Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Camilla Hansson

UBC: Give us a short introduction
Camilla: I am the current winner of Miss Earth Sweden as well as being a model and working in property. I grew up in Stockholm, the beautiful capital city of Sweden but have since then travelled and lived in different countries.

UBC: Who is Camilla Hansson on a normal day?
Camilla: I’m a busy girl working in property and doing modelling. Both industries keep my life varied and interesting which is good as I don’t like routine too much. I believe in living your life to the fullest and making the most of everyday.

UBC: What/Who pushed you to join Miss Universe Sweden 2012?
Camilla: I am very proud to be Swedish and I liked the idea of representing Sweden on a world stage. I am a person who jumps at an opportunity if I see one. I also liked the idea of being Miss Sweden as it is so much more than just the pictures that you do in modelling. Being Miss Sweden you have to represent your country, yourself. You have to be able to communicate well, be smart and you get involved in different charitable causes.

UBC: Were there any disappointments that you ended Miss Earth Sweden and not Miss Universe Sweden?
Camilla: Not really I wanted to be either Miss Universe Sweden or Miss Earth Sweden. I think that the Miss Earth competition stands for a lot more than just beauty which I liked. Also considering there are so many beautiful girls in Sweden and in the competition I felt very honoured to have won this title.

UBC: First day of being Miss Earth Sweden, what were the first things you did?
Camilla: First day I just took it all in, and I called the people close to me and told them about it as I hadn’t really told anyone that I was going to be in the competition in case I wouldn't do well.

UBC: Were the preparations for Miss Earth, intense? Tell us more!
Camilla: There was quite a lot that had to be done, more than some people might expect. I had to put a lot of things on hold in my life for a while. The preparations included some obvious things like working out and eating healthy but also getting my wardrobe put together as well as creating my environmental project Healthy You, Healthy Planet. You also have to prepare mentally. But there is only so much you can do to prepare yourself the rest is not in your control.

UBC: First impression of the Philippines!
Camilla: My first impression of the Philippines was that the people there are just so kind and warm. Everyone made me feel so welcome from the minute I landed in Manila.

UBC: Top 3 unforgettable experiences in the Philippines
Camilla: I loved the Binangonan Elementary School that we visited where I did a lecture for a school class about the environment the kids there were so amazing, the second one was winning bronze in the evening gown competition, and the third was when we had a whole day with the Litre of Light foundation when we made these eco-friendly solar bottle bulbs and went into some of the low income communities in Manila and saw how they were installed.

UBC: Did you expect to be in the Top 16? What was the feeling when you were not called as one?
Camilla: Of course I would have hoped to be in the top 16 but I honestly think I did my very best. I was not as experienced as some of the other girls and I didn’t have as much training prior to going to the competition which is important, and you need to have good sponsors. I was a bit disappointed and quite frankly surprised at some of the girls that were chosen as the top 16. But this industry is very unpredictable.

UBC: In 3 words, how would you describe Miss Earth 2012?
Camilla: Beauty, purpose, responsibility

UBC: What's the next Miss Earth Sweden should possess? What advice would you give her?
Camilla: She needs to be someone who is compassionate and good with people. A confident strong woman who can be a good role model for young girls. She needs to be resilient and be able to take pressure as well as being very graceful and feminine. In terms of advice I would say don’t get distracted by comparing yourself to the other girls in the competition stay focused on yourself and remember you are unique in your own way. And be confident at all times because this is what people will notice. And remember to form good relationships with the other girls because some of these friendships will last forever.

UBC: What's next for Camilla? Is she going to join another pageant? (Like in Miss World Sweden?)
Camilla: I don’t think I will join another pageant as I think it is time for me to move on to the next stage in my life but it has been a great experience I’ve met some incredible people and girls from the competition who has really inspired me, I’ve been able to travel and also getting involved in some important causes. I think it has also raised my confidence as we were constantly put under pressure to speak on stage in front of a lot of people and got put through different challenges.

UBC: Can you share a beauty tip? 
Camilla: Avoid chemicals wherever possible and try to eat natural and healthy as well as using only natural products on your skin.

UBC: Message to you fans! 
Camilla: Live in the moment and follow you dreams. Do your best and make the most of every experience that comes your way. Thank you for your kind messages they mean a lot to me.