Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hunk Talks: Marko Sobot

This week we are going to know a hunk! He represented Slovenia in the Mister International pageant last November which was held in Thailand wherein he won as the 2nd Runner-Up. Let's get to know him and as he shares his experience may we learn something from it. This week's "Hunk Talks" let's meet, Marko Sobot.

UBC: Who is Marko that most people don't really know? 
Marko: I'm a nice guy by choice and a bad boy by nature :D

UBC: Favorite activity that you like to do on a normal day. Why?
Marko: After training, I like to just hang out with my friends and we always find stuff we can do and I also love to take my dog Chica out for a walk, because I enjoy good company and I love my dog :D 

UBC: Representing Slovenia in Mister International how was it? 
Marko: It was a really good experience, I felt the support of my friends and family and that was really helpfull in the contest.
UBC: How the pageant itself did changed you as a person? 
Marko: It didn't change me at all, I'm down to earth guy who likes fun and knows when to be mature and professional.
UBC: How was the experience as a contestant in Mister International? 
Marko: I really enjoyed it, I made new friends from all over the world and it was my first time in thailand and it was great to get to know whole new culture.

UBC: When you were part of the Top 16, what was running into your mind? 
Marko: I was excited to get the first step out of the way and was thinking about top 10. When I was in top 10, I was thinking about top 5... and when I was top 5, I wanted to win. I'm a competitive person. UBC: Winning 2nd Runner - Up, what was the first thing that you do? 
Marko: First we took a lot of pictures after the show, then we went out in the club and party... we deserved it, because we worked hard these past few months.
UBC: Let's go to the personal side of you, what do you think is the most attractive part of your body?
Marko: I don't really know, the whole package haha... My previous girlfriends always liked my lips. ;)) 

UBC: How does a man carry himself? 
Marko: With confidence, respect, and a positive attitude..
UBC: How do you keep a fit body at the same time healthy? 
Marko: Workout and stay away from junk food as much as possible... so eat right and workout. 

UBC: What do you do to make a woman fall in love with you? 
Marko: Just being myself... you really can't plan for love, when it happens you just hope the feeling is mutual.
UBC: Message to all your fans.
Marko: Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken, enjoy your everyday and cherish your beloved ones (family and friends)

Good luck Marko in all the things that you will do in your career! Good luck to you and to your new Mister International Slovenia. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!