Saturday, 31 December 2011

Biggest robberies of 2011 4 Grandslam Pageants!

Before we close the year 2011, let's have a brief take-a-look-back from the biggest robberies in the 2011 4 Grand Slam pageants.

But before anything else let's define , ROBBERY: it's a pageant term used to classify a contestant who deserve a spot at the semifinals but wasn't able to do so and who is most favored by the pageant fans.

So let's start!

Malaysia's Deborah Henry
A lot of pageant fanatics said that this girl will bring back Malaysia's most wanted placement at Miss Universe since it's 1970 placement at the Top 15. Before the pageant started, enormous modelesque photo shoots of Deborah was released by the organization holding the franchise and that mesmerized and amazed the pageant fans which led her to be placed as number 1 in some Hotpicks.

On the other side, Deborah gained citations and feedbacks telling that she will definitely enter the semifinals. Considering the fact that she competed at Miss World 2008 and placed as one of the Top 15 semifinalists. Also, many people jinxed her to place as first runner up because in the past 2 editions of the pageant, all the 1st Runners Up are semifinalist from Miss World 2008. Not only her but also Gabrielle Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago who placed 2nd Runner Up to Miss World 2008 - Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia.

She gave her a good performance both in the Preliminaries and in the Post-pageant activities but also expected disappointments came from her. 

India's Kanishtha Dhankar
A lot of Indians rejoiced when this girl was crowned as Femina Miss India World 2011. A lot also said that she will bring back India's robbery at Miss World 2010. I must say, Manasvi Mamgai deserved a placement at Miss World 2010! 

But when the pageant officially kicked off, many got disappointed with her lame performance on the whole pageant but we know that Kanishtha gave her very best! In our own view, it's just the fact that she wasn't given or she lacked concrete packaging. You know what I mean.

On the lighter note, Kanishtha made it to 2 Fast track events: Top Model and Beauty with A Purpose.

Colombia's Natalia Valenzuela
Natalia was indeed a big favorite for the Miss International crown. Back to Senorita Colombia 2010, Natalia was expected to win the title and would represent Colombia at Miss Universe 2011 but many got her wrong, Catalina Robayo won and represented Colombia at MU 2011 where she placed as one of the Top 16 semifinals and she just placed 3rd to Catalina. However, she eventually gained the right to represent Colombia at Miss International 2011 at China.

Like Deborah, Natalia topped many Miss International pre-pageant hotpicks and like Kanishtha, Natalia remained slightly silent during the pageant that her performance remained not visible. But we knew, the she gave her very best and do you know that we greatly expected that she will bring the crown even though she's not our bet in our hotpicks?


Czech Republic's Sarka Cojocarova
I think Sarka's unplacement is the biggest among the other three. Her unplacement was questionable, considering the fact the she won the Best in Swimsuit Award. From her Goddess-like features, she charmed many pageant fanatics, leading her to top many Miss Earth 2011 Hotpicks.

In our final hotpicks, we placed Sarka as Miss Earth-Air/1st Runner Up/2nd but we are greatly shocked of her exclusion from the Top 16. We even foresaw her wearing the Miss Earth crown. We knew the Sarka excelled in everything and congratulations to her because her commendable efforts were not wasted for many Pageant Fans love her until now!

So that's all! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dear UBC fans for suuporting UBC no matter what especially Goddess of the Universe 2011. Expect that more pageants will be imparted to you this 2012. Follow our coverage for the upcoming, Ceska Miss 2012 (Miss Czech Republic 2012), Miss America 2012, Bb. Pilipinas 2012, Miss USA 2012 and many more! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Miss Gabon Universe 2012 is Ada Marie Noelle!

Ada Marie with her crown

1st Runner Up, Shanel Devouvi
21-year old Ada will represent her country Gabon on Miss Universe 2012. Gabon will debut this year after the Miss Universe Organization approved. Ada Marie came from Ngounie, Gabon.

First Runner Up is Shanel Devouvi and 2nd Runner Up is Sherolle Boubeya.

Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes attended the event.

2nd Runner Up, Sherolle Boubeya

Miss Earth 2012 Venue: Coral Theatre, a GLIMPSE!

World-class Pageant, World-class Venue!

Sketch Coral Theatre at Ninh Thuan, Vietnam is the next venue for Miss Earth pageant this 2012.
It is dubbed as the "Theatre of Dreams"

Miss Tourism International 2011 Official Glam Shots

The 54 delegates of Miss Tourism International 2011 poses for their Glam Shot. The Coronation Night will be on December 31, 2011 live at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.