Friday, 27 December 2013

Goddess of the Universe: FAQ

How are the finalists selected? 

The main criterion for this virtual contest is BEAUTY, and then the all the aspects such as performance follows. From 2011-2012, we accommodated as much beautiful and qualified girls as we can from different pageants. We use their country name + the pageant they came from (such as USA Universe, Czech Republic Earth). But in 2013, we decided to have the 1 GIRL PER SASH. We usually get the contestants from the Big 4 (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International)

What are mainly the qualifications?

As long as that girl competed on a pageant on the year, then she's legitimate to be picked as a contestant.

Can a candidate re-qualify on another year?

Yes, as long as she didn't placed on the Top 5 on one of our editions. 

How does the competition goes?

We judge them based from their performance on their respective pageants. They are evaluated on Swimsuits, Evening Gown and Overall aura. So basically, we are looking for the goddess who has the complete package.

How are the judges picked?

People with big interest and has wide knowledge on pageants such as enthusiasts, experts, national directors and even real beauty queens.