Friday, 31 May 2013

Elidor Miss Turkey 2013

Turkey's new queens

19-year old Ruveyda Öksüz was crowned Miss Turkey World 2013 at Istanbul. She will represent Turkey at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this September. Berrin Keklikler was crowned Miss Turkey Universe 2013 and will represent Turkey at Miss Universe 2013. Ezgi Avcı was crowned Miss Turkey Earth 2013 and will represent her country at Miss Earth 2013. Ahu Ağırbaş was crowned Miss Turkey International 2013 and will travel to represent Turkey at Miss International 2013.

Reigning Miss World 2012, Wen Xia Yu, graced the event and served as one of the Panel of Judges.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Miss Scotland 2013


Jamey Browers, 23 years old from Edinburgh, was crowned Miss Scotland 2013 at Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. She will represent Scotland at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this September. 1st Runner Up is Mhairi Fergusson and the 2nd Runner Up is Laura Paterson. 

Denise Garrido finally speaks

Joe O'Connor
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Denise Garrido, who was Miss Universe Canada for 24 hours before a miscalculation was spotted and a new winner crowned, poses for a portrait in Toronto, Ontario, May 28, 2013. Tyler Anderson / National Post
I tell Denise Garrido that it is OK to be bitter. In fact, I urge her to be just a little bit bitter, because I would be bitter, and because being bitter, because feeling angry, because getting fall down drunk and busting some furniture and shouting at the moon that life isn’t fair would all fall within the realm of completely understandable reactions given her present situation.

Given that, on Saturday night, at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto, with scores of family and friends and complete strangers looking on, Ms. Garrido experienced something that she describes as perfect “bliss.”

Denise Garrido as she is crowned Miss Universe Canada 2013
on Saturday, May 25, 2013 in Toronto. 

“When they announced that I was the winner — that I was actually going to be Miss Universe Canada — it is something that I had always wanted ever since I was a little girl.

“It truly was a dream-come-true moment. I was so happy.” Happy to don her glittering crown, happy to slip on the Miss Universe Canada sash, happy to receive a bouquet of flowers and accept congratulations from her fellow competitors before collapsing into her hotel room bed after a night of celebrating her win. 

The 26-year-old ballroom dancing aficionado, who has a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo — and is a classically trained pianist to boot — was still happy the next morning after waking up to spend the day filming Miss Universe Canada 2013 promotional spots and basking in the sequined-glow of her beauty queen glory.

“I still couldn’t believe it,” she says.

And then the unbelievable happened: event organizers called Ms. Garrido into an urgent meeting at 10 p.m. Sunday. 

“It started out on a positive note,” Ms. Garrido says. “Then they told me there had been a miscalculation, that the wrong winner had been found and that the runner up was the actual winner.” 

Then they asked the aspiring doctor from Bradford, Ont., to hand back her crown. And her Miss Universe Canada sash.

And all because of a glitch, all because some Miss Universe Canada judge screwed up when inputting the handwritten scorecards for the gowns and bikinis and skill testing question components of the three day competition into a computer, a mistake that, upon remedy, knocked Ms. Garrido from top spot to 3rd runner-up — ending her Ms. Universe Canada reign after 23 hours.

“It was shattering,” she tells me, over her car’s speakerphone, while driving from her parents’ home in Bradford to Toronto. “I was sad. I was disappointed. And I was embarrassed, really embarrassed, because everyone back home had been celebrating. Getting over my own ego has been the hardest thing.

“But being angry would not have changed this situation.”

I guess not.

Riza Santos displays her gown during Miss Universe Canada 2013 on Saturday, May 25, 2013 in Toronto. A mathematical error, revealed the next day, showed that Denise Garrido (who had been crowned that night) did not win the crown, but Santos did. Handout

Controversy is no stranger to the Miss Universe Canada franchise. A year ago the hubbub involved Jenna Talackova, a statuesque blond who happened to be born a man, and who was initially barred from the competition before organizers relented. Ms. Talackova was voted Miss Congeniality.

“It has been an interesting couple years, that is for sure,” says Andrew Lopez, a spokesperson for the event. “Denise has been an incredibly gracious young lady in dealing with this.”

You see, life is about seeing your glass as half full, about being an optimist, Ms. Garrido tells me. Stuff, even bad stuff, even nightmarish nutty stuff like, say, being crowned Miss Universe Canada on a Saturday night and being told on the Sunday that you have to give back the crown because of a judge’s typo, happens.

And when it does happen it can make you bitter, if you let it. But not if you are Denise Garrido, a young woman whose ability to spin a raw deal into a positive picture is a sparkling example of a true beauty — no crown required.

In every storm cloud there is a silver lining if you are willing to look for it.—

Denise Garrido (@denisegarrido) May 28, 2013

“Everything happens for a reason and for some reason the universe, in that moment, was like: ‘OK: Denise wants this so bad that we are going to give to it to her,’” Ms. Garrido says.

