Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Siria Ysabel Bojorquez

As what we've told you, we will release TWO interviews this week. We've released Miss Earth Canada 2012, Valerie Remillard. This time, we will release Miss Earth USA 2012, Siria Bojorquez. She did an amazing job while she was competing in Miss Earth 2012. At all hardwork she has done, she landed at the top 8 and received medals. Let's get to know her in our "Pageant Vixen Talks."

UBC: Who is Siria on a normal day?
Siria: I am a goofy, loud, clumsy, nerdy “tree-hugger”. When not preparing for the pageant I can be found in the library studying, spending time with friends and family, doing photo shoots, caring for my home, or traveling to promote worthwhile organizations like Keep America Beautiful and Terracycle (turning trash into gold).  I am often told that I keep myself “too busy”, however after my mother’s passing I know all too well that each and every day is a gift. Thus I try and make sure that I use every second that I have in this life to the fullest.

UBC: What was life of Siria before being a titleholder?
Siria: Other than not knowing how to apply makeup and do my hair I was the exact same person I am now.  I consider myself to be a very determined and hardworking individual and I have always placed my studies and family above everything else. I have always known that I wanted to make a major impact on this planet and everyone in it, and the Miss Earth organization has allowed me to do exactly that.

UBC: Your family name is very interesting, what is the meaning of your family name?
Siria: My last name comes from my mom’s side of the family. It is a Spanish last name. The uniqueness of the name definitely has its negatives and positives! My own boyfriend cannot pronounce it correctly half the time! I don’t know the exact origin of it other than that it originates from Mexico. Like everyone in the US I have a different cultural background other than American, which is Mexican.  I suppose this is exactly what being American is all about. The United States is truly a melting pot of cultures!

UBC: What made you decide to join Miss Earth USA?
Siria: To be honest I never pictured myself doing pageantry. I sadly admit that I fell into the stereotype that pageants are given, that is until I joined Miss Earth. Miss Earth is not just about appearances, we truly are “beauties for a cause”. I joined Miss Earth United States because I fully believe in what it stands for. I know firsthand that through hard work, a good heart and dedication we can have a positive impact on this planet, together we will make a difference.

UBC: How did winning Miss Earth USA change your career?
Siria: I am currently a student at Texas Tech University majoring in both the Honors College pre-law and Spanish with a minor in legal studies. One day I hope to become either an environmental or international lawyer so this is definitely right up my alley. I have always known that my goal in life was to make a difference, impact others and be a positive influence. What this title has now given me is something I will forever cherish, it has given me a voice to go out there and make the difference that I hope to have in my career. It has really helped me get a feel for what I hope to be doing in the future.

UBC: As Miss Earth USA, what is your environmental advocacy?
Siria: Upcycling. It is as simple as that. I have been promoting this cause since I was 16 years old and cannot find a better way in which to help solve the world’s environmental problems. I come from a very humble background where I did not have much and always had to ensure that nothing went to waste.  Now that I am grown I observe others and have come to realize just how wasteful we humans can be. I love my country, but I realize that on a daily basis Americans throw away many things that can otherwise be utilized. This needs to change. Upcycling consists of so many things, from turning trash into gold to simply ensuring that every single thing we have does not go to waste. Being appreciative of what we have and sharing it is something many of us need to learn. I believe if people knew how easy and fun it can be to upcycle eventually many of our environmental problems would be solved. Things from forest degradation due to cigarette littering to carbon emissions from plastic bottles would be reduced with upcycling and the knowledge needed to live a “green life”. If as opposed to wasting materials we learned to save them and appreciate them, then we would be able to share them with the world.

UBC: How are you preparing for the pageant?
Siria: I am ensuring that I do everything possible to represent my country and the amazing people in it in the best light possible. As I am sure most other countries are doing I am ensuring that I have everything I need for the pageant. There is one element that I make sure I remember however, and that is giving back. I realize I only have one year with this title and especially right now a lot of media is focusing on the Miss Earth delegates. I am trying to make sure I utilize the attention that I am being given right now to promote my cause.

UBC: What strategy will you do to win the crown?
Siria: The two people that raised me, my grandmother and mother taught me at a young age that in this life you  will always think someone is better than you and you will always think someone is worse, so to forget comparing yourself to others and be the best YOU that you can be. I plan on getting there and being the most beautiful version of me there is. All while remembering that I am there to help the environment and that at the end of the day it is the impact that all of us make that truly matters.

Siria as Miss Teen Earth USA

UBC: How will you develop FRIENDLY COMPETITION?
Siria: Each and every single one of us is worthy of being Miss Earth, I truly believe that. I am a strong believer in destiny and I know that whoever takes home the title is meant to be. I try and set competition aside and just focus on the word friendship. We are all meant to work together to promote a cause. I am beyond excited to meet all of the other girls. Miss Earth Canada and I have already spoken a few times (she is so nice!) and Miss Earth Peru is already a friend of mine. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the girls as we all work together to promote environmental awareness.

UBC: After the pageant, what other activities will you be involved as Miss Earth USA?
Siria: I will continue doing what I have been doing for the past three years. Traveling throughout the United States to promote upcycling all while doing activities in my community and being myself an example of what living an eco-friendly life is like. Shooting commercials, photographing for different eco-friendly companies, giving speeches to educate, attending environmental forums and myself going out there and collecting and making upcycled items and signing Greenpeace petitions are all on the list.
 I am constantly working on new projects and getting involved in new organizations so if anyone out there has anything that I can help out with please contact me! I am always more than willing! I will do as much with my year as possible and I will continue to work toward the conservation of the environment long after my year is up.

UBC: How will you cherish this experience?
Siria: Simply getting on that airplane is a dream come true for me, even more so that I get to see the beautiful country of the Philippines! I am the only person in my family that has ever been on an airplane (we have never been able to afford such a luxury) so I am most definitely the first person in my family to travel so far. I can’ t wait to experience the Filipino culture and everything it has to offer! I will take in every single minute and try an imprint it into my memory. I can’t wait to arrive!

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Siria: Be beautiful in every way. Be my definition of beautiful; when you have inner beauty and you have the ability to allow that inner beauty to shine through in your everyday words and actions only then will you be truly beautiful.

UBC: Message to all fans.
Siria: I cannot thank you enough for all the support and words of encouragement that I have been given throughout my preparations! I am not sure how I will do at Miss Earth but I hope I will make you all very proud! Know that I am doing my absolute best and will continue to do so. Please remember that as a supporter of Miss Earth you must be “green” too!

We would like to thank Siria for giving us her time in this interview. We wish you all the best of luck and we assure you of our support as you continue your advocacies which is growing. UBC supports you in all of you doings. Thank you so much Siria!