Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Miss Schweiz 2013 Candidates

Miss Schweiz 2012 Alina Buchschacher
The most prestigious beauty in Switzerland will held its final on June 8th. The winner will represent Switzerland at Miss Universe 2013. Here are the girls vying for the title and crown!

Letizia Rebozzi
Alice Stark
Snezana Stojadinovic
Sara Wicki
Lianna Müller
Vera Morger

Pamela Ljubas

Heidi Lushtaku

Melanie Seifried
Janine Baumann
Sandra Marjanovic
Viktoria Grasser

Dominique Rinderknecht

Anita Mustafa

Ilena Fattori

Jenny Pedrazzi

Chantal Lüthi
Dorina Podrimja


Ceska Miss 2013 Contestants

Ceska Miss World 2012 Linda Bartosova, Ceska Miss Universe 2012 Tereza Chlebovksa
and Miss Earth 2012 Tereza Fajksova

Meet the contestants of Ceska Miss 2013! Three winners will be crowned and will represent Czech Republic in Miss Universe 2013, Miss World 2013 and Miss Earth 2013. The grand event will be witnessed this March 24, 2013.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hunk Talks: Tarik Subara

It has been weeks since we last released our "Pageant Vixen Talks." This time, it won't be "Pageant Vixen Talks" this week, we are going to feature men who represented their country in a male pageant. We call their segment as "Hunk Talks." This week, we are going to feature Manhunt International Bosnia & Herzegovina 2012. Let's get to know him on his journey in Manhunt International held in Thailand. Take note that we did this interview after his competition in Manhunt International 2012.

UBC: Who is Tarik Subara on a normal day? 
Tarik: An 18 years old boy from Bosnia who is going to the high school, My free time I usually spend on the computer chatting with my friends, playing basketball and going to gym which is clearly manifested through my brawny, athletic built.

UBC: How do you describe yourself in 3 words and why?
Tarik: Crazy – I always laugh and do crazy things with my friends, I am sometimes a little bit lazy, I like procrastinating and linger on unimportant stuff. That's not good for me but it's going to be better and I'm very ambitious, that should everyone be.

UBC: What made you decide to join Manhunt International – Bosnia and Herzegovina? 
Tarik: I wanted to get in the world of Modeling and that was the best way to get in and find new friends and experience. But my real reason is my friend who push me to join this competition. He helped me a lot in the past with in inspiring me, encouraging and broaden my knowledge spectrum on pageantry. He is now really proud of me.

UBC: Representing your country in an international pageant how was the feeling? 
Tarik: Winning the grand tittle of Manhunt Bosnia and being able to represent my country in Manhunt International this year is my greatest achievement so far. I was the youngest on the competition and on the Manhunt also. I am greatly honored.

UBC: Can you share to us some memorable experiences in Bangkok for Manhunt International 2012? 
Tarik: Definitely one of my best time in life. So much new friend, experience, fun etc.. If I would start now writing I would need 100 papers to write it down. I' am a little disappointed about the organization but in the end everything was great.

UBC: Many were expecting you to be part of the top 15, how would you react to this? 
Tarik: I am not sad about not coming in the top 15. Apparently everybody loved me and put me in the top 5 expect the judges. But my main reason was to get contracts around the world and work there and I was very successful. I didn't expect so much jobs and opportunities, but in the end I am the winner :D

UBC: After the international pageant, what can the fans look forward on Tarik Subara? 
Tarik: This year and the next 2013 will be very exciting for me and I have to do many things.  First I will finish my high school and go to a college that is the most important to me. About the modeling future, I will go to India on summer 3 months and  do some jobs around the world in the next few months.

UBC: If it’s okay for you to go on your personal side, what do you think is your sexiest body part? 
Tarik: I don't know exactly. I think the girls would give you a much better answer then me ahahha

UBC: How should a man carry himself? 
Tarik: One of the important things are: he should be self-confident, to know what to do in his life and be proud on himself, everybody is special!

UBC: How do you keep your body fit at the same time healthy?

Tarik: The kind of food you eat is very important. A diet more of fruits and vegetables with running as an exercise are beneficial. A combination of this, makes one fit and healthy. I think everybody of as should go to gym at least 3 times in a week.

UBC: Share to us some bits of your love life, it is okay for you. 

Tarik: I don't like to talk about that but if u ask me I gonna share with you all this,  I'm in a relationship right now since May this year. I am really happy with her, and I can't imagine my life without her :D

UBC: How will you treasure the experience of being Manhunt International Bosnia and Herzegovina? 
Tarik: I has been a real honor for me representing my country on the Manhunt.I got many experience and new friend, I think that will help me in the future. I' am very happy with the final results and I got jobs around the world as the only one in the competition.

UBC: Message to all your fans.  
Tarik: Special thanks to all my fans worldwide and to this site that give me the opportunity to do this interview. My final massage would be, Be yourself, not someone that others want you to be and follow your dreams that is the most important! XoXo

Thank you so much Tarik for sharing to us your experiences during the Manhunt International 2012. UBC thanks you for allowing us to interview you. UBC will always be here to support you in your modelling career. Good luck in your studies.

Femina Miss India 2013 Contestants

Femina Miss India 2013 will be this March 24, 2013. Winners will compete in Miss World 2013, Miss Earth 2013 and Miss International 2013. Meanwhile, the Femina Miss India Universe 2013 pageant will be this June.

Akshitaa AgnihotriAkshitaa Agnihotri
Anannya SarmahAnannya Sarmah
Anukriti GusainAnukriti Gusain
Archita Sahu Archita Sahu
Apurva Lonkar Apurva Lonkar
Anushka ShahAnushka Shah
Gail Nicole Da Silva Gail Nicole Da Silva
Khusboo VaidyaKhusboo Vaidya
Lopamudra Raut Lopamudra Raut
Manasi MogheManasi Moghe
Navneet Kaur DhillonNavneet Kaur Dhillon
Panchami Rao Panchami Rao
Radhika Sharma Radhika Sharma
Sagarika Chhetri Sagarika Chhetri
Saniah Baig Saniah Baig
Sanjana D'souza Sanjana D'souza
Sobhita Dhulipala Sobhita Dhulipala
Srishti Rana Srishti Rana
Sukanya Bhattacharya Sukanya Bhattacharya
Supriya Aiman Supriya Aiman
Swati Kain Swati Kain
Vijaya Sharma Vijaya Sharma