Friday, 27 September 2013

Miss World 2013 Challenge event winners!

ith just over 24 hours until the Miss World Final begins, the judges finished pouring over all of the tremendous work our contestants have been doing and announced the WINNERS of the FIVE remaining major Challenge Events!

The contestants were assembled and the results were revealed for Top Model, Sports, Multimedia, Beach Fashion, and Beauty with a Purpose!

Here are the results!

Top Model
Winner: Philippines - Megan Young
1st Runner Up: United States - Olivia Jordan
2nd Runner Up: France - Marine Lorphelin
3rd Runner Up: Ukraine - Anna Zaiachkivska
4th Runner Up: Brazil - Sancler Frantz

Winner: Netherlands - Jacqueline Steenbek
1st Runner Up: Spain - Elena Ibarbia
2nd Runner Up: Northern Ireland - Meagan Green
3rd Runner Up: Paraguay - Coral Ruiz
4th Runner Up: El Salvador - Paola Ayala

Beach Fashion
Winner: Brazil - Sancler Frantz
1st Runner Up: France - Marine Lorphelin
2nd Runner Up: Ghana - Naa Okailey Shooter
3rd Runner Up: Jamaica - Gina Hartigay
4th Runner Up: Philippines - Megan Young

Multimedia Award
Winner: Brazil - Sancler Frantz
1st Runner Up: Thailand- Kanyaphak Phokesomboon
2nd Runner Up: Nepal- Ishani Shrestha
3rd Runner Up: Philippines- Megan Young
4th Runner Up: Malaysia- Melinder Bhullar

Beauty with a Purpose
   Winner: Nepal- Ishani Shrestha
1st Runner Up: Australia – Erin Holland
2nd Runner Up: Tanzania – Brigitte Alfred Lyimo
3rd Runner Up: Belgium – NoĆ©mie Happart
4th Runner Up: Brazil – Sancler Frantz

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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