Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pageant Vixen Talks: Melody Mir

Last week in our "Pageant Vixen Talks," we had Miss South Dakota - USA 2012, Taylor Neisen. She gave us a lot of information about her. Through her interview, we learn about her advocacy and her life as an ordinary person but at the same time, a beauty queen. This week, let's get to know more on Melody Mir, she represented Dominican Republic in the 2012 Miss International in Okinawa. Among the 69 ladies who competed, she won the title as 3rd Runner-Up.

UBC: Who is Melody on a normal day?
Melody: I'm a student, model and life lover.

UBC: Describe your childhood years.
Melody: My Childhood was very rich in knowledge and experience I had the opportunity of growing up in different countries as Dominican Republic, Spain and Germany.
That made me value different cultures and countries in very early years. That's why traveling around the world is one of passions.

UBC: What made you to join Miss Dominican Republic - International?
Melody: It was a dream that I was chasing of being the ambassador of goodwill and beauty of my country to the world. Also being a Miss you have the opportunity of becoming a role model and you have the chance to share and get to know more cultures and at the same time you share yours.

UBC: How did winning the title changed your life?
Melody: Winning the tittle gave me a big responsibility and the compromise of putting higher possible the name of my country. Also the goal of getting positive attention for my beautiful island.

UBC: How is it to represent "Dominican Republic" on an international pageant?
Melody: Its an honor and a dream come true.

UBC: How did you preparing for Miss International?
Melody: I didn't have much time as I was elected on July 4th but I had a good team that help me out as my national director Diany Mota that is also the designer of my gown dresses, Oscar Grullon gave me some "Miss Catwalk" tips, Aridio Garcia gave me my final look for the contest.I also made some exercise and had a balance diet of food.

UBC: How did you balance time for family and time for pageantry?
Melody: I'm used as a model of having a life on planes traveling and with a busy schedule
For me is important to be focus, to have goals, and of being organized. I think I manage very well to enjoy my family and friends but as everything in life you need to work hard and have some discipline.

UBC: How did the activities in Japan created friendship among you and the girls?
Melody: The activities where amazing very dynamic and we have the opportunity to share with local people and to get the essence of the people and the Japanese culture.
I connected very well with the other girls, it was difficult because we were divided in groups and as usual you get along more with the ones closest to you. But I can say I made some good friendships relations specially with mt beautiful friend Miss Colombia, Melissa Varon.

UBC: What was going through your mind when you became part of the "Top 15"?
Melody: I was very happy and excited. Also started to get very nervous as I knew we had to make and speech.

UBC: When you won 3rd-Runner Up, did you ever expected that?
Melody: You always have the faith for arriving as far as possible so I was very happy, satisfied and pleased that all the work had a good result.

UBC: What advice can you give to those girls who loves pageants?
Melody: I can say to all those girls that is an amazing opportunity represent your country, to get to know new countries and cultures and also to get know more of yourself. Is an unique opportunity on life and that is not only about beauty so they can also grow in another levels and have after it a bigger view and expectation of life. Also that winning is not everything, since the begging we are all winners wearing proudly the Sachs of our country in my case I wasn't anymore Melody and I started to be " Miss Dominican Republic".

UBC: Beauty tip to all.
Melody: Having a Healthy life is important for health and Beauty a swell, lots of water, some exercise and having a positive attitude and smiling makes you look even more beautiful ;).

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She definitely inspires many people through her words and actions. Here in UBC, we wish Melody all the best in all her endeavors. We will fully support you Melody in your dreams and goals in life.