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Universal Beauty Council`s Miss Universe 2011 Top 15 Best in National Costume!

by: Jayson Vasini

Welcome to my Miss Universe 2011 Best in National Costume Top 15! I am very excited of making this thread because National Costume is really a great part in any beauty pageant because in the appearance of the National Costume worn by the girl, it`s representing the culture and the land of the country.

There are many National Costumes this year which depicts their diverse culture. There are many who caught my eyes but there is only 15 I picked!

16th Brazil|Priscilla Machado
When you hear the world "Brazil" we think of the word "carnival". The National Costume of this girl is pretty expected. But the thing that I love most in her national costume is the silver boot-heeled shoes, the matching swimsuit and the head dress. I also love details, it`s really catchy. The feathered-Brazilian flag at the back is a perfect combination.

14th Philippines|Shamcey Supsup
What I love most on Philippines` National Costume is the lower part with butterflies, I love the color. The butterflies blends the reflecting color from the lights and I love the motion-effect that it stays in the previous position she was and then when you turn oppositely it turns into the new position, so the embroidery is just amazing. I love the corset-like upper part dress. I love the color and the glitters and the floral crown on her head.

13th Netherlands|Kelly Weekers
She looks royale in Gold there! The embroidery is spectacular! She looks like a wife of a rich pirate. I love the details. The headress is just amazing, the boat is stunning! The red pillow with the golden crown is just stunning. As what we have known red always stand out and I think the red pillow imparts it's properties into the golden crown which makes the crown stand out also!

12th USA|Alyssa Campanella
She looks like a sexy pirate. I love it! I think she`s going to steal the hearts of the many! I love the USA flag twist, it's amazing!  And the embroidery is shiny that`s why it`s catchy!

11th Egypt|Sara El-Khouly
I love the dress and the embroidery! The big open in her breast part is perfectly awesome! It just depicts the culture of Egypt! The color is catchy especially it complements well on her skin tone. The head dress is good and the elbow touch up to the ground is superb. I love the details and the designs! She looks like an Egyptian Prophet!

10th Chile|Vanessa Ceruti
What I love most in Chile`s National Costume is the blending of the layered colors! I so love the heeled-boots! And Ohmaaygaad I love the upper dress, the hammer, and the miner's cap! She looks like a sexy Chilean Miner dominating the underground. She just suits this National Costume knowing the fact that the color complements well on her skin tone.

9th Curacao|Eva Putten
I like that Hector Joaquin (her official trainer) chose to depict the national bird of Curacao. The layers of the embroidery is good. The blending of dark colors is also good. I love the wings and beak-type head dress and the shoes is just spectacular. I have no words to say anymore, she just looks gorgeous!

8th Nigeria|Sophie Gemal
It`s very rare for me to see this kind of national costume. Most of the time I only see this in heroic series like Power Rangers. The red beads are just stunning and the matching of flowy skirt is good. I love the head dress with the beaded-horn and I love the fact that it`s covering some parts of her face.

7th Cayman Islands|Cristin Alexander
This costume really amazes me! I wonder why it isn`t included at the Top 10 Official Best in National Costume in Miss Universe 2011. I love the color, it`s so sea-depicting! I love the semi-circular formation of the peacock-feather like structure at the back. The head dress is awesome! The bra and the swimsuit warp is just amazing and what makes me stunned the most is the wings! So amazing and worth clapping for!

6th Bolivia|Olivia Pinheiro
I love Olivia`s national costume. I love the way she carried it! The texture is just amazing! She looks like the Goddess of the wind in the appearance of an eagle! I love the colors of the feathers! The head dress is stunning! The wings in good also! and the spiky feathers at the feet part stunned me most! But why is the staff is missing? The staff with the bird. That would make her look better!

5th Thailand|Chanyasorn Sakornchan
I love the Thailand's National Costume. I love the gold color with the black details. The black full leggings is a wise decision. The circular lines is just catchy. The golden headress is also my love and the bird-like wings detail at the neck and back part is a perfect combination! And the shoes is so Thailandishh and Fashion Trendy!

4th Venezuela|Vanessa Goncalves
OMG! WOW! I love her National Costume! I love the detail at the back part, it is so stunning! I love the see-through leggings with the green and blue beads at the side. I love the tail, I love the pattern also! I love the hair dress. It`s really new fro, Venezuela! So spectacular!

3rd Mexico|Karin Ontiveros
I love her national costume. The bone of a head of a some sort of an animal with the feathers at the end is just amazing! I love the pink hat with the black embroidery is stunning. It`s a little bit like a Halloween costume but it`s alright. I love the touch patterns at the bottom most part of the dress.

