Monday, 21 January 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Natalie Korneitsik

From Miss International, this week, we will be featuring one of the contestants in Miss Universe 2012. We will have Miss Universe - Estonia 2012, Natalie Korneitsik in our "Pageant Vixen Talks" this week! Take note that we did this interview with her MONTHS before the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. Surely, you will learn something from her. 


UBC: Who is Natalie on a normal day?
Natalie: Ambitious woman, good friend and loving daughter. 

UBC: What was the life of Natalie before joining Miss Estonia - Universe 2012?
Natalie: I have been in fashion and beauty world for years. Before that I was an usual teenager who even didn't think about model career : I studied a lot and was interested in politics. At the age of 16 I was scouted and got my first contract to Milan.My life changed then. I traveled a lot from Asia to USA. I have chosen to study Fashion Marketing and PR in Milan, so all my model experience and connections might be useful in my future career.

UBC: What made you to join Miss Estonia - Universe 2012?
Natalie: It was not my first beauty contest. Before I was chosen to represent Estonia at Miss Globe International, where I made it into top 10 and got Miss Photogenic title. I got a great experience and felt the difference between modeling and beauty world. Then I thought to try myself in Miss Universe, so I participated in Miss Estonia Universe contest. 

UBC: Being a first runner up, how did it feel?
Natalie: Honestly, I was disappointed. There's only one winner for me. Only one name will be remembered as Miss Estonia 2012. 

UBC: Replacing Kaitlin Valdmets, what was your reaction?
Natalie: I didn't expect it to be this way. I even got my model contract right after the contest and was ready to leave Estonia, but then things changed. That's destiny, I thought. 

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss Universe?
Natalie: First of all, I need to find a financial support - sponsorship. It's hard to do in Estonia.I am taking acting classes, performance on stage and dancing.I am in the middle of negotiating with our designers about my future national and final dresses. Besides, we just started to shoot an official video. A lot of work to be done.

UBC: How do you balance time for family and time for pageant?
Natalie: My family supports me and helps with some questions, so they are in the middle of my preparation. 

UBC: What inspires you in being a titleholder?
Natalie: I think every beauty-queen has a mission to complete. I would like to use my title as an opportunity to be heard and seen to inspire others to do good things for society. Now I am working on charity projects in my country. Making happy others makes me happy as well. 

UBC: How will you develop friendly competition?
Natalie: I have already contacted Miss Russia and Miss Finland in order to get know each other even before Miss Universe and create some friendly activities. I am waiting for their replies. In general, I am tolerant and friendly person and always trying to skip conflicts. 

UBC: What activities will you get involve as a beauty queen?
Natalie: Charity program. Next week we already have an event, money from which we are going to use for forsaken children. Besides charity, there are fashion events in order to promote local designers and brands. In general, my aim is to be a good example for younger generation of the girls.

UBC: Will you still join another pageant?
Natalie: I think Miss Universe is like Olympic Games : cannot be higher, cannot be better. So, I was thinking it could be the logical ending of my participation in beauty pageants. 

UBC: How will you treasure this experience?
Natalie: The event like Miss Universe happens only once in life. It's already something you will be telling about your grandchildren. For me, personally, it's the best school of life. You learn how to be beautiful, tolerant and polite in any situation. How to be a face of your country. You learn responsibility. 

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Natalie: Keep yourself in shape, eat healthy and don't follow common stereotypes! And remember, happiness is a key. Nothing is more beautiful than a sincere smile on your face!

UBC: Message to the fans.
Natalie: I am representing small country, but I will do my best to make people know it better. The only thing I need from you - is your support and attention! Best wishes, your Natalie :)

Universal Beauty Council would like to thank Natalie Korneitsik for really giving her time for this interview. Despite of her preparations during the interview, she did answer all the questions. We wish you all the best of luck Natalie!