Friday, 13 January 2012

Pageant Vixen Talk # 20: Holly Carpenter

Pageant Vixen Talk # 20: Holly Carpenter

Here comes a modelesque girl from Ireland. She competed at Miss World 2011 in London and was a great favorite. This girl exudes a great personality. Know more about her by reading her answers to our questions. Enjoy! You can comment your feedbacks and praises for Holly at the Facebook Comment Bar :)

1. Who is Holly by describing it in 3 words?
Confident, Head strong, Funny

2. What does Holly like to do on a normal day?
I usually have a modeling job everyday during the week but during my time off I love to shop and spend time with my best friends!

3. What made you decide to join the pageant that you won the crown as Miss Ireland World?
My friends all encouraged me to enter Miss University and when I won that I was in the final of Miss Ireland and it was the support and love of my family and friends that gave me the confidence to believe I could win!

4. How did you prepare for the pageant?
I went to the gym everyday, got my hair and nails done and kept a healthy diet.

5. You were an early favorite, was it a pressure to you?
It felt like a bit of pressure at times but I tried to ignore it!

6. What do you think of the new Miss World?
Ivian is a beautiful girl inside and out, every time I saw her she was smiling and chatting to people! She'll represent Miss World really well!

7. Now, Miss World is done, have you made promises to some of the ladies?
If yes, would you like to share some? I have promised Alize (Miss England) that I would come over to London to do some Christmas shopping with her! I also want to visit Anna (Miss Norway) in Norway too!

8. As Miss Ireland World, what will Holly do in a year as part of your reign?
I will do a lot of modeling and t.v appearances during my reign and will also help out with as many charities as I can especially now coming up to Christmas!

9. How will you celebrate your victory although you didn't place?
I went out after the show with my friends and family! Even though I didn't place I'm confident that I'll have a successful modeling career :)

10. Who will be the lady/ladies that you will miss the most?
Miss England, Miss Norway, Miss Netherlands, Miss Israel and Miss New Zealand! And lots more, too many to mention!

11. What type of Ireland girl that you want to be your successor?
Someone different to me, I would like to see them pick someone different each year!

12. Message to your fans!
Thanks to everyone who supported me and to everyone who predicted me to be in the top 7! Sorry I didn't place, but this isn't the last you've heard of Holly Carpenter ;)

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Mariana"
Greetings from UBC

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