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Pageant Vixen Talk # 28: Felicia Orvalla

Pageant Vixen Talk # 28: Felicia Orvalla
by: Jay'Em
"The Pearl of Singapore"

1. Who is Felicia before being a beauty queen?
I just graduated from university and I was doing my first real job in a bank. At that time, I was totally clueless of what being a beauty queen is all about. All I know was being photographed with a crown and a sash, I've never imagined it was actually much more than that. But I was lucky because although that was the first time I joined a beauty competition, I emerged as the champion :)

Crowning Moment of Felicia at Miss Earth Singapore 2011
 2. Winning Miss Earth Singapore, how did it changed your life?
Being Miss Earth Singapore has really made me more confident as a young adult and it has taught me how much inner beauty matters! And after my trip from Philippines, I gained much exposure from the girls I met, as well as being independent on my own (without my family and friends). And of course, I learned that there are a lot of awesome places in Philippines to visit!

3. As Miss Earth Singapore, what is your environmental advocacy?
I feel that educating the public, especially the young, is a key role to convey environmental messages. First of all, we have to let them know the environmental problems that we are now facing; only then will they be able to understand the reasons why they should do their parts to save the earth. Through campaigns, I will urge the public to cultivate the good habit of doing their parts by practicing the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in their daily lives.

4. Being in the Philippines for the pageant, how was it bring to carry to your country?
I'm really proud of my country, Singapore, because we have one of the greenest cities in the world despite of our small size. Singapore has set a good example to the world on keeping the earth clean and green. Some of the girls I met were curious about Singapore's law to ban chewing gums, and they were amused that that was true!

Felicia's Glam Shot

5. There were many activities lined for you when you were here in the Philippines, which among those would you think the most memorable?
I got to go to Cebu, Bohol and Batangas. My favourite is Cebu, where we stayed at Bluewater Maribago Resort. I love the beaches, the seafood, the ambience and of course the warm service! The seaview and the cool weather are also very irresistable.

6. Who were your close friends?
I was very close to Miss China since we were kinda gouped together most of the time (I need to do a Mandarin translation for her as she doesn't speak English). I was also close to Miss Hong Kong, Miss Macau, Miss Malaysia, Miss Korea, Miss Indonesia and Miss Estonia towards the end of the pageant. The day after the Coronation Night, some of us (China, HK, Macau, Malaysia and Korea) went shopping together. It was fantastic as that was the 'holiday' portion that we got throughout our trip in Philippines.

7. How did you get to know these 90 ladies from different countries?
Before I went to Manila, there's this guy on Facebook who tagged all the Miss Earth 2011 contestants on a picture. That's how we started adding one another and talked for a bit before we really met one another in person. It was awesome and I really thanked the guy for doing us such favor.

8. Now Miss Earth is done, what will you do as Miss Earth Singapore?
Starting from next year, I will participate in more green activities, be it those who are recommended by my organization or those which I searched myself. I will make sure that I make full use of my reign as Miss Earth Singapore 2011 to raise awareness on environmental conservation.

9. How will you celebrate victory even though you didn't win?
Every contestant was already a winner back in their respective home countries even if we didn't win. I have never expected to win from the start, because honestly speaking, I'm seriously too petite for the international standard (I'm kind of taller than most people back in my home country though). But I really felt like a winner being part of Miss Earth 2011 bacause I know that not everyone has the chance to do this! And I'm really proud of Miss Ecuador winning the title because I feel that she's very down to earth and natural. She just give me  the impression that she doesn't hide anything and she's really confident and happy with who she is. This is an inner beauty that a winner should have.

10. Now let's be Miss Earth Q and A, why is education important to saving mother earth?
This is exactly what my environmental advocacy is about. In today's society, education is very crucial to save the earth because when people don't even know the consequences of environmental degradation, they won't have any reason to save the earth. That goes to the importance of education in letting people know the reasons that cause environmental degradatiaon, only then will they know what and how to do to save the earth. So education is key.

11. What type of Singaporean lady that you want to pass your crown?
I hope to pass the crown to Miss Earth Singapore 2012 who sincerely cares for the environment, someone who is kind and confident of herself, and also motivated and pro-active. Because as much as an organization matters in promoting the campaign, the lady herself has to also do her part being the Miss Earth representative.

12. Beauty Tip to All.
Love yourself, that's when you do all sorts of stuff to make yourself good, healthy and beautiful. And remember that inner beauty is equally important as outer beauty. Be nice to people. Be confident.

13. Message to your fans.
First of all, thank you so much for your support. Like many other celebrities, we are nothing without you! And please spread the words, love our earth :)

    Stay Glamorously Green!

" We wish you luck for your future endeavors Felicia"
Greetings from UBC

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