Friday, 23 March 2012

Miss Universe and Miss World Albania merges this 2012

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A major change will happen in the Albanian pageantry this year:

Dear friends, for a few days we will havef live auditions to begin the National Beauty Contest Forum "Miss & Mister Albania 2012"this year will be that the winners will represent Albania in the "Miss World" and "Miss Universe" contest. The show will bear the signature of Regjisores Vera Grabocka in collaboration with photographer Fadil Berisha.All those who are interested, or have known someone (girl or boy) who is willing to be part of this competition to contact us inbox. Or email: miss.mister_albania @ sms: 0696603111 ... flm and successes. Taken from official facebook fanpage.

Xhesika Berberi, Miss Universe Albania 2012