Sunday, 7 October 2012

Miss International 2012 - First Week

          What a busy week for our contestants! Right now, we're about to tell you guys about their 1st week in Okinawa. The first week of our girls has really been fun and exciting, having a peek around some parts of the country and they get to go to breath-taking scenes.
          The ladies also got the chance to take pictures with their co-candidates, they're already having their strong friendship bond to last for a lifetime!
          As usual, first day was their arrivals, meeting each other and sharing their stories about their adventure in coming to Japan. Second day, they had an orientation, Okinawa history class with their professor, Yasushi Kamashima, and opening press conference at Shuri Castle Garden. It's a good start for the ladies to embrace the beauty of Japan as they learn more of the place each day.
          Let us share to you guys on what happened during their orientation. We got to take a look at Miss Haiti's video blog during the event and well, they had such a great time! We can see that Miss Gibraltar is sitting next to Korea [I think], Namibia is with Mongolia, Philippines with Nepal and US Virgin Islands with Turkey, so on and so forth. The contestants get to say something about themselves and stuffs. It's really great to hear them sharing things that know about their country and for them to express what they feel about the pageant and stuffs. After that they ate lunch, talking to one another, sharing stuffs etc. A good start for them in Japan. During the opening press conference, the ladies actually look so stunning and glamorous while they pose and waved "hello" for the cameras and fans with their long, colorful and elegant gowns! Such a wonderful sight it was! The Shuri Castle Garden was so majestic and spectacular! Such a breath-taking sight. We can see miss Haiti with her long black gown, El Salvador wearing a Sku Blue gown that has a an opening in the leg, Korea with a glamorous pink gown.
            Next day, they had the Communication Workshop, welcome ceremony and welcome party, again, the ladies strut their super fabulous outfits at the welcoming ceremony at Rhiga Royag Gran Okinawa and Welcome Party. It would be such a great moment if we, ourselves were there to experience what our contestants has experienced right now!
            Next is the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum visit and Ladies forum. The arts and sculptures were absolutely beautiful! They had this palm tree with blue, twisted leaves made out of glass sculpture, what a sight!
           On the fifth day, they had an Introduction to History and Culture program at Peace Memorial Park, the ladies are absolutely having a great time learning something about the country.
           Sixth day, they had a Miss Parade at Kokusai Avenue, Palette Square, the ladies had an extraordinary experience of a lifetime! During the parade, they had an thrilling time as they go around town and seeing their supporters, taking pictures ect. Miss Macau stated "Tired but really enjoying!", Miss Haiti also said "So much fun in Okinawa!"
           Last day, they had the Worldwide Eisa Festival at Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha and Naha Great Tug of War Festival at Kumoji crossing. They wore a maroon shirt and wore their sashes proud and strong! Such a breath-taking sight seeing the contestants having so much fun! Miss Italy stated "Oh great! The Japanese are very hospitable and very nice!"
           We can actually picture them still having those huge smiles on their faces for they had a week worth remembering for a lifetime!


photos: From Miss Haiti Anedie Azael's twitter




Videos: From Miss Haiti's youtube account

During the Orientation last Tuesday





During the Opening Press Conference