Saturday, 6 October 2012

Miss Intercontinental 2012 will be held on November 23


Millions of people have been the audience of last year´s 40th anniversary the 2011 MISS INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant. The show was live telecast from "Teatro Circo" in Spain. Stunning Jessica Hartman from the USA was elected as the winner, followed by Gloria martinez from Spain.

This year we are going to have the 41st Miss Intercontinental live from the Eurogress Convention Center of the city Aachen. 

Aachen, also known as Bad Aachen is a spa town in the State North Rhine Westphalia. In French, and sometimes (especially earlier) also in English, the city is known as Aix-la-Chapelle.

Aachen was a favoured residence of Charlemagne, and later the place of coronation of the Kings of Germany. Geographically, Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany, located along its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands, 50 km west of Cologne. Aachen's predominant economic focus is on science, engineering, information technology and related sectors. In 2009, Aachen was ranked 8th among cities in Germany for innovation.

Aachen Cathedral was erected on the orders of Charlemagne in AD 786 and was on completion the largest cathedral north of the Alps. On his death Charlemagne's remains were interred in the cathedral and can be seen there to this day. The cathedral was extended several times in later ages, turning it into a curious and unique mixture of building styles. For 600 years, from 936 to 1531, Aachen Cathedral was the church of coronation for 30 German kings and 12 queens.

The 14th century city hall lies between two central places, the market place and the Katschhof (between city hall and cathedral).

The Elisenbrunnen is one of the most famous sights of Aachen. It is a neo-classical hall covering one of the city's famous fountains. It is just a minute away from the cathedral. Just a few steps in north-western direction lies the Casino Aachen and the Eurogress in where we are having our Show.

This year we are inviting 62 contestants from all 5 continents. Our journey will lead us through various cities such as Berlin, Nuernberg, Duesseldorf and Cologne. From the 19th to the 24th we will remain in Aachen to prepare for the Gala Show on the 23rd of November. The official arrival is in Frankfurt on the 10th and 11th of November.