Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lorraine Shuck breaks her silence

Months ago, a Russian newspaper published a report on a video saying the Miss Earth executive Lorraine Shuck is allegedly selling the Miss Earth crown and title by 40 million euros. About a month after, Global Beauties removed Miss Earth as one of it's "grandslam pageants".

This is what Shuck said:

"The whole story is making Miss Earth more famous and I’m getting more calls from possible franchisees. The bottom line is that we did not accept a bribe and Miss Russia did not win. I was affected at the start but then I realized that news is still news. We are getting more attention now more than ever.”

“It was also very funny because the Russian news report called me – The Richest Woman in the Philippines – daw. But we all know that that’s not true! Maybe they thought I’m the wealthiest female here because I turned down a 4 million Euro bribe.”

Tereza Fajksova, the current Miss Earth
from Czech Republic
“I think my biggest mistake was being too polite. That was my fault. Filipinos don’t just say no, they need to go around the bush a few times. If they aired the whole conversation then people would have a better idea of what really transpired.”

“People just don’t understand the complexity of judging a pageant like Miss Earth. First, the judges themselves are people with integrity. What would they think if I told them that I wanted one girl to win? We also have to consider the chaperones’ scores. They are involved in helping us choose our winners. Once the judges place their scores, SGV collates it with the 5% chaperone score and they come up with a list of winners. If there is no question, the judges sign the list. I also can’t tell SGV who should win. They would never agree to that!”

Aside from the videotaped visit, she says there were two more attempts after this first meeting to force her to make Miss Russia win but Lorraine says she politely declined.