Friday, 11 January 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Katarina Konow

Last time we had a very special feature on our "Pageant Vixen Talks." It was a great time to open the year wherein you got to know Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova who has been a very successful woman. From a beauty queen turned into an advocate and now she's a dancer competing in Thailand's version of "Dancing With The Stars." This week, from Miss Universe let's go to Miss International. We'll take you back to her experiences in Okinawa, Japan. We did this interview with her before she left for the pageant. This week, we will be having Miss International Sweden, Katarina Konow.

UBC: Who is Katarina on a normal day?
Katarina: I don't really know if ther are any "normal" days in my life. One day in my life doesn't look like the other. I'm an active girl having two different jobs, one in the fashion business, and one with disabled children. I love both jobs - they add different values to my life. In addition to this I also do some modeling, so my schedule is quite full! As a healthy lifestyle is important to me, I also try to squeeze in some exercise every day. I love running and horse riding the most.

UBC: What was your life before being a titleholder?
Katarina: My life before being a titleholder was in general the same as it is now, only a little less hectic! I won the title only a few weeks before the competition in Japan, so I have a lot of preparations to make!

UBC: What made you to join Miss Sweden - International?
Katarina: When I got the opportunity to watch Miss Teen USA on the Bahamas last year I got to know some of the contestants. They really seemed to enjoy it, and they had so much fun together. This made me want to try to join coming back to Sweden.

UBC: How did winning the title changed your life?
Katarina: Winning the title has been great, mostly because of all the support I´ve gotten from a lot of fantastic people around me. It has also made me even more eager to learn more about other countries and cultures, as I know that I now have the opportunity to do so.

UBC: As a beauty queen, what is your advocacy?
Katarina: My advocacy in general is to be happy, friendly and to show people around me respect. Then I would really love it if I could do something to improve the conditions for disabled children. I have a little brother with a disability, and as many disabled children his somewhat different personality can sometimes really lighten up the lives of people around him, and I think this is something we all can learn from and cherish!

UBC: How did you preparing for Miss International?
Katarina: I'm preparing for miss International in many ways. Putting together the right wardrobe for the competition obviously takes some time and effort, I'm designing my national costume, and of course I'm trying to get as much knowledge of the hosting country as possible. I am also exercising and trying to get as much sleep as possible to be fit for those intense but hopefully very interesting and fun weeks.

UBC: How does your family help you in your preparations?
Katarina: Without my family's love and support I could never have done this. I have a big family with four brothers (at least in Sweden this is a big family!) and they and my parents are all helping me in different ways, practical or by giving me advice. I appreciate it so much and I really feel blessed!

UBC: How will you develop FRIENDLY COMPETITION?
Katarina: I think that being able to participate in Miss International is a fantastic opportunity to get to know a lot of girls from other countries and from different cultures, and I am really looking forward to this. We can learn so much from each other. You get back what you give to others, so I think it is absolutely possible to compete and being good friends at the same time.

UBC: Young as you are, will you still join another pageant?
Katarina: Beauty pageants is something completely new to me, but so far it has been really amazing, so I would definitely join another pageant if I had the opportunity.

UBC: How will you cherish this experience?
Katarina: I think that the weeks to come will be the most exciting in my life so far, and in many ways the most educating too. I am really looking forward to the time in Japan, and I will try to learn as much as I can from the experience, from the country and from the other contestants. I am certain I will make a lot of new friends, and that is so amazing!

UBC: What advice can you give to those girls who loves pageants?
Katarina: If you want to join a pageant - go for it! There is beauty in everyone, inside and outside, and it's a great experience.

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Katarina: My beauty tip is to skip the diets! Diets seldom work, and is no good for young girls. Eat the things you like, maybe in smaller portions, but skip the junk food. Then I think people really ought to embrace the happiness in their lives and think positive, if you do, this will show in your face and you will look beautiful as well! (Through my father who is a sea captain I have a few friends from the Philippines and they are all very beautiful, so maybe you ought to give me some advice instead, haha! )

UBC: Message to all.
Katarina: I hope you all will be watching Miss International and that you will enjoy it, I know I will! It is fantastic that a lot of people around the world take such interest in beauty pageants, I think swedish people who tend to be somewhat negative towards pageants should learn from this!

We would like to thank Katarina for giving us an opportunity to interview her despite of her busy schedules especially that this interview was done during her preparations for Miss International. Universal Beauty Council wishes you all the best Katarina! We are surely going to follow you in whatever paths you take. Universal Beauty Council loves you.