Friday, 10 February 2012

Peru's officially announces its delegates for Miss Universe and Miss World 2012

As what we have stated on our previous news article that Nicole Faveron was chosen as Miss Peru Universe 2012 by the organization, recently, the organization officially announces and proclaims its hopes for the 2 major pageants.

Nicole Faveron, who is 22 years old and stands 6'0 will represent Peru at the upcoming Miss Universe 2012. She was 1st RU at Miss Peru 2011.

Guillana Zevallos, who is 23 years old and stands 5'11 1/2 will represent Peru at Miss World 2012 at Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. She competed at Miss Universe 2010 and Miss Earth 2008.

Both representatives for 2012 are crowned by their respective predecessors.