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Pageant Vixen Talk # 27: Nicole Kelley

Pageant Vixen Talk # 27: Nicole Kelley
by: Jay`Em

1. Who is Nicole before being Miss Earth USA?
    I was a full time student at the University of Florida and received my Bachelors degree in Food and Resource Economics specializing in International Policy. I am proud that I was able to complete 3 minors during my time at UF in Spanish, International Development and Humanitarian Assistance, and Agriculture and Natural Resource Law. I also was an active member of my dance group Floridance in which we put on 2 shows per year along with participating in events such as Relay for Life and Project Makeover. Pageants have always been a part of my life because they are the best tool to do community service and promote my platform

2. How does winning Miss Earth USA affect your life?
    Life has been somewhat hectic, but a good hectic! I have been very active in not only my local community but in the US in general. My activities include promoting my platform entitled Food For Thought, the International Coastal Cleanup, and other various fund raisers, Eco fashion shows, and more. Working with some of the best people I've ever met as well; my director and his two wonderful sisters Evan, Debbie, and Tina, who have been the biggest help and who truly believe in the Earth system and create a wonderful environment for their girls to experience once in a lifetime opportunities, Eco Art Fashion's Luis Valenzuela, who designed my national costume,and  in my opinion is truly an Eco fashion visionary, Miss Earth USA 2010 Danielle Bounds who was a fantastic role model and wonderful supporter with her business partner Ashley Litton and their dress shop Sassy Chic who sponsored my gown for the international competition and wonderful tour of Kansas City, Ms Gail at Wowbrow's who not only sponsors facial and eyebrow services during my year but also is a wonderful supporter and friend to all those who are lucky enough to meet her, Sasha Kipish who came through at the last minute to provide hair extensions, and so many more. However, the most important part of being Miss Earth USA to me, is being a good role model for others, being a pageant girl or beauty queen isn't and shouldn't just be about the glamour but the heart of what being Miss Earth really is which should be giving back to your community. 

3. Was it really your dream to be a beauty queen?
    I wouldn't say dream per say, but assuredly a passion. I know, through my experience in the pageant industry, that it can provide young women and girls with very integral life lessons. Throughout my pageantry career I've learned how to communicate effectively and comfortably with all age groups, and cultures. Being a beauty queen allows the opportunity to overcome fears of stage, or public speaking, and promotes confidence, and self-esteem. 

4. As Miss Earth USA, what is your environmental advocacy?
    My platform is entitled Food For Thought. My goal is to give children the necessary tools to understand how agriculture affects the world around them. By teaching them the connections between agriculture and how it affects the environment that they will choose in their own lives to better take care of their environment and intern themselves as well. There are so many ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint through simple agricultural efforts that all we need to do is educate others on how to do so. One simple thing we can all do is buy with less packaging, many products have multiple layers of packaging that take resources to create, if we use less of those products we can lessen the impact we make on our natural resources and our environment in general. We can also eat lower on the food chain, fish instead of chicken, chicken instead of pork, pork instead of beef. It all has an impact on our environment! 

5. Why did you choose to be in Miss Earth, why not Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss International?
    It just seems to fit me! I have always loved nature ever since I was a child my best memories were of being in nature; camping with the Girl Scouts, fishing with my dad, climbing trees to play hide and seek, I can't remember a negative memory in those experiences. I carried that passion through my high school career in the FFA where I learned all aspects of the agriculture industry which has led me to my chosen career path. I am pursuing my passion for protecting nature through promotion of better agriculture practices. We have a purpose and we stand for something, I am most proud of the Beauties for a Cause slogan and I proudly say Stay Glamorously Green!! Because it's true in today's world we have so many more options to be greener and though Miss Earth we are the voices that tell people how easy it really is.

6. When you arrived in the Philippines, what was your first impression?
    I was somewhat awe struck at how welcoming and warm people were, to the Earth women from all over the world no matter race, creed or color. It takes a strong people to have that type of love and kindness in their everyday demeanor. When we arrived at our hotel the Oakwood it was a beautiful property settled nicely in between the hustle and bustle of Manila. My favorite part of the Philippines was undoubtedly our trip to Cebu and Bohol with Philippine Airlines, the islands were breathtaking and we had fantastic accommodations and first class service the whole time. I wouldn't trade my time in the Philippines for anything, and the best part was meeting all the girls, it truly never ceases to amaze me how intelligent and driven today's young women really are and I was proud to be a part of such a passionate group of women. 

7. What event/s were the most memorable for you when competing Miss Earth?
    I couldn't possibly pick one event there were too many. Meeting and being with the girls was the most memorable, no matter where we were we always had fun with each other, we understood each other, and we watched over each other. That is what Miss Earth is supposed to be about. 

8. Who was your closest friend/s in the competition?
    I loved Miss Japan, Miss England, Miss Scotland, Miss Northern Ireland, Miss Sweden, Miss Whales, Miss Canada, Miss Australia and the list could go on and on. It never felt like a competition but more of a collaborative effort of strong minded women for a common goal with a little fun and a few jokes. 

9. As being a dancer, how did you related dancing to pageantry?
    That's a fantastic question because I absolutely relate the two! Dancing on stage, especially ballet, you have to be poised, graceful, elegant, strong, emotional, patient, and many other things. In other words you have to "be it all" in order to truly convey the message in the dance. Pageantry is very similar in that you have to know what to do in every situation, you have to be well rounded, poised, elegant, patient, and strong. Being on the stage is only a part of both worlds, in both pageantry and dance you have to put in the most effort before you ever even get to the stage; hours of practice on technique, and choreography. They are both a very intricate process and very rewarding in the end no matter the outcome because of the work and dedication you put in before the final performance. 

10. How will you treasure this experience?
    I will convey what I learned to others. An important and life changing experience like this is only valuable if shared with others. Bringing pictures back and having the mementos and memories of the girls and all our experiences is how I will treasure my experience. 

11. What can you say to the person who was creating fake account and posted negative thoughts?
    It's really a shame that there are people in the world that think dragging others down is a way to go about life. No matter the fact that it happened, it happened and there is nothing that I can do about it except offer the explanation I did and hope that everyone stays focused on the important aspects that I bring to Miss Earth and my title as Miss Earth USA. 

12. Beauty Tip To All.
    One of my favorite sayings I've learned through my time as Miss Earth USA is that there is no right or wrong way to be green. We all can live different "shades of green". We must find the green solutions and alternatives that work for our lives and economic situations which can a large spectrum of solutions or "shades of green". Cliche or not, if we all do something it adds up and that's all that counts. 

13. Message to your fans.
    Stay Glamorously Green!

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Nicole"
Greetings from UBC

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