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Pageant Vixen Talk # 19: Mariana Vicente

Pageant Vixen Talk # 19: Mariana Vicente
by: Irvz

A young girl filled with big responsibilities. That is Mariana! Mariana is hailing from Puerto Rico. She is a woman of faith and conviction. She was a big favorite at Miss Universe 2010 and we termed her before "fierce blondie". Now, Mariana is pursuing her modelling career. Ladies and gentlemen, Mariana Vicente of Puerto Rico!

1. Who was Mariana Vicente before she entered Miss Puerto Rico? 
Before I entered the Miss Puerto Rico pageant I was the same person only with different responsibilities. Right before I moved to Puerto Rico to audition, I was living in Miami (Florida), modeling, working a part-time job at a bridal store, and taking acting lessons at night.

2. After Miss Universe, what was the lesson you learned from the experience?
The biggest lesson I learned from competing in Miss Universe was that opportunities in life are what you make of it. You may not always win, but if you know how to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, you will end up winning so much knowledge and experience. I also learned the meaning of hard work, commitment and always giving your 100%.

3. Now, what is Mariana up to?
I am currently living in Los Angeles, California where I am modeling and continuing to take my acting lessons.

4. After seeing Viviana Ortiz compete, what can you say on her performance?
Viviana had an impeccable performance in Miss Universe. I am very proud of her and hope to see her soon so that we can celebrate! 

5. After Miss Universe, will Mariana enter another pageant?
After Miss Universe I will not be entering any other pageant. Being Miss Universe Puerto Rico was an amazing experience but I have other goals that I want to pursue now. 

6. Let's go back to the past, did you made promise to the ladies who competed in Miss Universe 2010?If you did, have you accomplished it?
I did make a promise to one of the girls. I am very famous for my baking skills and I make (modesty aside) the BEST white chocolate chip and macadamia cookies. So, I promised one of the girls I would make her some, but sadly I couldn’t accomplish it because of my busy schedule. 

7. What does Mariana like to do on a normal sunny day?
On a normal sunny day I like to sit by the pool and relax.

8. Although this is funny, what tips can you suggest to short girls who wants to be fit and tall?
To get fit, I recommend working out 4-5 times a week. I personally love all Beach Body workout programs ( They are really effective and fun! If you are short and want to look taller, it’s all about creating an optical illusion. You have to use clothes that make you look slimmer and elongated. Of course, tall shoes help.

9. What does a fun day means to you?
A fun day means being with the people I love (family and friends).

10. Message to your supporters and loving fans.
I want you to know how grateful and blessed I am of having you in my life! You fill me with love and happiness! Thank you!

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Mariana"
Greetings from UBC

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