Friday, 31 August 2012

Miss Venezuela 2012 is María Gabriela Isler (GUARICO)


Guarico's Maria Gabriela Isler (24, 5'8) successfully coveted the Miss Venezuela 2012 crown. She will represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2013. Miss Venezuela Internacional 2012 goes to Nicelin Elian Herrera (Aragua) who will travel to Miss International 2013. Miss Venezuela Tierra 2012 goes to Alyz Henrich (Falcon) she will go to Miss Earth 2013. 1st Runner Up is Ivanna Vale (Tachira) and the 2nd Runner Up is María Julia Alvarez (Yaracuy)


The rest of the Top 10 are Amazonas, Bolivar, Cojedes, Miranda and Peninsula Goajira. The pageant world was really shock as Miranda's Oriana Lucchese was the most favored to win the crown. Heavy favorites such as Zulia, Sucre, Distrito Capital, Merida and Nueva Esparta failed to make the cut. 

Both Miss Photogenic award and Miss Congeniality award goes to Claudia Baratta (Merida). Miss Elegance award went to Maria Gabriela Isler (Guarico) and the Best Evening Gowns went to María Luisa Zerpa (Carabobo), María Julia Alvarez (Yaracuy) and Rocirée Silva (Península Guajira).

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013 is Monic Perez (ARECIBO)

The new Miss Universe Puerto Rico

She could be Puerto Rico's first black
representative to Miss Universe. Genesis Davila
(Arroyo) - 1st Runner Up
Arecibo's Monic Perez (22, 5'9 1/2) was crowned as Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013 at Centro de Bellas Artes Santurce,Santurce, Puerto Rico. She will represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2013. She was crowned by Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2012, Bodine Koehler.

1st Runner Up is Genesis Davila (Arroyo) who was expected to be the Final 2 with Arecibo, 2nd Runner Up is Desiree Del Rio (Cayey) who competed at Miss International 2011 and placed 3rd Runner Up, 3rd Runner Up is Cristina María Franceschini (Mayaguez) and the 4th Runner Up is Amanda Ortíz (Orocovis)

Completing the Top 10 are Canovanas, Fajardo, Humacao, Rincon, Toa Alta. The rest of the Top 16 are Adjuntas, Aguas Buenas, Corozal, Lares, Las Piedras and Toa Baja. 

Meanwhile, the runners up will be sent to their respective minor pageants next year including Miss Intercontinental, Miss Supranational, Miss Continente Americano and Top Model of the World.
3rd Runner Up, Desiree Del Rio (Cayey) who
represented Puerto Rico at Miss International
2011 and placed 3rd Runner Up.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

HOTPICKS: Final picks for Miss Venezuela 2012

The finals of Miss Venezuela 2012 will be on August 30, 2012 at Salón Naiguatá, Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental, Caracas Mariángel Ruiz (Miss Venezuela 2002, 1st Runner Up at Miss Universe 2003) Leonardo Villalobos, Ismael Cala, and Eglantina Zingg will host the event.

(Miss Universe Venezuela 2013)

Miranda - Oriana Lucchese
This girl has been the ultimate favorite since the beginning of the competition. Everybody likes her because of her angelic face, young aura, amazing body and doll-like features. If she wins, she'll one of the youngest Miss Venezuela at the age of 19.

(Miss International Venezuela 2013)

Aragua - Elian Herrera
If we would pick Oriana's greatest threat to the crown, it would be Elian. Her greatest advantage, is the favor from Osmel Sousa, owner of Miss Venezuela Organization, for he himself convinced her to join. She is our former pick for Miss Venezuela Mundo, yet the title will not be awarded this year. But we taunted that she is also compatible at Miss International 2012 because of her sultry aura which Miss International likes.

(Miss Earth Venezuela 2013)

Zulia - Noedy Olivares

Miss Earth is sometimes the combination of Miss Universe and Miss World. We say that this girl the perfect formula. We think she's all ready and complete package, she just needs to channel herself to environmental activities so that she can meet the demands of Miss Earth.

Primera Finalista

Sucre - Ingrid Smith
Her black barbie-features make her stands out above the other contestants. She is our former choice for Miss Venezuela 2012 title yet we realized she's not yet ready.

Segunda Finalista

Nueva Esparta - Fabiola Castillo

This girl is versatile, her skin tone makes her stand out. She possess elegance. She is the most consistent girl through out the competition. She could snatch a crown from the three above.

Merida - Claudia Barratta

Distrito Capital -  Daniela Chalbaud

Amazonas - Hylenne Baez
Falcon - Sabimar Henrich

Anzoategui - Adriana Escalante

Sunday, 26 August 2012

HOTPICKS: Final Picks for Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013

Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013 will be this August 29, 2012 (Wednesday) at Centro de Bellas Artes, Santurce, Puerto Rico. Bodine Koehler will crown her successor at the end of the event. The winner will go to Miss Universe 2013. 

