Friday, 12 October 2012

Pageant Vixen Talks: Natalie Pietrzak

Last week, we had Kristen Danyal who represented Michigan on the 2012 Miss USA. This week, we will be featuring Miss Massachusetts, Natalie Pietrzak. Get to know about here in this weeks Pageant Vixen Talks.

UBC: Who is Natalie that people don't really know?
Natalie: I am actually a very private person, and someone who loves to work behind the scenes. I'm not a fan of shameless self promotion.  I think a lot of people portray me as this serious business woman, always polished and put together... but I'm only human!  Behind closed doors I'm extremely clumsy, silly and love to laugh.

UBC: Winning Miss Massachusetts 2012, how did it feel?
Natalie: Unreal. I had an interesting reaction..I lost all feeling in my arms and legs and sort of froze up!

UBC: Did you expected to win the title?
Natalie: No, absolutely not. I didn't get into the pageant to actually win it.   I was looking for a way to rebuild my self esteem, make new friends and become a strong, beautiful, successful woman. The training process helped me achieve all this and more. The night of the pageant I prayed to God, I said if you want me to win, then let me win and I will be the best Miss Massachusetts ever.  If not, then I will be just as happy because I got what I wanted out of friends and self confidence that I lost over the years. I feel that I was meant to win this title which is why I take it so seriously. I never say no to anything.

UBC: Was being Miss Massachusetts your dream?
Natalie: My sister was Miss CT USA 2009 therefore I had the chance to witness all the amazing opportunities that came to her and see the benefits of winning the title. It was never my dream to win, but I welcomed the opportunity with open arms. My sister and I didn't come from a pageant background. This was the first pageant I ever competed in! 

UBC: How do you balance time with your family and being Miss Massachusetts?
Natalie: That will never be an issue, nothing comes before my family and I make sure to visit my parents once a week. My sister is also my best friend so we talk every day. They are extremely supportive though, they never ask me to visit because they know I have limited time,  I just do it anyways!

UBC: Your family name is interesting, do you have a mix blood or pure American?
Natalie: I am 100% Polish, first generation. My parents moved here from Poland in their late twenties because they wanted a better life for themselves. They taught themselves English and established incredibly impressive careers as Engineers. Their story blows my mind...they are my role models and taught me what it means to work hard and value education. I have had a job ever since I was 14 years old (serving food in a retirement home) I've been a hustler ever since. I am 100% independent financially and paid my way through my MBA... something I am very proud of.

UBC: Right now, how is being Miss Massachusetts?
Natalie: It's a dream come true. As an event planner, being involved in some of the best events this city has to offer is the best reward yet. I attend 4-5 events a week so between my Miss Mass duties and my full time job I am very busy, but I am happier than ever. I meet new and interesting people every week and I make an impact on people's lives through my charity involvement. I feel very fulfilled in life.

UBC: Did Alida D'Angona, Miss Massachusetts 2011 gave you advice to carry in Miss USA?
Natalie: Yes! She taught me to be true to myself and make this title my own. State Titleholders often times get influenced into becoming someone the public wants them to be..and then you lose sight of why you won the title to begin with; because of your own unique qualities.

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss USA 2012?
Natalie: I work out regularly with my trainer Katie Boyd of the Miss Fit Club in Wellesley. She has me on a pretty tough work out and diet plan. I'm not "dieting" just eating healthy. Hardest part, cutting out sweets. I have a pretty bad sweet tooth! I am also mentally preparing by training with my sister Monica. She trained me for Miss Mass and I plan on following her instructions into Miss USA.

UBC: After competing Miss USA, what would you possibly do?
Natalie: Obviously we all want to win Miss USA, but if I don't win I will be just as happy. I am creating security for myself right now. I am using my title as leverage to create a name for myself in the business world. I have my own event planning company so I want to relaunch this business and expand. I want investors and a staff. I can plan one event alone with my eyes closed...but planning 20? I need a staff haha.

UBC: How will you share to your future family as being a beauty queen?
Natalie: There's so much for to it than beauty!  I hope to one day share photos of my reign with my own children and have them be inspired by all that I achieved.

UBC: What is your message to all young ladies who have this passion for pageants?
Natalie: The pageant system changed my life but I still maintain my innocence and integrity. The pageant can open up a lot of doors, but I always make sure that I choose to get involved in clean and respectable opportunities that represent who I am as a person. I view myself as a beautiful and strong woman and most importantly I am an inspiration to young girls. If you want to get involved in something that will positively change your life, do a pageant.

UBC: Beauty Tip To All.
Natalie: Don't over think it or be influenced by all the trends out there. If simple works for you, keep it simple. If you like the glam and glitz, go wild!

UBC: Message to your fans
Natalie: Love you all and thank you for supporting me all the way!