competes at Miss Earth. 

Pageant Vixen Talks: Tamerin Jardine

Few days ago, we got to know Miss Earth US Virgin Islands, Carolyn Whitney Carter. Our Miss Earth talks doesn't end there! We still have more to go and one of them is Tamerin Jardine who finished Top 8 in Miss Earth 2012. Tamerin has a very big heart and has a very big advocacy to promote especially in her country, South Africa. Now, let's get to know more about her.

UBC: Describe Tamerin Jardine in 3 words and explain each.
Tamerin: Green: I am passionate about animals and the environment and finding sustainable solutions to tomorrow’s environmental problems.
Compassionate: I am a very caring person; every person (and animal) that I meet very quickly finds a place in my heart.
Composed: I believe that it is very important to be calm under pressure and I believe that through my composure in stressful situations I am able to maximize the impact that I have on people.

UBC: How were your childhood years?
Tamerin: They were incredible; I spent my childhood surrounded by animals – caring for them on our family farm. Animals have always been such an important part of my life and being around animals is something that genuinely makes my heart happy.

UBC: How did the passion for pageants developed in you? Have you always dreamed of becoming a beauty queen?
Tamerin: I have never really had a passion for pageants and for me the Miss Earth South Africa is so much more than a pageant, it is a platform that allows young women to make a difference in their communities. The platform that Miss Earth South Africa provides is very “me,” it speaks to me on a personal level and it is everything I have ever wanted to be. Animals and the environment have been a burning passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

UBC: What pushed you to join Miss Earth South Africa?
Tamerin: The Miss Earth South Africa programme appealed to me because as an organisation, they truly care and make a significant difference to our environment. Miss Earth South Africa prides itself on being a leadership programme for young women to become environmental leaders in their community. What also drove me to become part of the programme was the chance to make a real difference to the plight of animals as well as encourage others to use sustainable energy and be more environmentally conscious.

UBC: When you won the title, what was the first thing you do?
Tamerin: The first thing I did was to remind myself to breathe. I had lots of tree plantings and greening projects in the first few weeks after my crowning, which was incredible as the work started instantly!

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss Earth 2012?
Tamerin: Lots of gym and reading up on different environmental projects on the go around the world. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading about the Philippines and the culture of the country that will be my home for almost a month.

UBC: What environmental advocacy are you promoting?
Tamerin: I am prompting the used sustainable and renewable energy; "sustainable energy, being the creation of enough energy for all, forever,” as well as my personal love animals. As Ghandi once said, "A society should be judged by the way it treats its old people and animals.”

UBC: What do you expect in your stay in the Philippines for the pageant?
Tamerin: I hope to win for my country, as it is a beautiful place trying to make a sustainable difference to our environment. Also I have worked my whole life to be an environmental leader and Miss Earth International will be an incredible platform to make an impact and a difference on an international level. I’m also very much looking forward to interacting with all of the other contestants and learning about their cultures and countries.

UBC: How will you develop a friendly competition?
Tamerin: I don't believe that being nasty will get you very far in life, so I will respect each contestant and her property, I will also do my best to stay out of any conflict. I am there to represent my country and I intend to do so with pride and in a way that the people back home will be proud of. South Africa is filled with friendly, warm, open people and I intend to represent that aspect of our culture.

UBC: What advice did Dominique Mann gave you for this pageant?
Tamerin: She said stay focused and enjoy each experience, as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

UBC: After the pageant, what activities are you involved in your reign?
Tamerin: I am hoping to win so will be involved in the projects of Miss Earth International in addition to continuing my work with the Miss Earth South Africa organisation as well as driving the projects close to my heart – sustainable energy development and cultivating a culture of respect for animals.

UBC: Any advice for our "aspiring Earth Warriors" like you?
Tamerin: Don’t give up. Yes, the mountain is high to climb but each step we take in this environmental challenge takes us one step closer to the top. Live each day trying to make a green new choice and stay passionate.

UBC: Beauty Tip To All
Tamerin: Use environmentally friendly products and products not tested on animals. Mother earth has all the ingredients to keep us looking beautiful naturally.

UBC: Message to your fans.
Tamerin: Thank you for all your incredible support and your belief in me. Your encouragement, love and support have been so humbling. I hope to make you proud, no matter the outcome, in every decision I make in life.

Thank you so much to the Miss Earth South Africa Organization for making this possible. Also, thank you to Tamerin for giving us this opportunity to interview her. We are so thankful for this interview. Hope you will continue what you've started. We are here to support you in any decisions you make. Good luck to Miss Earth South Africa 2013!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Miss Wales 2013

Gabrielle Shaw was crowned Miss Wales 2013. She will represent Wales at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this September. Last year, Wales placed 1st Runner Up at Miss World 2012. 

Miss Slovakia 2013

1st Runner Up, Winner, 2nd Runner Up

19-year old Karolina Chomistekova was crowned Miss Slovakia 2013 at Bratislava. She will represent Slovak Republic at Miss World 2013 pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia this September. 1st Runner Up is  Luciána Čvirková who will compete at Miss International 2013. And the 2nd Runner Up is Nikoleta Duchoňová. 

