Wednesday, 30 May 2012

UBC's Miss USA 2012 Pre-Preliminary Picks and Reviews

The picks are based from their Candids, Professional shots, Interview and Impact. The Preliminary Competition will be tomorrow. UBC will set up a live stream at our Home page.

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Top 5

1. Ohio: Audrey Bolte

This was an underdog before she arrived in the competition. In the most Pre-Arrival Hotpicks, this girl was placed below the belt. But as she came, she rocked the competition and proved she's worthy of the crown. She is very modelesque in every shot, sported the proper styling and showed how witty she is during the interview. 

2. California: Natalie Pack

Many were upset when she won Miss California USA 2012, only a few likes her (including me). Many believed that she's very much a model prototype rather than a beauty queen prototype, so it's very much hard for her winning the hearts of the pageant fans. She proved her bashers wrong when she nailed almost all of the photoshoots this year! Not only that, she was a favorite of the sponsors. Her experience at ANTM truly helped her, back to back for California pleasee?

3. Alabama: Katherine Webb

A front runner since the very beginning! This girl is gorgeous, very effortless, tall and overflowing with sex appeal. This girl can win anytime!

4. Georgia: Jazz Wilkins

Imma' big fan of ebonies! This girl is indeed giving a good fight. She already got a large publicity knowing her father and uncle are NBA stars. She's very much poised and her face is just striking! She's rocking the competition also and giving her competitors a run for their money.

5. Michigan: Kristen Danyal

Her best asset is her look. She is from Iraq and people may be starstrucked when they see this girl. She's effortless as well. She's winning all the hearts of the people! She has the body as well.

Top 10

6. Virginia: Catherine Muldoon

This is girl is very ethereal and charismatic! With the right styling, she may do greater in the competition. She is one to beat this year. Though her flaws are visible, her positive side will always outshine that side. I`ll me happy if she`ll win!

7. Texas: Brittany Booker

Here come another front runner! Physically, Brittany is perfect in every single way yet the one thing is, she's very inconsistent with her performance but nevertheless, she's in. And she's a pageant patty.

8. Rhode Island: Olivia Culpo

Olivia is giving a good fight this year, although coming from an infamous state of US. She's modelesque and perfect in every single way yet the spotlight has been deprived from her. Yet all I know, she will surely rock the competition! She's beautiful and has the face, very striking!

9. New Jersey: Michelle Leonardo

I love this girl BIG TIME! She's perfect and all her shots has INTENSITY! Her biggest asset is her eyes! 

10. Maine: Rani Williamson

A pre-Miss USA 2012 front runner but what went? She's giving a good fight yet why in the eyes of the other people she's losing her spark. I just wish the best for her! She's my Taylor Swift

Top 16

11. Maryland: Nana Meriwether

At first glance, you might be shocked that this girl is joining pageants. Nana is one of my favorites this year! She's very versatile and charismatic. Although, I doubt her entering the semis, I have still high hopes for her to do well! Plus, her family's famous cause can be a helpful too for her!

12. Delaware: Krista Clausen

This girl has much grown on me! She's doing well and not playing her card very well! I am very confident that she has a big chance of entering the semis! 

13. South Dakota: Taylor Neisen

Taylor is a top 5 material but what makes her place in this spot is that the girls above is more famous than her. Nevertheless, that factor would not be a hindrance for her to enter the Top 16. Although, she was an underdog, she's starting to slap those bitches above her!

14. Nevada: Jade Kelsall

Jade has a big advantage than all of those girls have, well obviously, because the pageant is held in her home state. I find this girl perfect, no polishing should be made yet she's kinda exuding a SILENT killer vibe, But there's one thing I am sure of, she will place!

15. Indiana: Megan Myrehn

This girl is uber gorgeous. But she's kinda homesick ;;? ;;? But on the other hand, she is very much uncommon and she can be the girl which the other girls can be envious of.

16. Lousiana: Erin Edmiston

The fact that she resembles Johanna Solano made me like her. I just thought she will wow the judges.