Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Top athletes for Miss World 2013 Sports challenge event!

Early this morning the Miss World contestants took part in the elimination round of the Sports Challenge! 116 Nations took part in this initial stage, nearly all of the contestants here at Miss World!

Under the careful eye of our fitness experts, the contestants had to perform a selection of four fitness exercises, for 30 seconds per exercise. After each routine, the total number of repetitions were added together giving them a total score. The top 4 from each group were then selected to go through onto tomorrow’s final round of sports events. There was also a reserve from each group selected to stand in incase for any reason one of the select few can not take part in the finals tomorrow.

SEE Miss World Sports Challenge – Elimination Stage

After each contestant completed their four work out routines the scores were added and we the top four from each group were as follows:

Group 1: Belgium, Hungary, Northern Ireland, and Scotland (Reserve is Aruba)

Group 2: Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Montenegro, Spain (Reserve is Cyprus)

Group 3: Italy, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Slovakia (Reserve is Bulgaria)

Group 4: England, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay (Reserve is Peru)

And those are the teams for tomorrow! Tomorrow at 16:00 (GMT +8), the final round of sports will take place, with 6 activities lined up for our final 16! However, the other contestants will still play a part in the event, as their noise, support, and backing will also count towards any tie breaking situations. If we do have a tie, the team who turns out with the best outfits, the best songs, and provides the best atmosphere will tip the balance in favour of their team!