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Pageant Vixen Talk # 24: Dedee Zibara

Pageant Vixen Talk # 24: Dedee Zibara
by: Jay`Em

A girl with such strong conviction! That's what defines Dedee! Miss Australia Earth 2011 who competed at Miss Earth 2011 at Manila, Philippines. Dedee triumphed many hearts and supports from the pageant fans. In the near future, Dedee targets to be a successful lady. Let's meet her!

1. Who is Deedee that people don't really know? 
Im a beach boho girl at heart! I love the ocean, and enjoy nothing more than the sand between my toes looking au natural - no makeup, with my hair in its natural wave. Im very spiritual and find meditation as my escape when life gets a bit much!

2. What made Deedee interested in pageantry? 
I love the beach so much, and thoroughly enjoy the beauty of nature. When I was approached to join the Miss Earth pageant during a photoshoot. I was so inspired when I heard the cause was to promote the preservation of the nature, and that was that!

3. How did Deedee prepare for Miss Earth? 
Australia's pageant was very late this year due to unforseen circumstances so I had 2 weeks to prepare for my very first pageant from scratch! Fortunatelty I had the assistance of Miss Earth Australia 2010 Kelly Louise Macguire, Dennis from Rose Noir, Robyn Caughlan (a fabulous indigenous designer), Johan Westen, Titio (designer of Lavashe Couture) and sponsors who jumped on board at the last minute. Thankyou to Seventh Wonderland, Lisa Blue, Asyana and Bellaboo!

4. When you arrived in the Philippines, what was your first impression of the host country? 
From the minute I stepped off the plane, the Filipino people were so warm and inviting. The Philippines is such a unique blend of cultures, and a place I hadn't thought of going before. I am very blessed to have been given that opportunity to enjoy the very best of the Philippines. My favourite place was Samal Island!!

Dedee in her National Costume @ Miss Earth 2011
National Costume Competition

5. How did you bond with the ladies? 
How could I not?! This was the easiest part. As this was my first International pageant (and second pageant ever) I had a vague impression of what pageants could be like and was a little worried when I heard what pageant girls have done to each other in the past - but I was absolutely gobsmacked to find every single girl so easy to get along with. These were girls I felt like I'd known since primary school! I miss so many of them right now too!

6. When the pageant night arrived, did you expected to be called in the top 16? 
I always hope for the best but definately wasn't disappointed that I didn't. get called for the Top 16. The girls that did make it should be very proud of themselves (especially Paraguay and Japan who were two close friends during the pageant) - but so too should the girls that didn't. It must have been so difficult to pick just 16 girls with so many beautiful, intelligent confident women around!

7. Now Miss Earth 2011 is done, did you made any promise to some girls? What is it?
I made one to myself. That I will never stop trying to save the Earth and teaching people about the devastating state of the environment at the moment particularly other environmental catastrophes on the other side of the globe. And that I promise to see my roomies again one day soon! If I'm rich one day I'll jetset them all to Australia for a girly week of fun!

8. What environmental advocacy will you continue to do in Australia? 
There are many worthwhile causes! I think the biggest issue starts with our Carbon Footprint so I hope to work with organisations like who get involved in environmental issues all around the world to promote and educate civilans about the severity of our global Carbon footprint. Australia is by nature a beach babes paradise so its also important to work with organisation that protect our marine life (particularly the Great Barrier Reef).

9. Fans said that "You were one of the greatest bodies in the batch!" 
and "She should have been in the top 16!" what can you say to these issues? 
That is so flattering to hear! All I can say is a big thankyou!

10. Beauty Tip: My secret to always looking fresh is eyedrops! I carry them with me everywhere. No matter how much the day (or night!) wears you out, a few eyedrops to clear up your eyes keep you looking and feeling more alive and engaging :)

11. How will Deedee celebrate victory even though she didn't win as Miss Earth? 
I celebrate my victories everyday when my feet hit the floor with a big "Thankyou" to the beings that watch over me. So I celebrate my victories with a big smile and a gracious attitude.

12. What type of Australian girl that you want to pass your crown?
 Someone who is genuine and grateful and ready for a challenge! Beauty pageants are NOT a walk in the park but they are so much fun.

13. What does Deedee gonna do next after Miss Earth? 
Continue to seek success and find a way to make a difference in people's lives. I am a very driven and motivated individual so I look forward to what the future will bring!

Message to your fans. 
I am so blessed to have people behind me wishing me the best. I cannot thank you enough for your support!

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Dedee"
Greetings from UBC

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