Thursday, 17 October 2013

"Beauty With A Purpose" -- Miss World - Philippines 2006 helps her people.

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines particularly in the Visayas area. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Bohol and it also affected the islands nearby like Cebu. Most of the churches in these areas suffered a massive damage. There were reports that in Bohol, Philippines, they are really in need of the basic necessities like water, food and shelter.

Just a short trivia, Bohol is very famous of their rich culture and heritage sites. Many people of different parts of the globe do go there and see the cute tarsiers, delicious delicacy which is the famous “calamay,” many old churches and their famous floating restaurant.

Someone made a move for these people to be given their needs. Former Bb. Pilipinas – World 2006 (now called as Miss World – Philippines), Anna Maris Igpit spearheaded a group which gives aid to the people in Bohol who needs assistance and who needs the basic necessities. 
Anna Maris Igpit is a native of Bohol which was the epicenter of the earthquake and when the earthquake struck she finds ways for her fellow “Boholanos.” 

Her group is named as “Oplan Bangon Bohol” it’s a group that helps Bohol to rise again after the said tragedy. They are organizing a team of people for rescue and relief operations in Bohol. Her group has reached many people of different places and it even reached in a major media network, BBC with the help of the social networking sites and technology.

The beauty queen shared to us how she formulated the group. She said,
"When I got a call from my mom about the earthquake, I checked my twitter and facebook right away on some news about it. There I saw devastating photos. I got messages from people asking for help so I created the hashtag #rescuebohol, hooked up with a rescue unit in Bohol, to make it easier for people to send their concerns. I served like a "bridge". It started as a one woman effort. When more messages of needed rescue, relief goods and donations flooded in, that's when I started to message my Boholano friends on FB. I told them about the idea of forming a team and everything just fell into place. I immediately got calls from different establishments, organizations and individuals willing to work with us. And the rest is history."

"Our organization Oplan Bangon Bohol is a team that basically gather donations then we turn them over to our partner foundation, the Kapuso Foundation. They now do the repacking and distribution. People can help by donating goods, use ther influence and connections to gather donations, volunteer in the relief areas or on ground or simply by helping us monitor reports and concerns online. Each one of you can help in any way possible." she shared to us about her group.
She told us that the people need drinking water and food which she said are the 2 most important aids they need. They also need medicine, electricity, tents, sanitary kits, blankets etc.

Here are some of the posts of Anna Maris Igpit as she strives to help the people in Bohol:

Let's help her and the Philippines in this tragedy. You can go to her group page:
All the updates and information about the situation in Bohol, Philippines is there. We hope that you would help the people who are suffering in this tragedy.