Friday, 18 May 2012

Final Hotpicks for Miss Universe Canada 2012!

*PS: I forgot to include the name of Jenna above, may bad, sorryyy.  

1. Dajana Radovanovic - As we see every year, Canada is always crowning diverse girls to represent at Miss Universe 2012. Now, we have this mixed-race stunner, Dajana, which is total-packaged and well-equipped for the international arena. She has the FACE, SEX APPEAL, well I don't know with the body but I believe it's workable though. She's marketable.

2. Katie Starke - This is typical Canadian girl is no ordinary. She is determined in her own way. She could also win the crown. Although she disappoints me with some of her candids lately and she's becoming inconsistent, this girl has the spark and the extraordinary something that she can exude in the international arena.

3. Sahar Biniaz - Very extraordinary. But in my personal view, very raw/fragile still, it's workable anyway. I wouldn't mind if she succeeds, she is marketable and working in her own brand. I also love her facial structure and styling. Good Luck girl!

4. Jenna Talackova - I am surprised. She is exuding femininity. Although, she is almost perfect for the crown like the girls above and the girl below, her flaws can seen still. She had gain publicity which is an advantage for her to win. She must work on her catwalk and show life on stage if she wants to win.

5. Suzette Hernandez - Total package! She has the personality, body, experience, face but I can't see any sex appeal. In her stint at Bb. Pilipinas, she opted to be a silent killer which had deprived her of the spotlight. Make us proud Suzette!

6. Alina Tsymbalarou - Angelina Jolie is in the haus! The lips of this year's competition. She has the sex appeal and she can impress the judges with her lips.

7. Alena Konovalova - Pretty

8. Kyra Weston - Pretty, uncommon face. I bet she's going to surprise us this Saturday

9. Isabella Romero - Facially excelling

10. Sarah Harrison - Darkhorse! Girl, good luck!

To wrap it up, good luck to all and may you do well!