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Pageant Vixen Talk # 23: Michelle Martha Braun

Pageant Vixen Talk # 23: Michelle Martha Braun
by: Jay`Em

For our 23rd edition we are featuring Miss Asia Pacific World Philippines 2011-Michella Martha Braun. You will know her more here. She was a great fave for Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 held at South Korea.

I hope that this PVT will help out clear out things about Miss Asia Pacific World 2011 which ended as the most rigged and worst international pageant his 2011 due to its big controversies that shocked the pageantry.

1. Who was Michelle when she was a young age/when your were a teenager?
I was a simple girl. I grew up running around our kitchen and resto. i was everybody's little girl. im very close to my mom and her friends.
i was always too busy with school and extra curricular activities ( dancing, writing, acting, school org etc.) i did a lot of things when i was in school. i love being busy. it keeps my mind going. :)
i didnt know anything about make up and fashion. i just go out with my hair tied up, jeans, t shirt and rubber shoes. that was the old plain michelle.

2. How did you come to know in the WORLD OF PAGEANTRY?
i've been joining pageants since i was 14. my mom's friend organized a pageant and just convinced me to join. after that i wanted to join more pageants and experience more from it. :)


3. You joined Miss Philippines Earth 2009, what made you think to join this?
actually i wasn't planning to join that year because i wanted to finish my studies first before joining any national pageants but since i was bb aklan 2009 they convinced me to represent my province to a national beauty pageant.

4. You had this Environmental Message according from Wikipedia "Observe Waste Segregation" what made you to choose that from any other else?
i think most of our environmental problems boils down to waste segregation. if we could only know how to segregate our waste, understand what to use and not to use, there will be no water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. most of our problems comes from improper disposal of wastes that's why i choose this environmental problem.

5. As Miss Philippines Air, what were your advocacies in your one year reign?
we were campaigning for a plastic free world and waste segregation as well. we actually made a short film about waste.

6. After Miss Philippines Earth 2009, what did you do?
I went back to school after my reign..

7. So, did you undergo any pageant for Miss Asia Pacific World or were you only appointed?
I was only appointed by carousel production. Cathy Untalan, the executive director of Miss Earth Foundation called me and asked me if i wanted to join an international pageant of course i said yes.

8. The pageant was held in Korea, so how did you prepare for it?
I went back to Manila and started training under tito Rodgil Flores and momi g. my batch mates from Miss Philippines Earth 2009, Ate Cathy and Karla Henry, Miss Earth 2008 helped me too. from walking, make up, q and a and dressing appropriately. I worked out and went on diet for a month.

9. You got into Korea, so as you were going there, what expectations were you up to for Miss Asia Pacific World?
I expected to have a good time. meet new friends from all over the world and just enjoy my 1st international pageant. that's all.

10. At the first few days in Korea, what did you do?
We just visited some sponsors and a school. we had a tour and a talent competition and the pageant night. that's it.

11. You mentioned of the pageant night, what was really the controversy of it?
Well i didnt actually see how the pageant ended because me and some other girls went to the other bldg because it was too cold outside. i just know that there was no interview portion. I heard that two ladies who weren't included to the top 15 was announced to be part of the top 7.

12. According to the video blog of Ms. Guyana, ladies did gather to clear things out with the organizers, Ms. Costa Rica really had the courage to talk, were you there? If you were there, what did you do?
Yes I was there. That happened after the talent competition. We wanted to get answers from the organizers why the 2 ladies that didnt even performed talent got an award for talent, why ms guyana became ms africa and puerto rico became ms europe and then more issues went out during the confrontation that made us more disappointed.

13. When Miss Wales, Miss Guyana and Miss Costa Rica left? How did it changed the atmosphere of the competition?
We were all worried and scared. some of us were just expecting for the worst while some just tried to make the most out of our stay in Korea with the girls.

14. After the pageant, the hotel you stayed let you paid for your hotel bill, what did the organizers do?
we didnt pay for the hotel. at first there was a problem because the organizers didnt give the payment when we were all checking out already and some of the girls were asked by the staffs of the hotel to pay but after a few hours the organizers payed for it and we were able to leave Busan.

15. You lost your wallet in Busan according to your tweet, were you able to retrieve it?
nope.. i didnt retrieve it. good thing pawee and ferdie from missosology was there. they bought some stuffs for me the night i lost my wallet and lunch the following day. then when we transferred to another hotel the philippine rotary club 3820 from batangas was there, they gave me some amount plus pawee took some of the kilos away from my baggage so i paid less than i expected. God works in mysterious ways.

16. Message to the girls and you to your fans! :)
Im so proud of all of us. we survived ms asia pacific world :) and the issues made us even closer. despite of what happened still i had fun on the days we didnt do anything but just sit and talk or roam around.

to all those who supported me during the pageant thank you thank you thank you thank you very much. it's so amazing how filipinos come together and support those who tries to bring pride to our country. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :))

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Michelle"
Greetings from UBC

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