Binibining Pilipinas 2013

 The winners of the 2013 Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant (L-R): Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner Up Pia Wurtzbach, Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism Joanna Cindy Miranda, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Ariella Arida, Bb. Pilipinas-International Bea Rose Santiago, and 2013 Supranational Philippines Mutya Johanna Datul (Voltaire Domingo/NPPA Images)
1st Runner Up, Binibining Pilipinas - Tourism, Miss Universe Philippines
Binibining Pilipinas - International, Miss Supranational Philippines

At the iconic Smart Araneta Coliseum, 24-year old, from Laguna, Ariella Arida was crowned as the 50th Miss Universe Philippines. She will represent the Philippines at Miss Universe 2013 later this year. 

20-year old Bea Rose Santiago coveted the Binibining Pilipinas - International 2013 title and crown. Coincidentally, during the final question, the president of the Miss International Organization asked her the question. This girl from Masbate and a student from Toronto will represent Philippines at Miss International 2013 which might be held in her country.

1st Runner Up to a university beauty pageant to Janine Tugonon, Cindy Miranda won the Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2013 crown and title. She will be working closely with Department of Tourism and will represent Philippines at Miss Tourism Queen International 2013.

It's been a great moment that a native girl from the local tribes in the Philippines was crowned. Mutya Johanna Datul, a 20-year old Ibanag from Isabela, was crowned Miss Supranational Philippines 2013. She will soon travel to Minsk, Belarus this September for Miss Supranational 2013. She happens to be UBC's pick for the Miss Universe crown.

23-year old, and a local actress, Pia Wurtzbach was hailed as the 1st Runner Up. She'd be ready to takeover the titles of those queens who will fail to fulfill their duties as titleholders.

Camille Nazar (12), Ellore Noelle Punzalan (22), Merry Joyce Respicio (25), Maria Angelic De Leon (31), Parul Shah (33), Grace Yann Apuad (34), Rhea Nakpil (43), Imelda Schweighart (45) and Amanda Navasero (44) completed the Top 15.

Meanwhile, Miss Congeniality is Lourenz Remitillo (21), Miss Photogenic is Mutya Johanna Datul (39), Best in National Costume is Alaine Baccay (37), Best in Talent is Anna Carmela Aquino (10). Best in Swimsuit is Ariella Arida (41) and Best in Evening Gown is Mutya Johanna Datul (39).

Surprisingly, the 4 winners already competed in the rival national pageants of Binibining Pilipinas. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Binibining Pilipinas 2013 Final Hotpicks

One of the most anticipated national pageants across the world, Binibining Pilipinas, will crown its 50th queen this Sunday, April 14 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

With 50 delegates this year, the golden batch is one of the strongest ever in the history of Binibining Pilipinas. With great pride, we present to you our Final Hotpicks!

1. Mutya Johanna Datul 
2. Charmaine Elima
3. Parul Shah
4. Cindy Miranda
5. Bea Santiago
6. Hannah Ruth Sison
7. Pia Wurtzbach
8. Maria Angelica De Leon
9. Maria Theresa Gorgonio
10. Shan Apuad
11. Anna Fernandina Buquid
12. Mercegrace Racquel
13. Cassandra Naidas
14. Ria Rabajante
15. Amanda Noelle Navasero
16. Vania Valiry Vispo
17. Imelda Schweighart
18. Ariella Arida
19. Herlie Kim Artugue
20. Zandra Flores

Watch Binibining Pilipinas LIVE HERE on Sunday, 9:45 PM (Manila Time)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Carolyn Whitney Carter

Last week on our "Pageant Vixen Talks," we got to know two Miss Earth candidates. They were Siria Bojorquez (Miss Earth - USA) and Valerie Remillard (Miss Earth - Canada). This week, we would get to know another Miss Earth beauty. She represented United States Virgin Islands in three pageants namely: Miss Supranational, Miss World and Miss Earth. She's currently a model and she's a person who is very friendly and know how to deal things in certain perspectives. Let's get to know Carolyn Whitney Carter!

UBC: Describe Carolyn Whitney Carter in 3 words and explain each.
Whitney: Adventurous: I appreciate independence and I thrive off new journeys in my life.  I have a natural admiration for rich cultures and I enjoy submersing myself into a country’s unfamiliar customs.  I think it is always important to step out of your routine and be adventurous, as it helps to continually maintain a fresh perspective on life.  Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a superb way to grow.
Creative: Since a child I have submersed myself in the creative arts, developing an intense love for painting. I am easily inspired by our island’s bold colors, picturesque views, and exotic flowers.  Painting is one way I enjoy expressing emotions, and through it I find inner peace and a true connection with the world.
Down-to-Earth: Being raised in the Caribbean naturally lends itself to an easy-going lifestyle.  I appreciate simplicity, and I approach life with a “go-with-the-flow” mentality.

