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Pageant Vixen Talk # 21: Xhesika Berberi

Pageant Vixen Talk # 21: Xhesika Berberi
by: Jay`Em

Albania - Xhesika Berberi - Miss Universe 2011 Contestants
VOILA! For our 21st and Chinese New Year edition of Pageant Vixen Talks we will be featuring another Fadil Angel. She is no other than, Xhesika Berberi! This girl was an ordinary girl, model, and student in Albania but by the time she was crowned her life changed, She was an early favorite for the crown and her physical looks (especially her lips ♥) made everyone loved her and salute her! 

1. Who is really Xhesica that people don't  
I am a 20 years old girl that lives a normal life and want to finish my engineering school :)

2. What does Xhesica like to do on a normal day?
On a normal day i go to school. After that usually i like to have coffee with my friends. I study and share a great  time with my family.

3. Who were the person you are missing the most?
My family for sure, and my boyfriend too.

4. How did you celebrated victory?
I had a great party with my friends and special guests.

5. Many people said that because of your shy personality, you didn't make it to the top 16, how will you react to this?
i think it was a beauty pageant so this is what i tried to exhibit.

6. What type of Albanian woman you want to succeed in your throne?
i wanted to succeed a classy and dainty Albanian women.

7. How will you treasure the experience?
One of the greatest experience i have ever had

8. What's next of Xhesica? Will she join another pageant?
I wont join another pageant but i will continue the modeling career.

9. Message to your fans!
I wanna give a big thank to all my fans that supported me during Miss Universe. They gave me a certitude and they were totally my strength. Big Kiss !!!
Thank You Guys ! xoxo.

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Xhesika"
Greetings from UBC

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