2nd Panama|Sheldry Saez
I love her National Costume. The gold color is just spectacular! I love the circular peacock-feathers at the back. I love the cloth detail at her hand. It has the properties of an native Amazon costume. The head dress is just stunning. I love the structure at the breast part. I also love the blending of red and brown colors in the feathers.

UBC`s Best in National Costume for Miss Universe 2011
 Trinidad and Tobago|Gabrielle Walcott
I love it! It`s different and that`s what stunned me most! It`s telling the audience not to focus on her body but in the details at her side. I love the golden structure that connects her head and the red feathers. I love the red feathers at the side, it`s so stylish. The kind of swimsuit in her body is a twist! I love the red feathers at her both hands. The fall twist that`s connecting the part between her upper legs, it applies the inertia-motion law. RED ALWAYS STANDS OUT so she STANDS OUT THE MOST!

Miss Intercontinental Delegates Part 1

Calling pageant enthusiasts from the four corners of the Earth

We give you some more updates of the Miss Intercontinental 2011 pageant! 
The following photos are the participating countries of the pageant. So, skip the speech part and let's move on to the contestants, starting off with:

Miss Belize Intercontinental 2011
Kimmy Karnish 

Miss Armenia Intercontinental 2011
Vergine Serova 

Miss Germany Intercontinental 2011
 Zallscht Sadat

Miss Kosovo Intercontinental 2011
 Gentiana Cana

Miss China Intercontinental 2011
 Gong Rui

Miss Canada Intercontinental
 Chelse Howell

Miss Australia Intercontinental 2011
 Erika Fox

Miss India Intercontinental 2011
 Ipsita Pati

Miss Mauritius
 Laetitia Darche
Fact: she joined Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Miss Dominican Replublic Teenager 2009
 Laura Baez

Miss Hungary Intercontinental 2011
 Weisz Fanni

Miss Costa Rica Intercontinental 2011
 Talia Umana

Miss Russia Top 10 finalist
Ksenia Frolova

Miss Universo Argentina 2009 
 Johanna Lasic

Miss Colombia 2010 3rd runner-up
 Tatiana Najera Cardona

Miss Internacional Bolivia 2011
 Deniela Nunez del Padro

Miss England Intercontinental 2011
 Stephanie Hodson

Miss Cameroon Intercontinental 2011
 Marie Cecile Essouma

Miss Belgium Intercontinental 2011
 Melissa Vingerhoed
Beauty of the World 2010 Beauty of Western Europe

Miss Bulgaria Intercontinental 2011
 Mirela Petrova

Miss Earth Brazil 2010
 Luisa Lopes

Miss El Salvador Intercontinental 2011
Adriana Aldana

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Miss Intercontinental 2011 Section - Winner is USA: Jessica Hartman

 On the night of October  7, 2011. The new Miss Intercontinental 2011 was hailed in Orihuela, Spain. Miss Intercontinental 2010, Maydelise Columna of Puerto Rico crowned USA's Jessica Hartman. Here are the full results:

Winner: USA - Jessica Hartman

1st RU: Spain - Gloria Maritnez

2nd RU: Jamaica - Chavoy Gordon

Top 5: China and Ethiopia

*Top 5 are based on "one finalist per continent" basis



Asia and Pacific


Puerto Rico

South Africa

Best in National Costume: Peru
Best Body: Uruguay
Miss Photogenic: Martinique
Miss Congeniality: England

(Maydelise Columna from Puerto Rico, Miss Intercontinental 2010)

Hola a todos! We have great news from the official site of Miss Intercontinental.

Today, we give you updates from this awesome pageant. So pack your bags up cause we're heading to Ciudad de Orihuela! Vamos mi amigos!

"We are pleased to inform that the 2011 MISS INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant will be telecast from Orihuela (Alicante), Spain on October 7th, 2011. Orihuela is the capital of the region of the "Vega Baja del Segura" it has also been a former kingdom. The city was named the first city of the province of Alicante and is the Birth Place of the spanish poet Miguel Hernández.

This year we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of MISS INTERCONTINENTAL and we are looking back on a marvellous history which included exiting places, stunning winners and high level entertainment.

All delegates will arrive in Alicante Airport on September 22 and will enjoy the wonderful clima, the great hospitality and the magic of an old but modern city with numerous munumental buildings. The final will be on 7th of October in the historical Teatro Circo. The Teatro Circo was buildt on May 22, 1892 situated at the Central Market (Plaza de Balmes) in Alicante. It remained active until 1906. The following year in 1907 was dismantled and transferred to Orihuela. It shows an area of ​​French origin, now almost disappeared in Europe. The transfer to Orihuela began in early 1907 and it opens doors in April 25, 1908. it has a capacity of 2,000 guests. We have been overhelmed when the city offered us to stage the 40th anniversary in this historical and exclusive Venue which has the charme of the 18th century.The Meliá Palacio de Tudemir Boutique Hotel will be the official Host Hotel for all our delegates and the WBO Staff. The new Meliá Palacio de Tudemir Boutique Hotel is located in a former luxury Palace built in 1755, it has been completely restored and now shines with new luster. The hotel is located in the heart of Orihuela, Alicante, in the historic city center with its many shops and monuments and just a few minutes walk from the Venue. With no doubt we are sure to have found the right place to celebrate our round Birthday and we are looking forward to meet all of you at the Costa Blanca in Spain!"