“She is going to live the moment. She is going to get the pictures with the crown. She is going to have the other girls congratulate her and now we are going to give it to the actual winner."

“Despite everything else that has happened since, at least I was able to live my dream — for that one night I had my moment.”

“And that’s good enough for me.”

SOURCE: National Post

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beauty Weekend with Miss Earth Bosnia & Herzegovina & Slovenia 2013

Beauty Weekend, an event which happens every year! Contestants from Miss Earth Bosnia & Herzegovina and Miss Earth Slovenia take part in this event. It was an amazing weekend with all finalists for Miss Earth from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia. They finished a Talent & Fashion show in Lipica and Portoroz in Slovenia. All contestants gets a points as a part of Miss Earth national competition.

Winners of the talent show Marijana Kretic and Vesna Prebiracevic
 Winners for Talent show in Lipica were:
Marijana Kretic for Miss Earth BiH
Vesna Prebiracevic for Miss Earth Slovenia.

Miss Earth Slovenia 2012 Anjeza Barbatovci, Adna Avdic, Sara Savnik and Miss Earth BiH 2012 Zerina Sirbegovic
Winners for Fashion show in Portoroz were:
Adna Avdic for Miss Earth BiH
Sara Savnik for Miss Earth Slovenia
Miss Earth Slovenia 2012 Anjeza Barbatovci, Drago Gavranovic Licence holder for Miss Earth BiH, Adna, Sara, Igor Sajn Licence holder for Miss Earth SLO, Miss Earth BiH 2012 Zerina Sirbegovic


Thank you to Mr. Drago Gavranovic for the photos!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Miss Seychelles 2013

19 year old Agnes Gerry Emmanuel was crowned Miss Seychelles 2013 at Eden Island Plaza. She will represent Seychelles at Miss World 2013 this year in Jakarta, Indonesia. 1st Runner Up is Aisha Hoareau while the 2nd Runner Up is Lindy Barallon.

Miss Moldova 2013

Valeria Tsurkan, 18 years of age, was crowned Miss Moldova 2013. She will represent Moldova at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia this year. She was crowned at Leogrand Hotel and Convention Center. 

Queen of Ukraine 2013


23-year old Natalia Varchenko was crowned Queen of Ukraine Earth 2013 and will represent Ukraine at Miss Earth 2013. However, the main title of the night - Queen of Ukraine 2013 goes to Anastasiya Senina who previously competed at Miss Earth 2010 in Vietnam representing Crimea. She will represent Ukraine at Miss Model of the World 2013.

Queen of Ukraine Air is Anastasia Sukh, Queen of Ukraine Water is Tetiana Khorosha and Queen of Ukraine Fire is Oleksandra Volok. Crimea's representative to Miss Earth 2013 will be later revealed. It might come from the Top 5 or from the semifinalists. 

Error in the results of Miss Universe Canada 2013

Denise Garrido, the mistakenly proclaimed
as Miss Universe Canada 2013

The 2013 Miss Universe Canada pageant took place on Saturday, May 25 at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto.  During the validation of the computerized scoring results (which occurs the following day), a typo was discovered in the top 5 entries, which significantly impacted the final results of the competition.  This is the first instance of this type of error in the 11 years that Beauties of Canada (BOC) has produced the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

This is an unfortunate circumstance where a human error was made, and in such a situation, as difficult as it is, it is only right to correct the error.  Therefore, the official results of Miss Universe Canada 2013 are as follows:

Riza Santos, the new Miss Universe Canada

Miss Universe Canada 2013 ­ Riza Santos (Calgary, AB)

1st runner-up ­ Siera Bearchell (Moose Jaw, SK)

2nd runner-up ­ Diana Martin (Mississauga, ON)

3rd runner-up ­ Denise Garrido (Bradford, ON)

4th runner-up ­ Michelle McKay (Sarnia, ON)

We would like to offer our sincere apology to Denise Garrido for this human error discovered while validating the results. Miss Garrido’s example and grace represents all we look for at Miss Universe Canada. We have no doubt she will continue to succeed in her endeavours and we wish her well. We truly hope she remains a strong part of the Miss Universe Canada Organization.

Beauties of Canada congratulates Riza Santos as the winner of Miss Universe Canada 2013 competition, and looks forward to working with her as she prepares to represent our country at Miss Universe 2013. BOC would also like to congratulate all the runners-up on their proper placements at the pageant, as well as the other 52 extraordinary young women who competed for the title in Toronto.

