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Pageant Vixen Talk # 26: Nana Meriwether

Pageant Vixen Talks # 26: Nana Meriwether
by: Jayson

"Black Barbie"

1. Describe Nana in 3 adjectives.
1)athletic 2)academic 3)humanitarian

2. Name 3 things that you can't live without
1)school 2) volleyball 3) travel

3. Name 5 important websites for you

4. How did Nana know about the world of Pageantry?
After I finished playing volleyball for UCLA, I was recruited to play professional volleyball in Puerto Rico and to train for the 2008 Olympics in Colorado Springs. After completing Olympic training, I decided to return back to school and was admitted to The University of Southern California to study post graduate premedical sciences. While studying I missed the sense of competition that was such a part of my life playing volleyball in college, professionally and for the Olympic training team. I was turned on to compete for Miss Malibu, a prelim to Miss California USA, by a friend and decided to partake in the event to satisfy my longing to participate in competition once more.

5. Did your 4th Runner Up finish at Miss California USA 2011 helped you or pressured you at Miss Maryland USA 2012?
I am originally from the east coast. I grew up in Maryland/The Washington DC area and attended The Sidwell Friends School (current school of the Obama daughters and Biden grandchildren, former school of Al Gore jr. and Chelsea Clinton) from 1st-12th grade. I attended UCLA for my undergraduate and USC for post graduate studies and that is why I found myself in California for close to 9 years. As soon as I completed my post graduate premedical studies at The University of Southern California I moved back home/east, hence my leaving California after my 4th runner up placement. I am currently applying to medical school and with Miss USA coming up as well, I cannot wait to find out where I will be living next!

6. Tell us more about your advocacy at South Africa?
The place where the beautiful Nana was bornIn the 1980s, my father and mother donated 8 years of pro bono medical and community work in rural South Africa. My father, a physician, helped over half a million refugees and natives while my mom mobilized the community to become more self-sufficient by introducing agricultural projects and small business plans to villagers. Born during this time, it is safe to say I was destined to become an international humanitarian later on in life. Stemming from my parents notable and selfless work in the 1980s, I co-founded The Meriwether Foundation in 2006( My 501 © (3) international non-profit helps support and sustain agricultural, health, community and academic programs in now 5 countries of Southern Africa (Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe). From starting schools to opening clinics and teaching villages to grow their own crops, I am everyday motivated to help others overseas because of my parent’s example.

7. In pageants, do you think "Height is Might"?
 I think beauty comes in many forms. It is the confidence and approachability a beautiful girl carries that sets her apart from the rest. As a result, no I do not think “height is might” as it is what’s inside that really counts.

8. What preparations are you doing for Miss USA 2012?
Much preparation goes into competing for Miss USA! From selecting the perfect gown to getting into shape to mentally preparing for competition with my directors and coach Michelle Holmes, I know I will be expertly prepared come Miss USA . My team is simply the best!! My directors have been doing this for years and also direct New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, and Delaware. I played volleyball for UCLA and ended up leading my team to the NCAA Final Four. The discipline and work ethic needed for competing at such an elite level in volleyball mirrors my preparation for Miss USA. I am excited for this journey and for the hard work to come with my experienced team!

9. What is your edge from the other 50 contestants of Miss USA 2012?
From my experience competing in volleyball at an elite level playing for UCLA, professionally in Puerto Rico and training for the 2008 Olympics in Colorado Springs, I think I have learned to be coachable and accept constructive criticism well.

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Nana"
Greetings from UBC

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