Saturday, 18 February 2012

Carolina Aguirre - Ecuador's hope for 2012 at Miss Universe!

Susana Rivadeneira 

The last time Ecuador placed was on Miss Universe 2004 held at the country itself, in the person of Susana Rivadeneira who ended up as Top 10 semifinalist. Since then, Ecuador didn't place at Miss Universe.

This 2012, is such a ray of hope for this country. This country is indeed a powerhouse but unfortunately, wrong choices for winners which will be sent to Miss Universe were done. On the other hand, Ecuador triumphed at Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International editions especially the a 2-peat win at Miss International and Miss Earth 2011. 

But Ecuador's thirst for Miss Universe crown is still ongoing and thus this 2012 is a lucky year for them if only they will make the right decision.

19-year old Carolina Aguirre, a professional model of Ecuador, finally paves her way for joining Miss Ecuador this 2012. Starting from the screening, this girl is a head turner. She draws many attention from the pageant fans. 

She has the look, the body factor and the X Factor. Her face is so uncommon which is a big advantage for her from the other contestants. Her modelling experience will surely help her to outshine others! She has a vavavoom body.

1. Know that being a beauty queen and model is different. Know the difference!
2. Maintain your physical appearance.
3. Boost self-esteem and confidence!

For the organization and the judges: Always make the right decision!!

On the other hand, Tatiana Chele is an alternate for the crown.