Friday, 3 May 2013

French Polynesian girl will represent France at Miss Universe 2013

Sylvie Tellier, director of the Miss France has announced the participation of Hinarani Longeaux the Miss Universe pageant Saturday night at Chatillon-sur-Seine, on the occasion of the election of Miss Côte-d'Or. Leiana Faugerat, director of the Miss Tahiti, then received an email from the Miss France. "We suspected for a few days, but we could not talk without official confirmation." It's done."Hinarani will represent France in December at the Miss Universe. I had the phone since it is packed and super-excited to participate in this event. " Miss France, meanwhile, could represent the country at the Miss World contest.

Miss France 2013 Marine Lorphelin and her runner up Hinarani
de Longeaux

Hinarani Longeaux is currently on tour in France, she participates in regional elections next contestants Miss France 2014, alongside Marine Lorphelin, Miss France 2013. She expected the announcement, without believing altogether, because "she wanted to preserve a possible disappointment." She started preparing, practicing a sport and daily session following English classes. "But she kept a certain reserve, says Leiana Faugerat. Since Saturday, the pace has changed. "

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