Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Miss International 2012 contestants learn about Okinawa, Japan.

Officially it is the start of the Miss International pageant! Preparations are now over and they are now bound to show the reap of what the sow in their training sessions. These dazzling ladies are not just about on their beauty, their catwalks, their style nor their brains. But they are also on the cultural side since Miss International is in partneship with ICA or International Cultural Association which is about the cultures of the world.

These ladies undergo orientations before heading out to Okinawa and bond with the people around them. In their orientation, they had a session about learning what is inside of Okinawa, Japan. These ladies learn about the history and culture of Okinawa. After this session, they have activities being scheduled wherein they will go to historic places of Okinawa.

That is what a real queen is, learning one's culture by heart. This is just the start of the new journey for them. Good luck ladies!