1. Arroyo - Genesis Davila

This girl should win the crown! She is very poised and well-equipped. It will be for a change that a black barbie will wear Puerto Rico's sash at Miss Universe 2013. She has everything-complete package!

2. Arecibo - Monic Perez

She is our second choice for the crown. Both her and Arroyo are complete package but the difference is she is pageant-wise while Arroyo is beauty-wise. Basing on the situation, she has the bigger possibility of winning than Arroyo.

3. Lares - Jerrica Lee Rivera

This girl emerged as one of the most favored girl to win. But as the competition drove, she became one of the silent killers. Her beauty is truly distinct. 

4. Cayey - Desiree del Rio

Talking about her biggest advantage, that would be competing at Miss International 2011 and finishing as 3rd runner up. Her beauty is polish-able and she can be anything.

5. Mayaguez - Cristina María Franceschini Sánchez

The face of the competition! Her Italian beauty stands out! It would be very refreshing to see this kind of girl representing Puerto Rico. But she needs to loose weight! 

MISS WORLD: Request or Demand?

Just after Miss World 2012 concluded, Miss Venezuela Organization announced that a separate pageant will be held to choose their Miss World representatives. For over the past 30 years, the Miss World representative of Venezuela were chosen through the Miss Venezuela pageant. But starting next year, a special competition will be held to determine Venezuela's representative for Miss World 2013. This is because of the Miss World Ltd. coincided with Osmel Sousa, president of Miss Venezuela Organization, that Miss World Ltd. doesn't that a second choice in a pageant will go to Miss World and not the first choice and they doesn't want any relation to Miss Universe.

Now, not only Venezuela will hold a separate pageant but also other countries just like, Mexico, Angola (who just held their separate Miss World national pageant), Bolivia ans the list goes on. Do you think Julia Morley has the right to do this? Let us know your sentiments.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pageant Vixen Talks: Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (Miss World 2012 2nd Runner Up)

Before, Jessica left for Miss World 2012 pageant at Ordos China, we were privileged to interview and get to know more of her. 

Jessica Michelle Kahawaty was born in Sydney, Australia on September 12, 1988 of Lebanese-Australian descent. The first pageant Jessica won was Miss Lebanon World 2008 where she gained the right to represent Lebanon at Miss International 2008 where she eventually placed as one of the Top 12 semifinalist. Craving to go to Miss Universe, she joined and qualified at Miss Universe Australia 2009 where she ended up at Top 10 spot. 1 year later, she joined Miss Lebanon where she ended up as Third Runner Up. 2 years later, she joined Miss World Australia 2012 and won. Just recently, she was hailed as 2nd Princess at Miss World 2012 pageant at Ordos China.

Universal Beauty Council: Introduce yourself briefly with a twist, twist is that you'll introduce yourself like you are in a pageant.

Jessica: My name is Jessica Kahawaty and I am in my final year studying a combined degree in Law and Business Finance. I am from the beautiful multicultural Australia…

Universal Beauty Council: How do people see Jessica as a person/friend/beauty queen?

Jessica: People see me as a young lady with a lot of passion and zest for life, dedication to working hard and most importantly compassion for others.

Universal Beauty Council: How did your passion for pageants changed you?

Jessica: I have competed in pageants since I was 17 years old. They have undoubtedly shaped me into the person I am today – one that leverages opportunities for the greater good of people universally and one that strives to be the best representative for their country

Universal Beauty Council: When you represented Lebanon in the Miss International pageant, how was it?

Jessica: I had an incredible time at Miss International where I ranked 5th out of 75 countries – an experience that definitely gave me a glimpse of what is yet to come in a pageant such as Miss World that is so different as it focuses on the substance of young women through 'Beauty with a Purpose'..

Universal Beauty Council: Seeing yourself part of the top 12 in Miss International, how did it motivate you to join another pageant like Miss World?

Jessica: Miss International was the first step I took internationally at a very young age, which made me extremely motivated to grow into a better person and hone in on my best attributes. Once I thought I was ready for a more prominent pageant with a focus on charity, I entered Miss World 2012

Universal Beauty Council: What is the difference of representing Lebanon and Australia?

Jessica: While representing Lebanon, I was celebrating the background of my parents and the history of where my ancestors came from. As I represent Australia today, I am an ambassador for the country I was born, raised and educated in – a true privilege indeed

Universal Beauty Council: How do you prepare for pageants like Miss International/Miss World?

Jessica: Miss World requires a different approach in preparation to other pageants. Miss World takes a holistic approach in finding a deserving winner of the title through various categories such as fitness (which I have been working very hard at!), talent (my piano skills), social media (through my 12,000 followers on facebook), dance (my country’s traditional indigenous dance) and most importantly using one’s beauty for a purpose (through my charity work where I raised tens of thousands for disadvantaged children).

Universal Beauty Council: How do you describe the saying of Miss World, "Beauty With A Purpose?"

