Sunday, 19 August 2012

History Repeated Itself: Post-controversies and Deja Vus of Miss World 2012

China PR's Wen Xia Yu, the 62nd Miss World

It was 5 years ago when China PR won it's very first Miss World crown and it was 5 years ago when the crown was back in Asia in the persona of Zhang Zi Lin.

About 106 contestants competed at Miss World 2007 and all of them were vested by the home turf's representative. Controversies also aroused that year for it is the first time that a host country girl won outside the United Kingdom where the first editions of Miss World were held. Some said that Julia Morley made China PR win in order to please the Chinese. Nevertheless, it was clear that Zhang won because of her own merits and efforts, therefore, we considered it as a well-deserved victory for China.

5 years after, History repeated itself. 23-year old Wen Xia Yu of China PR wins China PR's second Miss World crown again in it's home turf. Both Zhang and Wen wore the same (or maybe almost) shade of gown. 

History also repeated itself, as for the past 10 years the successors of the Miss World winners failed to place in the semifinals. The recent was Venezuela's Gabriella Ferrari who failed to place last night. The question is, will the list go on next year with China PR's next representative? 

Zhang Zi Lin also seated as one of the judges last night which others might taught that she favored China PR to win. 

The Final Leaderboard was also a controversial one as wrong ranking was presented. Complains, inquiries and dismays aroused. 

As you can see India came first with only 271 points over China PR who got 294 points. And the most shocking, United States placing 12th with only 152 points placing only at one challenge event. Colombia and Venezuela who got 200+ points were left out in the Top 15. The Leaderboard was sort of jumbled.

The winner of the World Fashion Designer Award wasn't presented last night. Before the pageant, rumors said that Philippines won the award yet, because of the territorial dispute of Philippines and China PR, maybe the Chinese pleaded not to present the award for it might focus the spotlight to the Philippines.

On the Miss World speech portion, South Sudan answered the best (for us and many more websites) yet failed to place at the Top 3. 


The Miss World crown is made in China