Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Carolyn Whitney Carter

Last week on our "Pageant Vixen Talks," we got to know two Miss Earth candidates. They were Siria Bojorquez (Miss Earth - USA) and Valerie Remillard (Miss Earth - Canada). This week, we would get to know another Miss Earth beauty. She represented United States Virgin Islands in three pageants namely: Miss Supranational, Miss World and Miss Earth. She's currently a model and she's a person who is very friendly and know how to deal things in certain perspectives. Let's get to know Carolyn Whitney Carter!

UBC: Describe Carolyn Whitney Carter in 3 words and explain each.
Whitney: Adventurous: I appreciate independence and I thrive off new journeys in my life.  I have a natural admiration for rich cultures and I enjoy submersing myself into a country’s unfamiliar customs.  I think it is always important to step out of your routine and be adventurous, as it helps to continually maintain a fresh perspective on life.  Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a superb way to grow.
Creative: Since a child I have submersed myself in the creative arts, developing an intense love for painting. I am easily inspired by our island’s bold colors, picturesque views, and exotic flowers.  Painting is one way I enjoy expressing emotions, and through it I find inner peace and a true connection with the world.
Down-to-Earth: Being raised in the Caribbean naturally lends itself to an easy-going lifestyle.  I appreciate simplicity, and I approach life with a “go-with-the-flow” mentality.

UBC: How were your childhood years?
Whitney: My childhood years were amazing.  My family and I were very active, living in many different states until we settled in the US Virgin Islands.  St. Croix was a perfect fit for our family because we appreciate the year round sunshine and the slower-paced lifestyle the islands provide.  My parents are educators and founded a private school in the US Virgin Islands, which I attended from second grade until graduation.  It was a unique experience to be the founding student.  Our motto, “The Fire Burns Within”, has given me the strength to face life’s challenges passionately and without fear.

UBC: How did the passion for pageants developed in you? Have you always dreamed of becoming a beauty queen?
Whitney: Although pageants are highly celebrated in my country, being a beauty queen was never a dream of mine.  In 2010, I was approached by a modeling agency about representing the US Virgin Islands in the Miss World 2010 pageant in Sanya, China.  At the time, I had already been accepted to a prestigious year-long art program in Florence, Italy, however I found the offer to represent my beautiful country in the Miss World Pageant to be too unique to pass up!  Miss World 2010 was my first real pageant ever.  Afterwards, I realized the impact Grand-Slam pageants have, and how I could use pageants to promote my cause: raising awareness of our three shining emeralds in the Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands.  This is where my passion for pageants developed.  It brings me immense joy to promote and give back to the very islands that helped raise and mold me into the woman I am today.

UBC: What pushed you to join Miss Earth - US Virgin Islands?
Whitney: I am an extremely proud Native American, a Chippewa from the Fond Du Lac tribe.  Our culture and lifestyle is intensely intertwined with nature.  In the US Virgin Islands we are made up of rainforests, turquoise seas, emerald hills, and stretching blue skies.  From a child I have been inspired by our environment, and as a painter I have found most of my muses in nature.  I come from a family with generations of people with the gift of the “green thumb”.  At our house, I grow everything under the sun: cucumber, bitter melon, squash, beans, eggplant, peppers, arugula, carrots, etc! The tropics are a superb place for farmers.  I have been working for two years with an after-school program that helps children coming from low socio-economic environments succeed academically.  This year, we developed a sustainable organic garden (Project H.E.A.L.: Health Education & Agricultural Learning) together from ground up.  This special project taught planning, healthy decisions, environmental awareness, and math! With all this said, I believe Miss Earth is the next natural step for me; it is a combination of all my passions.  I have a deep love and appreciate for our Earth, a platform that I am passionate about and have been involved in for years, and a strong background in pageants.

UBC: When you won the title, what was the first thing you do?
Whitney: I updated my Facebook status! :)

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss Earth 2012?
Whitney: It has been an intense preparation for Miss Earth!  Many people may not realize the vast amount of work and time it takes to prepare a girl adequately to compete in an international pageant.  It is a big commitment! I have immense respect for other girls who compete internationally.  I still work full time with the children, which is the first priority, but in between I find time to attend photo shoots, video shoots, and prepare the necessary items I will need to bring with me to compete.  It has been intense, but “the fire burns within” and it inspires me to work hard to fulfill my dreams.

UBC: What environmental advocacy are you promoting?
Whitney: This year the Miss Earth Pageant is promoting the “International Year of Sustainable Energy”.  My personal platform is the promotion of local organic sustainable farms, which plays a big role in the US Virgin Islands in the promotion of clean energy.  We have to import most of our food products from the USA, which uses fossil fuels and produces massive amounts of waste from packaging.  As a country, we have a goal to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by 60% by the year 2025.  We are taking many initiatives to reach this, and I believe the promotion of local production is another way to reduce our carbon footprint.

UBC: What do you expect in your stay in the Philippines for the pageant?
Whitney: I expect friendly hosts, breath-taking views, and of course amazing food!  I hope to be able to interact with locals and be submersed in the culture, which I believe is the only true way to understand a country.

UBC: How will you develop a friendly competition?
Whitney: I have brought 100% recyclable gift bags with goodies for each contestant, a warm gesture from the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism! I hope to share with these lovely ladies how special our islands are, in hopes that they will always remember us positively.  I truly enjoy meeting new people, so I view this as an opportunity to make new friends!!  It is a blessing to be surrounded by so many talented, powerful women, and I am thankful to be given the opportunity.

UBC: After the pageant, what activities are you involved in your reign?
Whitney: After the pageant I will be involved in fundraisers pertaining to sustainable energy, sustainable farming, and children.

UBC: Any advice for our "aspiring Earth Warriors" like you?
Whitney: My advice would be to find what your obsession is, and work passionately to develop it.  If it inspires you, there will naturally be an inner drive that will lead you to a life of happiness and fulfillment.

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Whitney:  “A smile is the best make-up a girl can wear.”  Let your inner beauty shine through and it’s guaranteed to light up the room.  Smiles are contagious; you never know whose day you may brighten by a few kind words and a genuine smile.

UBC: Message to your fans.
Whitney: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me!
I want to thank you for all of your positive vibes and encouraging words, I truly appreciate them.  I hope to represent my country well and make everyone proud!  Also, please take a minute to visit our country’s website:

Thank you so much Whitney for sharing to us so many things. From your pageantry experiences, to you advocacy and to your being Miss Earth - USVI. UBC wishes you all the best. We will support you in you career that you'll take.