Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Miss Panama adds two major titles: International and Earth

Marisela Moreno, director of Miss Panama pageant, announces that for this year's pageant and hopefully in the succeeding years they will feature and crown Miss International Panama and Miss Earth Panama. So basically, 4 Queens in total (Together with Miss Universe and Miss World Panama). This is a fruit of collaboration from Bellezas Panama ( a pageant group ) director Tania Hyman.

Panama is one of the countries who crowns their winners with the 4 Grand Slam pageants national titles. Venezuela and Czech Republic are applying this system.  Miss Panama 2012 will be on March 16, 2012! Sheldry Saez (Panama Universe; Top 10 at Miss Universe 2011), Irene Nunez (Panama World), Keity Mendieta (Panama International; 4th Runner Up at Miss International 2011) and Marelisa Betancourt (Panama Earth). The pageant will occur at Riu Plaza Panamá Hotel, Ciudad de Panamá, Panama.

Schedule of Activities:
February 6 - Presentation Show
March 5 - National Costume Competition
March 16 - Final Night