Monday, 2 April 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012: What can we say? (Part 1)

A week and a half, 12 days to be exact, it's getting tougher! We're getting closer! The end is near! Only one out of 30 ladies would have a chance to bring the name "Philippines" to the most prestigious pageant, the Miss Universe. Never a doubt that there are many stunning ladies this year. There are girls trying AGAIN, there are girls who are trying to PURSUE the world of pageantry and there are some who are trying because it's their PASSION.

I know you have your bets out there. But as far as we know, many of these girls are stepping up there game. Notable girls this year might really have a chance of getting to the semis. Here are some girls who are getting into the hearts of every person.

Video of the ABS-CBN plug of candidates 1-10

BINIBINI 1 - Gallman, Karen

As to being referred as "Ximena Navarette" aura. Karen exudes the Mexican-Filipina spirit, but actually she is an AUSTRALIAN. She but she a proud Boholana (she lives in Bohol). From the screenings, she really did a mark on people's mind because of her "Ximena" look. Never a doubt that she would get into people's picks. But sometimes, she got to stand out more, because there are many girls who are outshining her. A "Silent Killer" this year, she is Karen!

BINIBINI 2 - de Castro, Romelin

Romelin is a girl who have a strong guts What scares me about her is her maturity, I think face wise isn't for finalists. But I have high hopes for Romelin. If she tries out again, maybe she needs to undergo more training.  Smart is her word, she is Romelin!

BINIBINI 3 - Marable, Nicole

At the age of 17, Nicole had the guts of competing in a national pageant. First time around, she was into the hotpicks of some pageant sites. She has the face, but I don't think her confidence is not yet there. Age doesn't matter, that's for sure, it's Nicole!

BINIBINI 4 - Hidalgo, Jaine

Jaine try out in Bb. Pilipinas last year, sadly she didn't make it to the top 40 which saddens the hearts of many people who were supporting for her. After Bb. Pilipinas 2011, she then moved to Miss Philippines-Earth 2011, and for the second time around, she didn't make it to the top 10, instead she was eliminated in the 3rd round of elimination. Now she is back! Back for a third chance, she finally made it to the list of candidates this. Never a doubt that many people would love her. She is stunning! With her straight hair and wind as her teammate, she would get appeal from the people.Striving for the 3rd time around, it's Jaine!

BINIBINI 5 - Aguilar, Rose Ann

A relative of Carlene Aguilar (Binibining Pilipinas-World 2005 and Miss Philippines-Earth 2001), Rose Ann proves that with her angelic face, and having a second chance, she is also a crowd favorite. Placed as one of the top 10 finalists in Binibining Pilipinas 2010, Rose Ann maybe think that she could do better this year and might snatch one of the crowns. But one question, "Did Rose Ann undergo training for her second try?" Only we will know during the finals night. Fighting for title second time around, it's Rose Ann!

BINIBINI 6 - Arriosa, Maria Alicia Elena

Baby Pink, that's her color for this year! This petite but baby face tries on Binibining Pilipinas. After making to the FINAL 10 in Miss Philippines-Earth 2011, she proves that HEIGHT is not a basis for success in Bb. Pilipinas. Many of her fans really are hyping for her, but try to not over-hype. Alicia, from Pagadian City, can maybe make until top 15 or possible top 10. She may be petite, but she is tough to battle against the 29 other, she is Maria Alicia Elena!

BINIBINI 7 - Ejercitado, Patricia Lae

This year, we have a "THEORY or BELIEF" maybe, it's called the "7-8-9". Patricia tries out also for the second time around! Many were amazed by the "morena" skin tone of Patricia. Many were shocked by the transformation she got! Patricia is one of the strongest candidates this year! She maybe the NEXT Miss Philippines in Miss Universe as said by other picks of other pageant sites. Transforming in her second time around, it's Patricia!

BINIBINI 8 - Schmitz, Nicole

Also part of the "7-8-9" belief this year. The last time she competed for Bb. Pilipinas was 2007. After 5 years, Nicole is back to try again and win the Miss Universe Philippines title. People is thinking that she is better in Miss International. After 5 years, Nicole is also the lady who had transformations. Her transformation "wowed!" the people. Most hyped girl, she needs not to be confident that she can easily take this, instead be firm, "Grace under pressure" is what expected out of her. Waiting the right time to take it again, it's Nicole!

BINIBINI 9 - Lastimosa, Mary Jean

One of the ladies who returned again. She gave up her 2nd-Runner Up title for her to try again and maybe win the Miss Universe Philippines title. Most hyped girl shall I say. That is why MJ is persevered to battle it out because of so much people who supports for her. Hope this time she won't mess in the Q and A. Her weapon is her killer waistline! I have strong faith on MJ. Post ONE picture of her, many would really comment on it! Trying out for the second time, she is MJ!

BINIBINI 10 - Orbina, Jillean Camille

Jillean at first wasn't really a standout. After a few activities set up by BPCI, Jillean got attention to some people and was being hyped. I have nothing to say really about Jillean, but Jillean must really try her best and work hard during the finals night. I think she would fit for semifinalist. Simple yet silent, she is Jillean!

Candidate One to Ten! Check out for our part 2 (11-20) and part 3 (21-30). Comments are very open! But no bashing please! Our own point of view only. :)