Miss USA World 2011 is Charlott Cordes

The Elite Models Agency, which chooses the girl who will represent USA into Miss World, chose Charlott Cordes as the new Miss USA World 2011 and will represent USA at Miss World 2011 is London, UK.

The reigning Miss World 2010, Alexandria Mills of USA, came also from the Elite Model Agency.

Pageant Vixen Talks # 4 : Larisa Popa

Pageant Talk # 1: Gianna Quintos
by: Jay`Em

Pageant Vixen Talk # 2 : Lissette Garcia
by: Jay`Em

Pageant Vixen Talk # 3: Nikolina Loncar
by: Jay`Em


Pageant Vixen Talks # 4 : Larisa Popa
by: Jay`Em

Welcome Back! This time for out Pageant Vixen Talks it would be another European Stunner who competed at Miss Universe 2011 in Brazil. She won the Miss Universe Romania 2011 title and currently the reigning queen. Get insights from her!

1. Who is Larisa Popa that people don’t really know?

I’m coming from the same city as Mariana Mirica, Romania’s contestant at the International Pageant of Pulchritude (1930), a Pageant where the trophy was named Miss Universe. Mariana Mirica was the 2nd Runner Up at that time. Slatina, the town where I was born and raised is little peaceful town on the left side of the Olt River, southern Romania. When I’m tired or melancholic I’m charging my batteries waching the amazing sunset, layed o a pier.When I was a child I was climbing neighbour’s trees stealing cherries. It was a habit of Slatina’s children. Other things about me... I usually hear my friends calling me a fashionista. Maybe because I’m always informed about the newest trends. I’m a big fan of textures. Lace, leather, suede, feathers, sequins and belive me I love them all.When it comes to dressing up I love to mix and match all kinds of stuff, but only if the mixture is confortable, classy and gives me self confidence.

2. If you have three wishes, what would it be and why?
I wish health for my family and friends, I wish to help people because I’m coming from a country where I’ve learned the meaning of being helpless. My third wish would be to became an actress. 

3. When you first stepped in Brazil, what was in your mind?

When I checked in at the hotel, my supervisor told me to take that day off, for relaxing, but all I had in my mind was to get start the activities. I had a blast during the photoshoot with the famous photographer Fadil Berisha, and after that I began to know the other contestants. I was surprised to see how friendly they are. But, of course my first thought was that I must win that competition.

4. How did you balance competitiveness and fun in Miss Universe?
The organizers have made the schedule in order to enjoy the time spent in Sao Paulo, but also to be focused on training for pageant. So wasn’t so hard for us to merge the two things. There were things that we could lived only once in a life time, so we took our time for fun, when we went clubbing, dancing samba or watching horse races, but in same time we paid a lot of attention in rehearsals because somehow the success of the show depended on us.

5. What makes Larisa unique with the 88 other ladies?
I have a natural beauty and I’m proud of this. In Romania the MUR Organization doesn’t accept contestants with plastic surgery. Do not forget that I’ve been part of Miss Universe Romania Pageant in 2010 when I placed in Top 10 and since then I’m working to become a winner. Even if I didn’t placed in Miss Universe 2011 Pageant doesn’t mean that I won’t accomplish my feature goals, because I’m a very self-confident and ambitious woman.

6. Who were your closed friends in the pageant?

I’ve tried to make lots of friends and I succeeded, but a special bond was created between me and Sora from Korea, Anja from Serbia, Natalia from Russia, Vanessa from Venezuela and Valerie from Singapore. I hope one day I will visit my friends in their countries as we promised each other.

7. Will we still see Larisa compete in other pageants? 

As Miss Universe Romania 2011 I’m involved in lots of new and interesting projects, so for the moment I’m not thinking to compete in other pageants. After competing in Miss Universe Pageant I don’t think I can compete in other Pageant because nothin’ can upscore this beauty competition. But, never say never... 

8. Message to Fans and the Universal Beauty Council

I’m very happy with all your support before and after the Miss Universe Pageant and I really want to thank you all!
Perhaps you don’t know too much about my country, but I would really enjoy to meet you all someday and tell you the legend of my Carpathian Garden, Romania and the true story of Dracula. 
Sweet and special romanian hugs!

We are expressing our deep thanks and support for Miss Larisa Popa!