Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pageant Vixen Talks: Amanda Delgado

It has been awhile since the last time we had our "Pageant Vixen Talks." We are still going to give the best we can do. Now this week, since Miss International USA is coming, let's get to know the reigning titleholder who became victorious in Miss International which was held last November in Okinawa, Japan. She has joined many pageants which means she is definitely not new to the industry. Let's get to know Amanda Renee Delgado!

 UBC: Who is Amanda Delgado on a normal day?
Amanda: On a normal day I am either working for one of the websites I model for or I am at home trying new recipes I found on pintrest. I really enjoy cooking and trying new foods which is one of the reasons why I love traveling!

UBC: TOP 3 things that you bring everyday as Miss USA - International?
Amanda: The 3 things I can't forget in my bag are my competition wear of course but other than that they would be: swimsuit glue, eyelashes, and my camera.

UBC: According to Wikipedia, you entered into many international pageants, how did your interest for pageants developed in you?
Amanda: I have been competing in pageants locally in California since the age of 10. I was never pressured by my mom or anything, it was a decision I made on my own. Ever since my first pageant I have been either competing, judging or even helping with directing local pageants for the past 13 years. it all started then.

UBC: Correct me if I am wrong, first pageant was in 2008 which was Miss Tourism Queen International, how did you feel joining that?
Amanda: My first international pageant was actually Miss Young International in the Philippines in Nov. of 2006. I had just turned 17 and wouldn't say I was scared at all but was anxious. My parents were reluctant to let me go but i wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. 

UBC: What motivated you to really join more pageants?
Amanda: What has motivated me to compete in more pageants is meeting new people, getting involved in my community and traveling around the world. I have met so many interesting, brave, beautiful people competing in pageants and when you combine that with traveling to new places and experiencing other cultures, it makes me remember why I still compete.

UBC: As Miss US - International, what activities are you involved in your reign?
Amanda: I won the title Miss US International not to long ago and have done a few events such as, a parade, volunteering at the humane society,visiting queens at a few pageants, and a few photo shoots. Right now I am preparing for Miss International and getting all my stuff together to leave, but when I get back I hope to start working with different charities and organizations more closely.

UBC: How are you preparing for Miss International?
Amanda: My prep for Miss International started with going to Michigan, where my national director lives, to have my official photo shoot. Now I am preparing all my wardrobe to take with me and picking out my evening gown from the official gown sponsor for Miss US International, La Casa Hermosa. My national costume is on its way and swimsuit is in the works. The best preparation in the end is to just be mentally ready for long days of activities and early mornings!

UBC: How can you differentiate Miss International pageant from other pageants you joined?
Amanda: Each pageant has different goals and message they want to send. Miss International slogan is "achieving world peace through mutual understanding". Competing in one of the top pageant in the world will be a different experience of it's own.

Amanda: My Family fully supports what I do and my sister also competes in pageants. So we spend a lot of time together preparing and going to events. In the end I think that it is best to always prioritize everything and don't or whelm yourself.

UBC: For you, how can you develop FRIENDLY competition in a pageant?
Amanda: I not only enter a pageant to win but to make friends and have a good time. Winning a pageant is just a bonus to the whole experience. You can't win everything, so if you are friends with all the girls and one of them wins you'll be happy for them. When you compete and even travel over seas you need to represent your country well and keep a good reputation for yourself.

UBC: What advice did Kristen Little, Miss US - International 2011, gave you?
Amanda: Kristen told all of us contestants competing for the title Miss US International, to enjoy your year. It goes by fast and make the most of it.

UBC: What type of American woman do you want to pass your crown?
Amanda: I want to pass my crown to a women who is ready for a big job. Someone who will take what I have done in my year and do more, and who has a kind soul. I hope that she will take advantage of this opportunity and set high goals.

UBC: Beauty Tip/s To All.
Amanda: My beauty tip is, don't wear something you don't feel beautiful and confident in.

UBC: Message To You Fans.
Amanda: "A crown on your head is beautiful....but if you never sparkled without it, you'll never sparkle with it" -Amanda Delgado Miss U.S. International 2012