For more information or for Interview/Photo requests with MUC 2013 Riza Santos

Please Contact:

Andrew Lopez
PR for Miss Universe Canada


Some interesting facts:
Riza Santos was born in Philippines but raised in Canada but of Chinese roots as well
Denise Garrido is of Portuguese decent.
Both (Garrido and Santos) were Miss Earth Canada and Miss World Canada titleholders
Garrido crowned Santos as Miss World Canada 2011
Santos hosted Miss Earth 2008 where Garrido was a contestant

Meanwhile, UBC extends our deepest sympathy to Denise Garrido. We wish you good luck for your future endeavors, Denise! Much love, UBC.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Miss Universe Canada 2013

25-year old Riza Santos is the new Miss Universe Canada after a human error occurred in the final tabulation. She will represent Canada at Miss Universe 2013 this year. Riza was Miss Earth Canada 2006 and Miss World Canada 2011. 

1st Runner Up is Siera Bearchell, 2nd Runner Up is Diana Martin, 3rd Runner Up is Denise Garrido, who was mistaken as winner, and the 4th Runner Up is Michelle McKay. 

Miss Universe Canada 2012, Sahar Biniaz, didn't grace the event strangely. 1st Runner Up Adwoa Yamoah crowned the new titleholder. Beauties of Canada, organizers of Miss Universe Canada, will handpick Canada's bet to Miss International 2013 soon.

Miss Universe Ghana 2013


Miss Universe Ghana has crowned a new queen for 2013 – an eloquent 18- year-old Senior High School graduate and model, Hanniel Jamin. She was crowned at a ceremony held at the LaPalm Royal beach hotel in Accra on Friday, May 24. Hanniel won the hearts of the judges – Leila Lopez, 2011 Miss Universe winner; actress Yvonne Nelson; presenter Benny Blanco; Brian D. Hogan, founder of investment firm Paradigm Capital Group; and model Veronica Varekova – and was subsequently declared winner.

For her prize, Hanniel won GH¢5,000 worth of a wardrobe, a New York Film Academy scholarship, a management and public relations deal, and a one year gym membership and other packages.  Hanniel is born to Ghanaian and Nigerian parents.


Miss Philippines Earth 2013

25-year old, Olongapo City native, Angelee Claudett delos Reyes was crowned the new Miss Philippines Earth 2013 at MOA Arena. She will represent her country at Miss Earth 2013 later this year. Miss Philippines Air 2013/1st Runner Up is Kimverlyn Suiza from Nagcarlan, Laguna. Miss Philippines Water is Nancy Leonard who represented Zamboanga City. Miss Philippines Fire is Alma Cabasal representing the Filipino Community in West Coast USA. And Miss Philippines Eco Tourism is Bernadette Aguirre from Santa Maria, Bulacan.

The holograms were the main highlight of the pageant. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nick Jonas to host Miss USA 2013!

NEW YORK, May 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- NBC, Donald J. Trump, and Paula M. Shugart, President of The Miss Universe Organization, announced today that Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of "E! News," and Nick Jonas, Grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter, will host the 62(nd) Annual MISS USA(R) Competition airing live on NBC Sunday, June 16 (9-11 p.m. ET) from PH Live at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"We are excited to announce a veteran and a newcomer as hosts for this year's MISS USA Competition," says Shugart. "The diverse backgrounds of Rancic and Jonas in the entertainment industry will bring a new and exciting energy to the stage."

Rancic, who will return as host for the third year, is co-anchor of "E! News," co-hosts E!'s popular "Fashion Police" and is a mainstay on the network's biggest "Live From the Red Carpet" shows. She is also the executive producer/star of her hit Style Network reality show, "Giuliana & Bill."

Joining Rancic for the first time as co-host is Nick Jonas, American singer-songwriter, musician and actor. He is best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, the mega-popular pop-rock band formed with brothers Kevin and Joe. In addition to his hosting duties, Jonas will be joined by his brothers to perform during the MISS USA Competition. The band recently returned from a three-year hiatus with the hit single "Pom Poms, " which premiered at #1 on iTunes in 16 countries. The band spent the last year writing and producing their upcoming fifth album, which is scheduled for release under Jonas Enterprises later this year. The band kicks off their upcoming North American tour, presented by Huawei and Huawei W1, this July.

Returning to the MISS USA telecast is Jeannie Mai, best known as the host of Style Network's two-time Emmy Award-nominated makeover series "How Do I Look?" and can be seen this summer on Style Network's new series "Style Pop." Mai will take viewers behind-the-scenes to engage with contestants, talent and fans throughout the telecast.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Amanda Delgado

It has been awhile since the last time we had our "Pageant Vixen Talks." We are still going to give the best we can do. Now this week, since Miss International USA is coming, let's get to know the reigning titleholder who became victorious in Miss International which was held last November in Okinawa, Japan. She has joined many pageants which means she is definitely not new to the industry. Let's get to know Amanda Renee Delgado!

