Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012: What can we say? (Part 2)

Last time, we gave you our opinions of the ladies in Bb. Pilipinas, they are candidates 1 to 10. Now, it's time for the second batch of stunning ladies who are vying for the crown on April 15. This just our opinions, comments are very open and no bashing. :) I should say that this year, they are taking it to next level. BPCI choosing right girls who are ready to take on the UNIVERSE, INTERNATIONAL or TOURISM. But only one of them can represent Philippines in most prestigious pageants in the world.

Video of the ABS-CBN plug of candidates 11-20

BINIBINI 11 - Sto. Peter, Marie

During screenings, Marie caught attention to the public because of her face. Her was was unique though but some wasn't happy of her face. She has a cute face as said by people who met her. Marie proves that she can have the guts of being Miss Universe Philippines. Striving hard to get the crown, that is Marie!

BINIBINI 12 - Dasalla, Ayelee Marie

Ayelee is a girl who is so pretty. Ayelee also stands out in the pageant scene in Bb. Pilipinas. Ayelee is sometimes silent. Being Miss Bataan 2011 1st-Runner Up, makes her confidence developed. But, Ayelee doesn't have to be so silent in the pageant. Her aura can capture a guy's eyes. The dream girl of one's guy, it's Ayelee!

BINIBINI 13 - Dimaranan, Katrina Jayne

At a young age of 18, Katrina has the guts of joining a national pageant. Katrina is smart and talented, but what I am scared of is her confidence. Maybe she could use her being smart and talented to bounce herself into the semi-finalist. Katrina's looks is really a Filipina look, some said her look is "exotic". Exotic, smart and talented, that is Katrina!

BINIBINI 14 - Howell, Gina Joy

Gina is so pretty in person, she may not look good in photographs but this girl is also catches attention in the people's eyes. People are rooting for her as part of the top 15. Gina's confidence would be her strongest enemy in the pageant. If she tries to develop her self-confidence, then she may be a top 5 material. Trying to speak up, it's Gina Joy!

BINIBINI 15 - Moll, Elaine Kaye

Elaine is a tall lady, but her face as what people say is plain. As she was a part of the finalists during Miss World Philippines, would she use the same strategy as what she did during Miss World Philippines? Many believe in Elaine's skill. She is also one of the people's attraction since she is tall and pretty. Trying to make it again, that's Elaine!

BINIBINI 16 - Alcantara, Leizl

Leizl's beauty is dubbed as a "Thailand" beauty. Leizl's beauty can make her stood out. I think being natural helps her in the pageant because what the industry wants is ladies who has natural beauty. But Leizl sometimes fades into the spotlight. That is why she needs to gain more attention and strut her stuff during the finals night on April 15. "Natural" that is Leizl!

BINIBINI 17 - Buenviaje, Anna Czarina

Anna fades into the spotlight, maybe there are factors which make her fade in the spotlight. That is why, if Anna wants to make it to the semi-finalist, well, she need to work hard and outshine everybody. I believe she can do it since she was chosen, then she can make it. Going up for the spotlight, it's Anna Czarina!

BINIBINI 18 - Tugonon, Janine Mari

Janine had doubts before joining again for Bb. Pilipinas. With her mother's support, she joined again and gave up her title as 1st-Runner Up like Mary Jean Lastimosa did. Janine was the dark horse last year. Never thought that she would be 1st-Runner Up last year. Janine's beauty is morena, she has the Filipina look. Some say she could be the next Miss Universe Philippines. Janine should really prove that she can be the next Miss Universe Philippines but her weakness is that some girls are outshining her so she needs to step up more. No doubts to make a move, that is Janine!

BINIBINI 19 - Jesalva, Roxane Joy

Roxane during screenings and even her pictures shows that she has the Ruffa Gutierrez look. She has a beautiful face! She is sweet as people say. I should say she is fit for top 15, but if she amazes the judges, maybe she would go a long way. Queenly Aura, that's Roxane Joy!

BINIBINI 20 - Tadique, Roxanne

Skin tone is really Filipina. They said she is energetic. I wanna she her energy during finals or even during the primer. Also, Roxanne needs to shine because I think she is fading the in spotlight especially that this batch has the variety of beauty. Energy! That is Roxanne!

Batch 2, hope we helped you in choosing well if who should be your bets. Check out our part 3 soon! Also! Bb. Pilipinas primer is on April 8! Let's watch! That's all for now guys!