Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pageant Vixen Talks: Kristen Danyal

If last week we had Miss USA - Alabama, Katherine Webb. This week, we will also have one of the Miss USA girls of 2012! This week, we will be featuring Kristen Danyal who represented Michigan last June in the Miss USA wherein she finished as part of the TOP 16. Get to know her through this week's PVT!

UBC: Who is Kristen by describing herself through 3 words?

KRISTEN: Humble, personable, and intellectual

UBC: Was being a beauty queen your dream?

KRISTEN: Being a beauty queen has been a dream of mine my entire life, but I never knew it could be a reality.  If my mom did not make me really look into it, I would still be dreaming of it.

UBC: Winning Miss Michigan, how did it changed your career?

KRISTEN: Winning Miss MI Teen USA actually changed my career goals because it finally gave me the strength to switch my major to something I truly enjoyed.  I went from a Physician Assistant program to a Business Marketing program that year. Winning Miss MI USA has connected me with some of the most prominent business people in the metro-Detroit area.  I feel confident in the connections I have made and I know that I will be very successful in my business endeavors.

UBC: Your last name is interesting, "Danyal," are you half-blooded?

KRISTEN: I am not half-blooded. Although I was born in the U.S., my parents and the generations before them were born in Iraq. In Iraq, my father's family was forced to drop their last name and acquire their grandfather's first name as their last name instead.  It actually reads like the male name "Daniel".

UBC: What is your advocacy as Miss Michigan?

KRISTEN: As Miss Michigan, my advocacy is Breast Cancer Awareness.  As a teen I focused a lot on Autism because my extended family has been effected by it.  Now, Breast Cancer Awareness seemed like a more perfect fit.  Not only is it a huge advocacy for Miss USA, but it is an issue that is dear to my heart now more than ever.  Growing up I did not understand the severity of it, but now I am traumatized by breast cancer.  I recently lost one of the most important women of my life to breast cancer.  It was really difficult for me to watch her declining health.  I now know how important the process of prevention is.  Through winning Miss Michigan USA, I have took on the role as The Pink Fund Ambassador. The Pink Fund provides short-term financial aid for men and women battling breast cancer so they can focus on living as close to a stress free life as possible.  

UBC: How did you preparing for Miss USA 2012?

KRISTEN: For Miss USA 2012 I have been doing everything in my control to prepare.  It is important to recognize what you have control over and what you do not.  I have been practicing my interviews and my stage presence.  I see a personal trainer quite often.  Along with that, I have been setting things aside I know I'll need in Las Vegas so I will not be so flustered as the date approaches.  Of course there are a lot of other little things that I am taking care of, butr those are the major things.

UBC: What was your strategy so that you would Michigan could placed in the finalists?

KRISTEN: The only strategy I have right now to secure my spot in the finals is to try to get all my friends, family, and fans to vote for me online as their fan favorite.  There is no strategy to being Miss USA other than being yourself.  You never know what the judges want and there is a different panel of judges every year for a reason.

UBC: What makes you unique among the contestants this year?

KRISTEN: I think what makes me unique is that I can get along with anybody.  I have genuine interest in others which has made me so much more cultured.  I feel confident that I can carry an interesting conversation with just about anybody.

UBC: In your reign, what will you do?

KRISTEN: In my reign, I will make sure that I do everything in my power to give my all at Miss USA.  I want to look back and have no regrets.  Also, I hope to bring a new light on pageantry.  I think there are a lot of stereotypes and they need to be broken down.  A modern day pageant girl is goal oriented, savvy, and beautiful --which is everything I try to be. 

UBC: How do you balance your time to the pageant and to your family?

KRISTEN: There is not a minute in my day that goes wasted.  I wake up super early to go to the gym, I go to class for the bulk of my day, I work in the evening and on the weekends, and I spend the time I have left with my friends and family.  Let's just say, I live out of my car.  

UBC: How will you treasure your experience being Miss Michigan?

KRISTEN: I will treasure my experience of being Miss Michigan by never letting the memory of it die.  I plan on being involved with the Miss Michigan's of the future and to remain connected with the people I have met through this experience.  I think that the Miss Michigan pageant put me on a very promising path.  I always plan on giving back to the community and the organizations I have worked with will forever be a part of my life.

UBC: How will you share this big event to your future kids or husband?

KRISTEN: If I had little girls, I would love for them to follow in Mommy's footsteps.  I think it is a perfect way for them to develop into strong women.  I can see myself going through photos and watching DVD's with my family to reminisce.    

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.

KRISTEN: Always use SPF!  Not only will it keep you looking young forever, but it can prevent you from developing sun spots, wrinkles, and even cancer!