 UBC: Who is Amanda Delgado on a normal day?
Amanda: On a normal day I am either working for one of the websites I model for or I am at home trying new recipes I found on pintrest. I really enjoy cooking and trying new foods which is one of the reasons why I love traveling!

UBC: TOP 3 things that you bring everyday as Miss USA - International?
Amanda: The 3 things I can't forget in my bag are my competition wear of course but other than that they would be: swimsuit glue, eyelashes, and my camera.

UBC: According to Wikipedia, you entered into many international pageants, how did your interest for pageants developed in you?
Amanda: I have been competing in pageants locally in California since the age of 10. I was never pressured by my mom or anything, it was a decision I made on my own. Ever since my first pageant I have been either competing, judging or even helping with directing local pageants for the past 13 years. it all started then.

UBC: Correct me if I am wrong, first pageant was in 2008 which was Miss Tourism Queen International, how did you feel joining that?
Amanda: My first international pageant was actually Miss Young International in the Philippines in Nov. of 2006. I had just turned 17 and wouldn't say I was scared at all but was anxious. My parents were reluctant to let me go but i wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. 

UBC: What motivated you to really join more pageants?
Amanda: What has motivated me to compete in more pageants is meeting new people, getting involved in my community and traveling around the world. I have met so many interesting, brave, beautiful people competing in pageants and when you combine that with traveling to new places and experiencing other cultures, it makes me remember why I still compete.

UBC: As Miss US - International, what activities are you involved in your reign?
Amanda: I won the title Miss US International not to long ago and have done a few events such as, a parade, volunteering at the humane society,visiting queens at a few pageants, and a few photo shoots. Right now I am preparing for Miss International and getting all my stuff together to leave, but when I get back I hope to start working with different charities and organizations more closely.

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss International?
Amanda: My prep for Miss International started with going to Michigan, where my national director lives, to have my official photo shoot. Now I am preparing all my wardrobe to take with me and picking out my evening gown from the official gown sponsor for Miss US International, La Casa Hermosa. My national costume is on its way and swimsuit is in the works. The best preparation in the end is to just be mentally ready for long days of activities and early mornings!

UBC: How can you differentiate Miss International pageant from other pageants you joined?
Amanda: Each pageant has different goals and message they want to send. Miss International slogan is "achieving world peace through mutual understanding". Competing in one of the top pageant in the world will be a different experience of it's own.

Amanda: My Family fully supports what I do and my sister also competes in pageants. So we spend a lot of time together preparing and going to events. In the end I think that it is best to always prioritize everything and don't or whelm yourself.

UBC: For you, how can you develop FRIENDLY competition in a pageant?
Amanda: I not only enter a pageant to win but to make friends and have a good time. Winning a pageant is just a bonus to the whole experience. You can't win everything, so if you are friends with all the girls and one of them wins you'll be happy for them. When you compete and even travel over seas you need to represent your country well and keep a good reputation for yourself.

UBC: What advice did Kristen Little, Miss US - International 2011, gave you?
Amanda: Kristen told all of us contestants competing for the title Miss US International, to enjoy your year. It goes by fast and make the most of it.

UBC: What type of American woman do you want to pass your crown?
Amanda: I want to pass my crown to a women who is ready for a big job. Someone who will take what I have done in my year and do more, and who has a kind soul. I hope that she will take advantage of this opportunity and set high goals.

UBC: Beauty Tip/s To All.
Amanda: My beauty tip is, don't wear something you don't feel beautiful and confident in.

UBC: Message To You Fans.
Amanda: "A crown on your head is beautiful....but if you never sparkled without it, you'll never sparkle with it" -Amanda Delgado Miss U.S. International 2012

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Miss World Costa Rica 2013

23-year old Yarly Marín was crowned Miss World Costa Rica 2013. She will represent Costa Rica at Miss World 2013 in Jakarta Indonesia this year. 21-year old Andrea Rojas was crowned Miss International Costa Rica 2013 and will travel to represent Costa Rica at Miss International 2013 later this year. Brenda Muñoz was crowned Miss Intercontinental Costa Rica 2013.

However, former Miss Earth Costa Rica 2011, Mariela Aparicio, who failed to compete at Miss Earth 2011 has been handpicked to represent Costa Rica this year at Miss Earth 2013. 

Miss Teen Universe 2013

The new Miss Teen Universe
Hometown girl Lucia Osorno, 18 years old, is the new Miss Teen Universe 2013. She was crowned in Teatro Nacional in Managua. 1st Runner Up is Brazil's Thayana Fernandes. Colombia's Adriana Numa placed 2nd Runner Up. Cindy Nordmann from Paraguay was 3rd Runner Up. And Italy's Victtoria Colicchio was 4th Runner Up.

Aruba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Venezuela completed the top 12.