Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Viivi Suominen

First of all, we are very sorry for the big delays of our "Pageant Vixen Talks." But here we are again giving you another beauty to remember! She competed in Miss International 2012 and represented Finland! This woman placed as 1st Runner-Up! Very close to the crown! We present to you, Viivi Suominen, Miss International Finland 2012!

UBC: Who is Viivi on a normal day? 
Viivi: On a normal day Viivi works as a sales person in beauty care industry in Helsinki, has fun with her friends and lives with her boyfriend in the centrum of the city. 
UBC: What was your life before being a beauty queen? 
Viivi: I took part in my first pageant when I was 19, so before that I had just graduated from high school and moved to a bigger city to study beauty care.   
UBC: What made you to join Miss Finland - International?
Viivi: In Finland all the delegates for the major beauty pageants are chosen through the Miss Finland pageant. The winner goes to Miss Universe, 1st. runner up to Miss World and 2nd runner up to Miss International. So when I took part in Miss Finland I didn't know will I get to go to any of those bigger pageants, but I really wanted to have a chance to represent my country. When I won the title of Miss Finland's 2nd runner up and I found out I was the delegate of Miss International Finland 2012 I was really excited!! My dream came true.

UBC: How did winning the title changed your life?  
Viivi: After the pageant I was a public figure, so I had to start to think of my image and my behavior a lot more. But also the same publicity brought me a lot more wonderful work opportunities so I have to be grateful!  
UBC: As a beauty queen, what are the TOP 3 things that you cannot forget to put in your bag?  
My phone, Roude D'Armani lipstick and a mirror.

UBC: How did you preparing for Miss International? 
Viivi: I started to eat my healthier and exercise more. I also practiced my English cos I knew I had to speak with this language the whole trip.  
UBC: How did you balance time for family and time for pageantry?  
Viivi: For me balancing was very easy, because I'm very used to the busy lifestyle. First it's work and then fun!

UBC: How did the activities in Japan created friendship among you and the girls?
Viivi: We were divided in to different groups by the language we speak, so most closest I got to the whole A-team (Australia, Belize, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Taiwan) which was my group. They are all so wonderful and I miss them already!! My roommate was also Miss Germany and we became very good friends and we will definitely see each other again! And off course after the finals we got really close with the top 5 cos we got to spend another two weeks together.

UBC: How was Japan as it was the venue for your finals? 
Viivi: I had never been in Japan before so I was really excited to meet a whole new culture and a world! The time we spend there was really wonderful and I will always remember that experience.  
UBC: When you won 1st-Runner Up, did you ever expected that?  
Viivi: Definitely not! The top 15 was filled with beautiful girls, so didn't expect it at all! But afterwards I'm very grateful and happy for me and for my country!!
UBC: What was the first thing you did after winning "Miss International 2012 1st Runner-Up"?  
Viivi: I called home to Finland. They we are all SO EXCITED!! 

UBC: What advice can you give to those girls who loves pageants?
Viivi: I would say that think twice. Think hard that are you able to handle all the things that include in this business. Things like busy lifestyle, media, critique, publicity. And then think about your skills. Can you handle of being a model, an actress and a PR-person at the same time and do a lot of independent work with yourself. Although the smile from our faces never fades away, being a beauty queen is a lot more than that, it’s a hard work to! And if after reading this your still saying yes, go for it with 100%!!.  
UBC: Beauty Tip To All 
Viivi: Best way to feeling beautiful is good food, exercise, enough sleep and water!

UBC: Message to all.
Viivi: Thank you foe everyone who have been supporting me during this pageant!! I wish you all the best!! xxo Viivi

Good luck Viivi on your career! UBC will definitely support you! Continue to be an inspiration to all! Stay beautiful and hope we will see you doing charity works!