Friday, 10 May 2013

Miss World franchise in Venezuela goes to Ivian Sarcos

Ivian Sarcos, Miss World 2011 from Venezuela

2013 will be the last year that Venevision and the Miss Venezuela Organization to send Venezuelan representative to the Miss World contest, and that was not renewed franchise Venevision this contest.

Ivian Sarcos, Miss World 2011, will travel next week to London and China to meet with Julia Morley, president of the Org. Miss World to negotiate and arrange everything about the new contest that will choose the course representative to Miss World Venezuela 2014 and which she will be the director or holder of franchise.

Meanwhile, the Miss Venezuela Organization is also in talks with Julia Morley to resolve as is the selection of Miss World Venezuela 2013, the last sent under the direction of Osmel Sousa.

Source: Concursos de Belleza