UBC: How were your childhood years?
Whitney: My childhood years were amazing.  My family and I were very active, living in many different states until we settled in the US Virgin Islands.  St. Croix was a perfect fit for our family because we appreciate the year round sunshine and the slower-paced lifestyle the islands provide.  My parents are educators and founded a private school in the US Virgin Islands, which I attended from second grade until graduation.  It was a unique experience to be the founding student.  Our motto, “The Fire Burns Within”, has given me the strength to face life’s challenges passionately and without fear.

UBC: How did the passion for pageants developed in you? Have you always dreamed of becoming a beauty queen?
Whitney: Although pageants are highly celebrated in my country, being a beauty queen was never a dream of mine.  In 2010, I was approached by a modeling agency about representing the US Virgin Islands in the Miss World 2010 pageant in Sanya, China.  At the time, I had already been accepted to a prestigious year-long art program in Florence, Italy, however I found the offer to represent my beautiful country in the Miss World Pageant to be too unique to pass up!  Miss World 2010 was my first real pageant ever.  Afterwards, I realized the impact Grand-Slam pageants have, and how I could use pageants to promote my cause: raising awareness of our three shining emeralds in the Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands.  This is where my passion for pageants developed.  It brings me immense joy to promote and give back to the very islands that helped raise and mold me into the woman I am today.

UBC: What pushed you to join Miss Earth - US Virgin Islands?
Whitney: I am an extremely proud Native American, a Chippewa from the Fond Du Lac tribe.  Our culture and lifestyle is intensely intertwined with nature.  In the US Virgin Islands we are made up of rainforests, turquoise seas, emerald hills, and stretching blue skies.  From a child I have been inspired by our environment, and as a painter I have found most of my muses in nature.  I come from a family with generations of people with the gift of the “green thumb”.  At our house, I grow everything under the sun: cucumber, bitter melon, squash, beans, eggplant, peppers, arugula, carrots, etc! The tropics are a superb place for farmers.  I have been working for two years with an after-school program that helps children coming from low socio-economic environments succeed academically.  This year, we developed a sustainable organic garden (Project H.E.A.L.: Health Education & Agricultural Learning) together from ground up.  This special project taught planning, healthy decisions, environmental awareness, and math! With all this said, I believe Miss Earth is the next natural step for me; it is a combination of all my passions.  I have a deep love and appreciate for our Earth, a platform that I am passionate about and have been involved in for years, and a strong background in pageants.

UBC: When you won the title, what was the first thing you do?
Whitney: I updated my Facebook status! :)

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss Earth 2012?
Whitney: It has been an intense preparation for Miss Earth!  Many people may not realize the vast amount of work and time it takes to prepare a girl adequately to compete in an international pageant.  It is a big commitment! I have immense respect for other girls who compete internationally.  I still work full time with the children, which is the first priority, but in between I find time to attend photo shoots, video shoots, and prepare the necessary items I will need to bring with me to compete.  It has been intense, but “the fire burns within” and it inspires me to work hard to fulfill my dreams.

UBC: What environmental advocacy are you promoting?
Whitney: This year the Miss Earth Pageant is promoting the “International Year of Sustainable Energy”.  My personal platform is the promotion of local organic sustainable farms, which plays a big role in the US Virgin Islands in the promotion of clean energy.  We have to import most of our food products from the USA, which uses fossil fuels and produces massive amounts of waste from packaging.  As a country, we have a goal to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by 60% by the year 2025.  We are taking many initiatives to reach this, and I believe the promotion of local production is another way to reduce our carbon footprint.

UBC: What do you expect in your stay in the Philippines for the pageant?
Whitney: I expect friendly hosts, breath-taking views, and of course amazing food!  I hope to be able to interact with locals and be submersed in the culture, which I believe is the only true way to understand a country.

UBC: How will you develop a friendly competition?
Whitney: I have brought 100% recyclable gift bags with goodies for each contestant, a warm gesture from the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism! I hope to share with these lovely ladies how special our islands are, in hopes that they will always remember us positively.  I truly enjoy meeting new people, so I view this as an opportunity to make new friends!!  It is a blessing to be surrounded by so many talented, powerful women, and I am thankful to be given the opportunity.

UBC: After the pageant, what activities are you involved in your reign?
Whitney: After the pageant I will be involved in fundraisers pertaining to sustainable energy, sustainable farming, and children.

UBC: Any advice for our "aspiring Earth Warriors" like you?
Whitney: My advice would be to find what your obsession is, and work passionately to develop it.  If it inspires you, there will naturally be an inner drive that will lead you to a life of happiness and fulfillment.

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Whitney:  “A smile is the best make-up a girl can wear.”  Let your inner beauty shine through and it’s guaranteed to light up the room.  Smiles are contagious; you never know whose day you may brighten by a few kind words and a genuine smile.

UBC: Message to your fans.
Whitney: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me!
I want to thank you for all of your positive vibes and encouraging words, I truly appreciate them.  I hope to represent my country well and make everyone proud!  Also, please take a minute to visit our country’s website: http://www.visitusvi.com/

Thank you so much Whitney for sharing to us so many things. From your pageantry experiences, to you advocacy and to your being Miss Earth - USVI. UBC wishes you all the best. We will support you in you career that you'll take.