Wednesday, 31 August 2011

UBC`s Miss Universe 2011 Top 25 Pre-Preliminary Faves


1. Greece

Since she was crowned, Illiana became my favorite for the crown! In my weekly hotpicks she`s always there. This girl possesses a look and characteritic of being a Goddess. Her photoshoots are capitivating! Her facial and body structure are simply incredible and promising. A spot for Greece is not impossible this year! With this girl, they could surely penetrate the Quarterfinals.

2. Philippines

Shamcey exudes the qualities a true Miss Universe! Not just in Beauty, in Performace but also in the principles she is exuding. From the very beginning, I am a fan of this girl. But my bet on the Nationals was Patricia Tumulak. Sadly my avid idol didn`t won. I am very surprised with her transformation. Day by day, she is being consistent with her looks. Nevertheless, I can confidently assure you that Philippines will continue it`s streak in Miss Universe.

3. Peru

Her attitude problem is a big thumbs down. But this girl is different. She knows how to fight, how to defend! I am just really surprised because most of the forumers placed her as one of the Best in Portraits. Well, I agree to that! Her beauty is simply stunning. She`s really young and fresh! Ola Peru!

4. Trinidad and Tobago

Gabrielle has it all. One of the pageant girls who undergone an amazing transformation. Her body is a WOW. Definitely her experience at Miss World 2008 will help her! Even though her candids are quite disappointing, this girl manages to stand up and show to them that she`s the one.

5. USA

This red-haired has it all. She is WHOLE-PACKAGE! Since she was crowned everyone placed her at the top. This girl is a combination of Beauty and a performer. She has the capability to raise the flag of USA in the Quarterfinals this year! I won`t mind if this girl will win. God Bless America!


6. Panama

7. Netherlands

8. Puerto Rico

9. Nicaragua

10. Venezuela


11. Malaysia

12. Angola

13. Australia

14. Albania

15. Costa Rica

16. Mexico

17. Russia

18. Ukraine

19. Switzerland

20. China


21. Egypt

22. Finland

23. France

24. Thailand

25. Kosovo

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