Jessica: The Beauty with a Purpose motto is the basis for projects held by Miss World national contestants that raise charitable funds and make lasting contributions to the lives of the disadvantaged. Having raised hundreds of millions of dollars, I believe that Julia Morley as head of the organisation, is the epitome of poise and kindness, a true philanthropist in this day and age, who teaches women that our beauty can be used for powerful charitable purposes.

Universal Beauty Council: What can you do to make yourself as "Beauty With A Purpose" in short, what is your advocacy?

Jessica: Beauty with a Purpose as mentioned, revolves around charitable work of beautiful and powerful women. I would embark on non-profit projects for a multitude of issues, get young women involved and bring a holistic approach so that I appeal to all causes. I would bring the media’s attention to not just my words but actions and cast light to a wide range of environmental, social and charitable issues that I would advocate for on behalf of Australia.

Universal Beauty Council: How will you treasure this experience of joining TWO big pageants?

Jessica: I have and will always treasure the events experienced, relationships formed and lessons learnt from the international pageants. Through photos, videos and continuous communication with the contestants, I think it is important to be reminded of an incredible fulfilling experience.

Universal Beauty Council: BEAUTY TIP TO ALL

Jessica: Be happy! It will radiate on the outside!

Universal Beauty Council: Message to your fans.

Jessica: Thank you for continuing to believe in me. I promise I will make a difference in this world - small or large!

Universal Beauty Council: Thank you so much Jessica! :D 

Friday, 24 August 2012

HOTPICKS: Miss Universe 2012

There are 50 candidates confirmed. Venue and Date are TBA. 
For the mean time, enjoy! :) 

1. Australia - Renae Ayris
2. Czech Republic - Tereza Chlebovska
3. Croatia - Elizabeta Burg
4. Spain - Andrea Huisgen
5. Canada - Sahar Biniaz
6. Puerto Rico - Bodine Koehler
7. Ecuador - Carolina Aguirre
8. Mexico - Karina Gonzalez
9. Kosovo - Diana Avdiu
10. Venezuela - Irene Esser
11. South Africa - Melinda Bam
12. Philippines - Janine Tugonon
13. Japan - Ayako Hara
14. USA - Olivia Culpo
15. Hungary - Agnes Konkoly

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2012

Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2012 will be on September 1, 2012 at Centro de Convenciones y Polyforum, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México. This year we have 35 contestants. Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Naverrete will serve as a the presenter that night.

Karina Gonzalez (NBM Universo) and Mariana Berumen (NBM Mundo) will crown their successor at the end of the event. The winners will represent Mexico at Miss Universe and Miss World 2013. While Mexico's representative for Miss International 2013 will be handpicked from either this year's line up or past winners of NBM.

Jessica Amor Mendoza
1.77 meters | 22 years old

Jeraldine González Meza
1.74 meters | 23 years old

Diana Kristal Castro
1.82 meters | 21 years old

Valeria Ruíz López
1.73 meters | 20 years old

Gabriela Prieto Díaz Infante
1.72 meters | 19 years old

Cecilia Vázquez Aguirre
1.77 meters | 21 years old

Lupita Parra Orozco
1.82 meters | 20 years old

Karen Padilla Brizuela
1.73 meters | 21 years old

Natalia Serrano Lecuona
1.68 meters | 21 years old

Ana Victoria Sánchez
1.70 meters | 23 years old

Laura Villalobos Cano
1.80 meters | 19 years old

Elisa Espinoza Gómez
1.73 meters | 22 years old

Fátima Paloma Hernández Carpio
1.82 meters | 19 years old

Maria de los Angeles Cuevas de Anda
1.68 meters | 20 years old

Ana Karen Siordia
1.74 meters | 22 years old

Jacqueline Sauza Ramírez
1.75 meters | 22 years old

Sofía Chávez Castillo
1.74 meters | 23 years old

Chiara Leuzinger Zuccolotto
1.71 meters | 18 years old

Lilia Jasibi Suma Cueva
1.74 meters | 22 years old

Cynthia Duque Garza
1.76 meters | 19 years old

Lucero Miroslava Montemayor Gracia
1.75 meters | 22 years old

Almudena Villasante Palau
1.74 meters | 18 years old

Michelle Mendoza García
1.74 meters | 20 years old

Paola Dartigues Rodríguez
1.75 meters | 19 years old

Ana Elisa García Hugues
1.68 meters | 20 years old

Verónica Sánchez Alonso
1.79 meters | 20 years old

Karime Macías Olson
1.71 meters | 23 years old

Briseyda Zazueta López
1.72 meters | 23 years old

Gabriela Saldívar Preciado
1.71 meters | 19 years old

Alejandra Izquierdo
1.75 meters | 20 years old

Andrea Andrade Vargas
1.73 meters | 20 years old

Carla Angelli Tapia Rosas
1.80 meters | 20 years old

Marilyn Chagoya Triana
1.80 meters | 18 years old

Marsha Ramírez Martínez
1.71 meters | 20 years old

Artemisa Rivera Montañez
1.75 meters | 21 years old